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Semi finale

After their rendezvous at the beach, Ace ordered for clothes which they will wear to the hospital the next day which was brought for them by his driver.

“What do you want to have for dinner?” Avril asked him.

“Let’s have some vegetables and chicken salad.” He replied her.

Avril arched her eyebrow and shot him a glare.

“I dont know how to make chicken salad Ace,” she snapped at him.

“We will make it together.” He said and winked at her.

Avril watch as her billionaire boyfriend roll up the hand of his shirt and undo two buttons.

“Close your mouth babe.” He mocked. She shook her head and smiled a little.

‘Where did she got this man from?’ She thought to herself.

He opened the fdudge and brought out the full chicken then placed it on a platter.

“Watch and learn sweetheart. Ain’t marrying no cook.” He said with a serious voice.

She nodded and watch him get ready for the cooking.

“Wash the pot, open the cabinet and get a medium size.” He instructed her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes then went to do what he asked her to do.


“I enjoyed the dinner.” She told him, her head on his che$t while she was going through her social media account.

“Hum.” The man said and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“When are we leaving tomorrow?” She asked yet again.

The man was tired and he would have appreciated it if the young girlfriend of his understands that and go to bed.

But no, she was being incredibly nosy.

“10am, go to bed now Avril.”He said calmly, he was trying to suppress his agitation.

The young woman was surprised by the displease in his voice and decided to do as she was told.

“G’d night.” She whispered and kssed his cheek before laying back on her side of the b.ed.

Ace let out a deep breath of relief and switched off the bedside lamp.

He kssed her forehead and lay back down as well.

It has been such a long day, especially with dealing with the psych0 Izzy.

The light faded into the night and the darkness took over with them deeply asleep.

All the man could think about was the woman beside him, he was crazy about her.

Even the oldest alien on earth can testify to that.


“How do I look?” Avril asked Ace as she stood in front of the vanity.

Ace walked closer to her, he wrapped his hand around her wa!st and pulled her to his che$t.

Her b@ckside pressing ha.rd 0n his cr0tch.

He pressed his l!p against her ear and smirked at the effect he has on her.

His eyes was fixed on her on the mirror. None of them was breaking the stare.

“You look like I should fk you ra.w, right here. Against the vanity.” He whispered to her.

She shivered and involuntarily closed her eyes then lean as close as possible to him.

Wild thoughts were the only thing swinging around his head.

“Would you want that Avril?” He asked her, his s*xy voice caused Avril to m0an.

“Ace…..we should get going. The faster the better.” She mumbled trying to divert his attention to the most important matter on ground.

Getting her memory back.

Ace smirked and let go if her then straightened his clothes.

“Youre perfect sweetheart.” He told her.

“Okay then, let’s get going.” She said after regaining her breath.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room.

Back at the hospital;

Avril was already given an injection which will help her fasten her recovery if it is possible.

The drug put her to sleep for two and half hour before she woke up.

“Where am I?” Was the first word out of her mouth.

The room wasn’t familiar to her at all.

Ace was sitting down on a chair beside her, his head on the bed where Avril was sleeping at.

“Avril, babe can you at least remember me?” He asked.

“You….” She was trying to form a word when her eyes became blurry.

Past images started swimming through her head.

“You’re a little girl Avril, not my type.”

“I love you Ace, I don’t care if you’re older.”

“You are impossible to deal with.”

The last conversation she saw was what Ace told her.

“Why can’t I let you go?”

Ace on the other hand already pressed the blue button and the doctors rushed in.

“She is remembering somethings sir, she is perfectly okay.” They reassure him.

He nodded and squeezed her hand lightly.

“Remember babe, I want you to remember.” He said to her and kssed her palm as the lady wringled. Holding and tugging onnher hair.

“What is happening to me! Oh my God, make it stop.” She shouted, tears stung her eyes.

Five minutes later, when she finally kept calm.

“Avril…..babe can you hear me?” Ace asked.

She opened her eyes and her eyes came in contact with the man that owns her heart.

The man she shared everything with.

“I remember Ace, I remember, after two years I remember.”

She wept.

“We are getting married right now.” Ace declared.

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