TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 21-30

? To Live Forever ?

? Chapter 23?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Claribel’s P.o.v?
“Put some shade on,it suites the moment” Adrian said while holding a pair of sunglasses.

“Suit the moment?”

“Yeah,you are in a sports car so you should be wearing shades, that’s the rule”

“Who made the rule?”

“It’s in the .. rule book of sports car” He said in a childish tone.

“You are such a baby”

“Just put it on”


I wore the sunglasses and he put his own on,he turned on the radio and 24k magic by Bruno mars came on.

We started singing along while he started driving.

The whole drive was spent with us singing and screaming at passerbys on the road which was so fun.

“Welcome to Seattle” Adrian said aa we arrived at the state.

“Woah,we got here and it’s not even afternoon yet”

“That’s the magic of a sports car,now the fun begins”

He parked his car in a garage, then we got out.

“You sure your car is safe here?”

“Absolutely safe,now let’s go sight seeing”

We walked through the place with our hands intertwined,it felt so nice, the day hasn’t even started and am already so happy.

We went to different parks and then we went to the movies,i decided we watched the movie called After.

“Well, that was torture” Adrian said as we exited the movie room,i hit his arm playfully.

“It’s was nice,Hardin Scott and Tessa Young’s love was so inspiring, they are like exact opposite but somehow they seem to complete each other” i said with so mucg admiration while Adrian just scoffed.

“That’s boring but Hardin Scott is cool”

“Yeah and he is British just like you”

“But am alot more handsome” he said proudly.

“Sure you are”

We walked over to the popcorn stand, there was a small queue.

“You just sit down while i go get popcorn for you”


I sat down while he went to join the queue,this is the best birthday i have ever had, Adrian is so amazing.

I was looking around the cinema when i felt the presence of someone.

“Hey” A voice said,i looked up and it was a guy with really black hair,he wore a white shirt and had tons of tattoos.

Why does guys like this always get attracted to me?

“Hey” i said managing a smile.

“Am Harry and you are?” He asked as he sat in front of me.

“Am Claribel”

“Nice, you are dressed so simple but yet you look so g0rgeous”


He kept staring at me like i was some kind of movie,i started getting uncomfortable,where the h*ell is Adrian?

“ something wrong?” I asked as he kept staring at me.

“No, it’s nothing, I just got lost in your beautiful eyes”

I was about to say something when Adrian arrived with two cups of popcorn.

“Babe,who is this?” He asked,he just called me babe.

“Um..his name is Harry”

“Okay,Harry,can i ask what you are doing with my girlfriend?”

Girlfriend? Adrian just referred to me as his girlfriend.

“ so sorry,i..i didn’t know she was your girlfriend,she was alone and i thought..

“You can leave now,i would likr to have an alone time with my girlfriend”

“Sorry,i will leave”

He waved at me and walked away,Adrian handed me my popcorn.


“Your jealousy face is cute,i like it”

“I wasn’t jealous,i was protecting you,that douchebag had so many tattoos on his arms”

“First of,his name is Harry and you also have a tattoo on your arm”

“It’s just one and let’s not talk about him”

“You are acting like Hardin Scott in the movie” i said and he groan in frustration making me giggle

After we were done in the cinema, Adrian drove to a fancy restaurant called “Second Season”

“Let’s go have dinner”

“Oh,no,am not going in there”


“Have you seen the way we are dressed, it’s not fit for a fancy restaurant,look at those people inside, they are dressed nice”

“Forget about that and let’s go”

He succeeded in dragging me into the restaurant,we took a sit and as i predicted we were getting stared from people.

“We shouldn’t have come here,i feel awkward”

“It’s okay, let’s just eat”

The waiter arrived and took our orders after giving us weird stares.

? Adrian’s P.O.V?
I watched as Claribel looked so uneasy because of the fact that she wasn’t dressed properly.

She doesn’t realize how beautiful she is without makeup or all those fancy dresses.

“What?” She asked as she caught me starring at her.

“I know something that can change your mind about how you look right now”


“Watch me”

I stood on my chair and started hitting my glass cup.

“Can i have your attention everyone?”

“Adrian,what in hell are you doing? You are creating a scene” Claribel said but i ignored her.

Everyone looked at our direction,Claribel tried to hide her face.

“Now that i have your attention,i would like to say something, this girl over here thinks she’s so under dressed for this restaurant and i have been trying to tell her that she looks perfect with whatever She wears but she doesn’t agree.

So I would like everyone of you to take a look at her and tell her how beautiful she is”

“Adrian,come down right now,right now”

“Clary,let them see your face”

“You look beautiful,Claribel” A random guy said.

So many people started telling her how nice she looked.

“Are you convinced now?” I asked her and she giggled.

“Yeah, thanks” She said and i sat down.

She placed her hand over mine and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You are such an amazing person” She said and we smiled at each other.
Few Hours Later.

? Claribel’s P.o.v?

We finally got back to my house,we were at my front porch.

“That.. Adrian,this is the best birthday i have ever had, thanks’

“Would you stop saying thanks,am you friend and you don’t need to say thanks”


“I got you a little something for your birthday”

He brought out a sliver bracelet with a heart engraved on it.

“It’s amazing, I love it”

I took it from him and hugged him.

We stayed like that for a while, hugging even tighter.

We finally started pulling away,we stared at each other as out faces were inches apart.

Suddenly,we both started leaning in to kss,our l!ps were almost so close.
My phone started ringing and we quickly disengaged from each other,i was a little disappointed.

“It’s Shannon”

“Oh,you should answer that while i leave,i hope you had a nice time”

“I did,Adrian, thanks”

I watched as he zoomed off,i walked into my house luckily my dad wasn’t around.

“Hello” i said as i picked up Shannon’s call.

“Hey,how are you doing?”

“Good, great actually, Adrian made me so happy today”

“Am glad,i called just to find out”

“If you didn’t call,we would have been kssing by now” i said and she screamed so loud making me remove my phone from my ear.

“Geez, Shannon,you almost destroyed my ear drums”

“You two almost kssed?”

“Yeah but we couldn’t because you called”

“D@mnit,i shouldn’t have called”

“Today made me realize something”

“Which is?”

“That am in love with Adrian,i love him” I said smiling to myself while Shannon screamed again.

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