Episode 21

By Faith Lucky

Mica came out of the cab and walked to the other side of the road to meet her – Yvonne.

She was walking tho and fro, a litted cigate in her hand.

“The fk, Mica. You kept me waiting for too long. Do you think I’m a statue?” She grouse as Mica got close.

“Take some chill pills, Yvonne. I’m sorry, okay? Got hold up in traffic”, Mica replied with an eye roll.

“Fine! So, what’s this about? You said I was important?” She asked and Mica looked around.

Yvonne was a close friend from another and she felt she could trust her.

“Yeah…I need your help, Yvonne. I…I need you to go somewhere with me” she said.


“Somewhere? Where’s that?”

Mica licked her lips. She could trust her, right?

“My sister suddenly showed up at the clan and insists on staying. She’s so determined but I know she’s hiding something.
There’s a particular reason that’s making her stay. And I want to find out, Yvonne. I want to know why she ran away from home”.

“And how does this have anything to do with me?” Yvonne scoffed.

“I need to talk to my parents,,Yvonne. So, I could know what transpired to Octavia leaving the house. Definitely, they should know something.

But…I can’t go in myself. Don’t want my father to see me. So, I need someone else to go in. You can go in as a stranger or visitor and you know? Just find your way around it”. Mica explained.

“Woah! That’s one hell of a task, Mica. But why are you stressing yourself over it? If your sister wants to stay, then let her be. Its possible she just wants to belong”.

“She doesn’t want to stay. Yvonne. She’s forced to stay and I need to know the reason behind that. So, please….help me”.

Yvonne scoffed and threw the remains of her cigarette on the floor.

“Fine. Let’s go. But just know you’re definitely paying for this” she chuckled and started walking away with Mica behind.



Octavia was almost getting worried with the distance Moscow had driven without stopping. At a point, he reduced the speed of the car and began cruising.

Octavia was silent, stealing glances at him from time to time. Finally, he stopped. It was in front of a mall.

“This is going to be your first mission, blue eyes” he sniggered.

“See that police officer over there?”,

Octavia looked and saw the officer standing in front of the mall, beside a patrol car.

“I want you to go there and steal his wallet without him knowing”,

Octavia’s eyes dilated in shock.

“Wh…What’re you talking about?” She stuttered, shock echoing in her voice.

“You heard me, blue eyes. I want you to my from the officer”. He repeated sarcastically.

“But that’s not possible” she scoffed.
“Its….Its dangerous. I might get caught”,

‘If you can’t do it, then you’re not fit to join the clan, Octavia. As a member of the X-family, you should be ready for risks – crazy risks. And this is one of them. You need to be smart and always prepared. So, tell me now, are you doing it? Or I should give the Master a call?”

Octavia’s heart pounded lightly. Steal from an armed policeman? Was this really a test?

Somehow, she felt he was just trying to get her into trouble.

She shot him a glare and opened the door of the car, going out.

She took in a deep breath, looked around, then proceeded towards the police officer.

You can do this, Octavia. You can do this – she reassured herself as she took slackened steps towards him.

Besides, you’ve stolen from a high security mall before – she continued.

You’ve stolen from a thief himself. So you can do this”,

She spotted the wallet in his trouser pocket. He was holding a cup of coffee with him and seemed to be operating his phone.

Getting to where he was, she purposely bumped into him and his coffee spilled on the floor, together with his phone – which she made fall off his hand with her powers.

“Hey! Kid, watch it!” He snapped.

“I’m so sorry, sir. I’m so sorry”, She gibbered as she bent quickly to pick them up.

She picked the empty cup of coffee with his phone and handed it to him.

“What am I doing with the empty cup? Learn to be more careful next time” he said strictly and she nodded and threw the cup on the floor.

Then she turned around and left, headed back to the car.

Moscow was watching keenly from the window. He eye- searched her hands for the wallet, but she wasn’t holding anything. What is she doing? He thought.

She got to the car, opened the door and took her seat beside him. Then, she reached for her back pocket and brought out the wallet, throwing it on his legs.

“Hope you’re satisfied?” She asked ironically and looked away.

Moscow was dumbfounded. How was she able to do it?

He stared at her for some seconds, then ignited the car and took off.



Octavia’s eyes were glued throughout the rest of the drive to the camp.

There was no exchange of words between them – nothing at all.

Finally, they got to the premises and when Moscow parked the car, he came out with Octavia.

“Follow me”, he said in his deep voice and started walking while Octavia followed.

They walked into another building and ended up in a hall – the same hall Octavia had lost her vrgnty.


But there was no one in.

“Take off your clothes, Octavia. And get on the table” he turned to her and say and a muddled look crept into Octavia’s face.

What’s he talking about?

She was silent, confused and just stared at him.

“Do I have to repeat myself? Take them off” he said huskily and she asked:

“What do you mean why? I’m your trainer, Octavia. And it’s part of my responsibilities to train you in the aspect of sx and pleasure. Now, for the last time, take of.f your ¢Iothes”.

Octavia still didn’t make a move. There was no way she was doing it. She couldn’t.

“Are you disobeying me?”, he scoffed and she lowered her gaze.

“I can’t do it” she mumbled.

Immediately, he gripped her by the ne¢k and pushed her backwards until her back hit the wall. She groaned.

“You little br.@t!” He rasped, still holding her ne¢k.

“You have to do every single thing I say – do you understand? Your sister isn’t here to save you. And besides, you’re under my care!”

“Let me…go” she mumbled, holding his hand that held her neck.

She was tempted to fight him, push him off and pin him to the ceiling. But she tried to restrict herself.

Moscow was about tearing off her shirt when an authoritative voice finally came:

“Let her go”.

It was familiar – one any member of the Khalid clan would recognize.

Moscow quickly let go of her neck and turned to see Khalid standing at the doorway, his eyes on them.

He’d been watching the whole scenario from the window the whole time.

Octavia also turned to look at him, her heart beating heavily.

His eyes were specifically resting on her.

“Bring her to my room” he added and walked away.


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