QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 51-The End

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 51?

By Debbie

Delvan’s pov :

I rested my back on the couch

“Aidan, you said something about having one of their men in your customdy right?” I asked

“Yes, what’s does it has to do with this?” Aidan said

“Well, I also have two of their men with me. So this is what we will do. We take in their appearance and go to the abandon warehouse but before then we need to get hold of Liam. I sent my boys after him already. Then we will put a call through to his father to either release them or his son get killed” i said

” what??, is that even a plan. What if he refuses? Do you think he will agree to that?. That man is heartless and cunning”Aidan said

“I think Aidan is right. With the record I got about him. He doesn’t seems to be a man that want to do that” Mason replied

I smiled

“Let me break it down in a more simpler way” I said

“First, we get Liam abducted first. Which I’m sure my boys have succeeded already. Then we transform into Liam and one of the men and go get the girls. Then we……” Aidan interrupted me

“Sorry to interrupt. I need to get something clear here. How are we going to transform? You know I don’t have the power to do that. Only you can do that” he said

“Well like you said, only I can do that. As for you, I have the bell plant with me. It will help you transform but not for long” I said and he smiled

“Immediately the girls are safe, we get the cops ready then put a call to Liam’s father. This will help track him and boom we get him”

“Do you think that will work?. He works with the best hackers. What if we get the wrong location?” Mason asked

“That’s where you come in Mason. You’re a very good hacker and you also could track him with your power. So you will be staying with Liam while Aidan and I get the girls” I said

He nodded

“Aidan, we can not use our car because it will be easily tracked. So we will be going with a taxi. And when we get the girls, we will have to leave as soon as possible. We will be needing your teleporting power” I said

He smiled

“Aidan before we leave you will have to put protection over the warehouse we will be using to prevent them from tracking the location. Just make it invisible” I said

“Nice plan” Mason said

“When do we carry out the plans?” Aidan asked

“Tonight of course. I just need a call from my boys and we will be on our way to save them” I said

“Thanks man” he replied

“You owe me a lot” I replied


It’s been over an hour. My boys are yet to call me. I was kind of relaxed because I know they will make me proud.

“Delvan, any news yet” Aidan asked

He has been pacing round the room for 30 minutes now

“No. Chill ok?”, I replied

He walked to my side and sat down beside me, resting on the couch. I turned to look at him. He was staring blankly at the ceilings.

“Are you sure this plan will work?” He finally asked after a moment of silent

“Of course, just trust me” I replied

“I h…….” He was interrupted by the sound of my phone

I checked the caller and it was Daniel, one of my guards. I picked the call

?Hello boss we got him

?Good. Are you already in the warehouse?

?Yes boss

?Good. We will be there soon

I dropped my phone

Mason walked in from the kitchen with a plate of fries and a can of coke

“Mason, Aidan we need to go now. They got him” I said

“Yes!!” Aidan smiled

“But I’m hungry” Mason whined

“You can eat that in the car” Aidan answered

“We are not going with our car remember?” Mason said

“What ever you can eat the in the taxi too or you eat when we get to the warehouse. We need to be fast” Aidan replied

“You know what, just tell the chef to package it for you. You can eat when we get to the warehouse” I answered

“Ok” Maosn said

He went back to the kitchen and few minutes later, he came back with the package food

“Let’s go” he said

We got to the street, we stopped a taxi. I gave the taxi man the description and we entered. He started the car and drove off

Author’s pov :


“Boss, he’s inside” one of the guards said

He led the three to the room where Liam was kept.

Aidan walked closer to him and landed a sl@p on his face

“How dare you, how dare abduct them. How dare you hurt her” he yelled pu.nching him for the second time

Liam laughed

“Is that all you’ve got?” Liam asked amidst laughter

“Is that all?”

Aidan pu.nched him again. He spat out bl00d but that didn’t stop him from laughing so hard

“I’ve got more in store for you” Aidan answered

“You can kill me for all you care but you will never find them. And guess what, they will come find me and if they do, you will be all dead in seconds” he said proudly

Aidan laughed

“Let see how it goes” he replied

Aidan turned to face Delvan

“I’m ready” he said

Delvan handed over the bell leaf to Aidan and he ate it. He was transformed into Liam. All he had to do was to think about Liam when he chewed it.

Liam eyes dilated in shock

“What are you doing. Pretending to be me??” Laim yelled

Aidan smiled

“I am you” Aidan replied in Liam’s voice

“You are not me. Don’t think so!!!” Liam yelled again

“Like I said before, I’ve got more in store for you. Just watch and see” Aidan said

“Hey, you can’t pretend to be me. You can’t” he yelled

Aidan turned to face Mason

“Mason, we will be leaving now. If he misbehave, beat him up” he said

“I will place the protection when we get outside” he added

He turned to Delvan.

“Let’s go” he said

They left the warehouse. When they got outside, Aidan placed the protection over the place and gradually, the warehouse became invisible

“You should change now” Aidan said

Delvan transformed into one of Liam’s guard.

“Can you track them now?” Delvan asked


Aidan brought out his phone and after some time, he got the location

” I got it. They are in a forest close to the border” he said


“Come closer” Mason said

Delvan did and they teleported to the location


“Stay close” Aidan whispered

Delvan nodded. They walked for a while and finally the warehouse came into view. Two guards were on guard. One of them turned to see Aidan(now seen as Liam)

“The boss is here” he said

Aidan composed himself

“Is my dad here?” He asked

“No boss”

“How many are on guard inside”

“Just two like you said” he replied

“You come over” he said to Delvan

He came closer to him

“Let’s go in” Aidan said

They walked to the door and opened it. Right in front of them was Lissa and Emily tied up

“Lissa!!” He called

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