QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 41-50

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 41?

By Debbie

Author’s pov :

Everything went smoothly throughout the night. It was the following morning and few minutes to the meeting.

Everyone was dressed and ready for the meeting. The meeting started at exactly 8am and stopped at 4pm.

Everyone was exhausted at the end of the meeting..

“Congratulations” everyone greeted Lissa and Emily

They had done a great job with the help of Aidan and Mason.

“I’m proud of you” their dad hugged them one after the other

They both smiled, they were happy to make their father proud

“How I wish dad and mum was here to witness this” Emily said immediately Lissa’s dad left

“Common they are sure proud of you, Emily” Lissa cooed

Mason walked up to them

“Hey Lis” he greeted

“Lissa” Lissa corrected

“Whatever” he replied

He held Emily and whispered to her. She blushed

“Lissa see you around” she said before leaving with Mason

“Hey where are you going with my friend” Lissa yelled

Mason turned and winked at her. She groaned

She made to sit but was held on her wai$t by someone, she turned to see Aidan.

“Hey, we are in public, you should stop holding me that way” she said

He smiled and held her tightly

“We are done with work, why don’t we go out on a date??” He asked


“Yes, I will come pick you by 8pm” he answered

“But I never said yes to the date?”she said

” I’m not asking for your opinion. Go get some rest because tonight is gonna be h0t” he winked, l!cking his lower lips

“Pe.rvert” she mumbled

“See you around” he pecked her

Aidan’s pov :

I left the Conference hall, and headed to my room. Mason was not in the room. I guess he’s out with Emily.

I dropped the file I was holding and pulled off my cl0thes and then went to the bathroom to have a cold shower.

I took my time washing my body, the water was so nice, I spend over an hour there. I finally step out of the shower and tied my t0wel.

I came out cleaning my b0dy when I noticed someone sitting on the b.ed. I went closer and it was Violeta. I scoffed

“What are you doing here?” i asked

She rolled her eyes and stood up from the b.ed. She walked closer to me and I shift backward.

“Hey don’t you dare come closer” I yelled

“Are you afraid?” She asked

“Afraid?, why should I be afraid?” I scoffed

“If you are not then….” She placed her hand on my che$t.

“Hey, stop that”

She smiled and t0uched the hem of my t0wel and was about pulling it 0ff when the door opened


Lissa’s pov :

I got to my room and dropped the files. I was so exhausted and tired but decided to quickly take my bath.

I pulled off my clothes and went to the bathroom to take my bath. I change into something simple, when I was done and lie down on the bed.

I was already drifting to sleep when my phone rang or let me say I slept for over an hour. I checked the caller and it was Emily. I gr0aned

“What’s she calling for?” I thought

I picked the call and all I could hear was giggling.

?Hey, can you speak up, I want to sleep

?Sorry, Mason want to speak to you

I rolled my eyes

?Ok, ok, ok

?Hey Lis!!

?It’s not Lis, it’s Lissa

? Whatever. Can you go tell Aidan that I sent him an email, he should check it

?Can’t you call him?

?He’s not picking. Tell him I need the reply as soon as possible

?Ok I will (yawning)

?Dont swallow me please

?You’re to small for me to gulp

?I know, you will prefer Aidan

?Hey get off my phone and please tell your wife not to call me again

The call ended and I dropped the phone

I can’t believe I will have to see his face. I blushed at the thought of that

I stood up sluggishly from the bed and went straight to the room. I wanted to knock the door but I heard voices. I placed my ear on the door

Hey don’t you dare come closer” I heard Aidan yell

“Who is he talking too” I thought

“Are you afraid?” She asked

A female voice?? A lady in Aidan’s room??

“Afraid?, why should I be afraid?” He answered

“If you are not then….” She replied

“Hey, stop that” he said

“What’s are they doing??” I thought

I opened the door slightly and saw her trying to pull off his t0wel.


I opened the door forcefully and they turned abruptly to look at me.

I could see shock written all over her face. I tried to suppress my anger. I felt like pulling her hair and dr@gging her on the floor.

I looked at Aidan, he quickly adjusted his t0wel still staring at me.

I was really confused on what to do. I walked closer to her and glared at her.

“Get out” I whispered


“Don’t make me repeat myself” I whispered yelled

“You have no right to tell me that. This is not your room” she scoffed

“Sorry to flare your bubbles, this room is mine and mine alone, so get your stupid legs out of here before I change my mind” I yelled

She looked at Aidan who must have left to put on his clothes and came back without our noticed. He ignored her looks and went to relax on the b.ed.

“Aidan you are not saying anything??” She asked

He raised his head up

“Like she said, she owns the room not me. Whatever she says is final”

“What???” She asked

“You heard him, I’m sure you won’t want me to repeat myself” I glared

She moved back quickly

“Come on cupcake, I think we have better things to do” Aidan said

“Come over darling” he added

“You won’t want to see what will happen” I whispered smiling

I walked past her and joined Aidan on the be.d. I pressed my b0dy against him and he placed ksses on my n.eck.

I m0aned l0udly to her hearing

“Aidan!! You are making me…….” I m0aned this time making it sound more real

“Aidan!!! It’s not fair” she cried

“Life is never fair. Don’t forget to lock the door when you’re leaving” I answered

She ran out of the room in tears. Immediately she left I pushed Aidan away from my b0dy. I tried standing up from the bed but he drew me back.

“Where are you going??” He asked and placed ksses on my neck

“I’m not here for this” I cooed

“You’re here for what??” He asked

He l!cked my lobe making m0an in plea$ure

“I’m here to…….” I m0aned

“What are you doing to me”

“I want you” he whispered in a husky voice

My b0dy shocked in excitement

He placed his l!ps on mine and our t0ngue waggled. We kssed for so long until we ga$ped for air.

He fasten my hand over his shoulder as he deepen the kss. He pulled 0ff my t0p exposing my white lace br@.

“You’re beautiful” he smiled

He took 0ff my br@ and took one of bre@$ts into his m0uth scking and t!ngling me.

“Aidan” I called his name and m0aned in plea$ure as I found myself gripping his to my che$t

He released my bre@$t and made to kss me when his phone rang.

He ignored the phone but the phone won’t stop ringing. He groaned and picked the call

“Mason!!” He called

What?? Mason???

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