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(Beach Time)

Episode 24:

Avril POV:

I opened my eyes feeling very lightheaded. I glanced around the room in panic.

Where is this place?

I moved little but quickly ga$ped, I was so s0re.

It wasn’t a dream like I thought. It really did happened.

Ace and I.

I stepped down from the b.ed and noticed that I was only we.aring my camis0le of yesterday and a pajamas which I guess belongs to my boyfriend.

I slowly made my way inside the bathroom, I saw a spare toothbrush and took it then brushed my teeth.

After brushing my teeth, I washed my face and walk out of the bathroom.

I got out of the room and slowly climb down the stairs.

Smells of Bacon and egg caused my stomach to growl.

I can’t believe that I’m this hungry.

I saw Ace facing the stove, his hands shoved inside his trousers pocket while watching whatever is on fire.

I tip toed towards him and wrapped my hands around his waist.

“Good morning honey.” I greeted. He turned around and h0isted me up on the kitchen counter which held so much memories from yesterday.

“You sleep well?” He asked and I nodded. He placed a gently kss on my l!p and smiled.

“Making breakfast, you can wait here for it to get done.” He said. I watch in admiration as moves from ond side to the other.

I’m totally impressed.

I sigh and got down from the counter then grabbed the two plates filled with Bacon and eggs from him.

“I’ll take it to the dinning room.” I told him. I walk out of the kitchen and enter the dinning room.

A large room with a long table and seven chairs surrounding it…

I dropped both the plates side to side and sat down.

Few minutes later Ace walk in with a bottle of wine and two glasses in his hands.

He dropped them on the table and winked at me.

“Come on, let’s eat.” I told him then took a bite of my bacon. I closed my eyes and savor the taste.

It tasted so delicious.

“How was it?” He asked me.

“Word can’t describe it,it is fantastic Ace. You deserve an award.” I said and he nearly choked on his laughter.

“Well thank you babe.” He said with a smile while we continue to eat. After eating he opened the wine and pour it inside the two cups.

He hand over one to me and the took the other.

“Thanks for the breakfast.” I told him and he nods.

There was thickness in the atmosphere.

I could feel it, it felt as if something was about to happen.

I took a sip of my wine and watch Ace calmly. He is everything you want in a man.

Humble, down to earth, Patient, handsome, rich, loving.

I couldn’t help but daydream about him.

Ace is the man.

I sigh and closed my eyes. I can feel it.

His eyes on me, studying my everything moves.

“What brought you here yesterday?” He finally asked.

I was dumbstruck, well I didn’t expect for him to ask me that sorry of question in this best timing.

Ace POV:

I stared at my little kitten, my little girlfriend infront of me as she bite on her bottom lip searching for answers to give me.

I couldn’t help the smile that creeped up my face.

My little rabbit fidgetting with her fingers. The sight is so inten$e.

She was nervous.

“Are you breaking up with me Ace? We’ve talked about this. I’ll go to any hospital of your choice just to regain my memory.” She said and I nodded.

I couldn’t believe that this stubborn little girl is willing to do such a thing just to regain her memories.

“Okay then, I’ve got this hospital in mind.” I told her, I saw her chest lowered and she released a breath.

Was she scared that I’ll say something else?

I chuckled and sip on my drink yet again watching the perfect scenario infront of me.

“Okay baby girl, what do you want to do today.?” I asked her and her eyes suddenly light up with excitement.

“Let’s go to the beach, to the beach, beach time!!!” She shouted and I laughed loudly.

Fk can i ever get tired of her?


Ace sat on the sand watching as Avril skipped from one place to the other.

He chuckled and put on his sunglasses.

“Come babe, let go for a swim.” He said to her. She nodded excitedly and placed her hand on his.

When they stepped inside the water, she closed her eyes and wr@pped her hands around Ace’s wa!st.

“When I get my memory back, will you marry me then?” She asked him.

He seems amused by her question but the young woman was dead serious.

“Of course, I’ll marry you when you regain your memories sweetheart.” He promised her.

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