MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 61 – The End

? EPISODE 61 ?

By Princess ?

Immediately when it was after two weeks, Adejoke started becoming something else at home. If i came home anything past eight in the night, it would be serious problem, Joke would fight me asking where i was coming from, why i came late, what i was doing outside, the worst part of it was if i smell of alcohol she would fight me till it would lead to physical battle…
On weekends, she would seize my car key from me, kept it somewhere i didn’t know, lock the door and never allow me to go outside. She monitored my calls, any strange lady she saw that called me, she would call the lady back and blast her. She went through my chat always and ensured that I didn’t call any lady while am at home. In fact, she seized my phone too anytime she felt like. I was loosing it already as I couldn’t cope with that kind of life style. The first time she struggled my phone with me that I didn’t want to give her, she smashed the phone on the floor. My nokia E91 was scattered beyond repairable, I always beat her anytime she started with her wahala and she would bite me severally, she had even threatened me with a knife before.

I was not enjoying my peaceful life again, I always prayed for weekends not to come, or during the week, I would be praying for night not to come either.

Now, it had been close to two months Joke and Olamilekan had been staying with me, there was nothing like S£x between us aside the afternoon she came in. The only S£x I was having was from my junior staff in the office that always gave me a quickie (had to tell the lady not to be wearing trouser to the office again except skirt because of quickie).

I was in the office this afternoon when I received a mail that I should report to Lagos that day unfailingly.
I called Adejoke to tell her I woulf be going to Lagos. I decided to go with one of the official cars, in fact I had to forward the mail to joke’s email address before calling her to tell he, but even with that, she still called me to abuse me that she knew the lagos I was going to, I would have arrange a girl to fucck in that Lagos I was going or there would have been some of my colleagues in our head office waiting for me..She said she was waiting for me and if i like i should try and do nonsense that she would know.

I got to head office around 3pm and I was surprised it was staff disciplinary committee (SDC) waiting for me. I was told I was involved in a fraud of N150 million. “Me, defraud the bank to the tune of N150 Million”. I told them I didn’t know anything about it, that I had been a loyal staff for more than seven years and the bank was the one that gave me the platform to be where I was that time and why would I defraud same bank.

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