GONE ASTRAY: Episode 1 – The End


Episode 7

I scrolled hurriedly through my contacts, searching for someone to call.
I dialed Ruth’s number first. She answered at the once. I carefully explained the situation to her.
She was as empathetic as i expected, but she couldn’t let me stay at her house. Her parents wouldn’t allow it.
I called Hannah next. We could barely hear each other. The sound if loud music in the background was enough evidence that she was no where close to her house.
I walked about aimlessly for a while, feeling bitter and sad. I couldn’t just lie down anywhere, i was scared.
I sat at the foot of a mango tree, watching passers-by, and thinking about my predicament.
Everyone seemed so happy in my family, everyone but me. My parents had no love for me, they put me in a prison all my life, and now they want to humiliate me.
I hated my parents, I thought they were the worst ever.
I had run away from home, but I have nowhere to run to. The sky began to change, small flashes of lightning began to appear in the sky.
It was going to rain, and i was outside on the streets. It was then the foolishness of running away hit me.
I had no where else to go, i had to conceal myself from the rain. So I decided to go home.
I got up, and slowly walked back towards my house. The battering may continue, but i couldn’t stay outdoors at night.

On my way back, my phone rang. The ring tone was special. I need not look at the screen to know it was Ehis.
His call turned out to be the only silver lining in my dark cloud of misery. I touched the answer button, and answered with the meekest voice possible.
“where are you? Ruth just told me what happened” he asked, almost sounding worried.
I explained everything i could, as well as my decision to go back to the house.
“No don’t go, I’m coming to pick you” he replied, and ended the call giving me no room to refuse.
I walked back, and sat on the tree, anticipating his arrival.
It took quite a while, but he arrived finally.
As soon as he parked, he hurried out of the car, and ran towards me. He pulled me up to my feet, and hugged me so tight.
I was weak and exhausted, hungry and tired. But Ehis’s hug brought light back into my world.
He led my slowly to the car, opened the door and let me in. I felt a measure of peace and comfort once again, as he zoomed of into the dark cold night.
My parents constantly warned me to stay away from boys. They’ll go to any length to monitor and control me.
If only they knew that their action had led me into the hands on another boy, on a cold dark night.

As we drove towards his hostel, my mind began to wander. I took a careful look at the surrounding.
It was the first time i ll be outdoors at night. The city was still full if life, people moved about freely as if they will never sleep.
I thought about my own condition too. What will my parents be thinking right now? Will they be looking for me? . Were will i tell them i slept?
These thoughts ran through my mind, till the gentle breeze of nature blowing in through the window nurtured me to sleep.
A slight tap on my shoulder woke me up. I might have been sleeping for a while. The car was no longer moving, we had reached our destination.
I did not know where we were exactly, but the loud music and busy compound gave me an idea. We were in his hostel.
Ehis came out of the car, passed round to the other side to open the door for me.

I came out, feeling sleepy and weak. I was hungry too. It was very cold, all i had on me was my singlet, and a loosed skirt i usually don’t wear outdoors.
Ehis lifted me up and carried me in his arms, as we headed for his room, the same room were i lost my v!rginity a few hours ago.
As we approached the room, i looked around once again. The compound was still busy at night. Loud music rented the air, just like the day time.
When we passed by people’s windows, i could see silhouettes of people ** It was like a mini Sodom.
Ehis dropped me at his door side, and fumbled with his keys before getting the door opened.
He lifted me once more, and dropped me gently on his bed. I culled up immediately, to gather up some heat.
“have you eaten”? He asked, in the most innocent tone possible.
“no, i haven’t had my bathe either” i replied.
Ehis searched through his wardrobe and brought out a shirt, and handed it over to me. The size was pretty big for me, but i didn’t mind. At least it ll keep me warm.
He poured water out of a flask, to make hot tea for me. I sat up as he handed over the cup.
The taste of hot tea brought me a little warmth. I felt more relaxed and comfortable.
I brought out my phone again, and pinged Ruth, thanking her for coming to the rescue.
“make sure your night is worthwhile” she replied.
I knew exactly what she meant, but i couldn’t decide if i wanted to or not. Even if i didn’t, i do not have much of a choice. I was going to sleep in his house. Besides, i had lost my virginity hence there was nothing left to protect.
I was still busy with the chat when Ehis called out to me to join him in the bathroom.
I was quite shy, it felt really awkward. But i felt i owed him some gratitude for taking me in. So i joined him in the bathroom.
The bathroom was small, hardly adequate for more than one person. The scent of soap greeted my nostrils.
He must have noticed my countenance, as he drew me closer to himself, and hugged me.
The shyness disappeared when he turned on the shower. The water was just the right temperature.

I made no effort to resist.
We came out of the bathroom, feeling fresh and new. I put on his cloths again, and sat up on the bed, chatting on my phone, while Ehis entered the kitchen to prepare super.
“where will you tell your parents you spent the night?” A message came from Ruth.
I had no idea what to say, but i knew i had to come up with a very convincing lie, or else Ehis would be in serious trouble.
“I have no idea” I replied.
“i ll figure out something, just keep your phone on” Ruth texted again.
I knew i could always count on Ruth to cover my mess, she was like a genie to me. I owed her a lot of gratitude.
I was still in between thoughts when Ehis shoved a tray of food in front of me.
I put my phone away to receive the tray, thanking him and feeling very special.
Ehis did know how to make me feel special, I always felt like a princess around him. I loved him with all my heart.
The meal was simple. Fried eggs and bread was my favourite. I ate slowly, savouring the taste of each bite. Ehis was a really good cook i thought to myself.
His phone rang, and he answered in my presence. I paid no attention to his conversation, i just focused on enjoying my meal.
“that was Ruth, she wants me to take you to Hannah’s house before daybreak.” Ehis said
“Why?” I queried
Ehis had no idea either, so i reached for my phone and pinged Ruth again.
She explained everything clearly to me, and i understood the plan. Ruth had planned a lie all the way to the end. She was an evil genius indeed!
I tucked my phone under the pillow, as i would have done in my own room. Ehis joined me on the bed,he laid beside me and we both slept off.
I had no idea how long i had slept.
Ehis was up, and his actions showed exactly what he wanted. I willfully obliged.
I had no idea how long it lasted, but few minutes after he was through, a thought hit me. He was not using a condom!
For the remaining part of the night, while Ehis fell asleep, i remained awake. My mind hovered around a lot of things.
Did anyone miss me at home? How ll i be received when i get back? Where will I tell them i passed the night?
I knew for certain i couldn’t tell anyone i had slept with Ehis, the thought of me sleeping in a boy’s house would make my parents freak out.
Even Ehis will not be free from the imbroglio that will surely follow.Silently, i prayed that Ruth’s plan works out.
My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. I picked it up, it was Hannah. I looked at the wall clock to ascertain the time before answering.
“Better start coming now” she said, in a hush tone.
“its still dark, its just 4 a.m” i protested, stealing another glance at the wall clock.
“better come now that everyone is asleep” she replied and ended the call.
I never fully understood what the plan was, but from Hannah’s voice, i knew i had to hurry.
I tapped Ehis, lightly to wake him up.
“Hannah said we should start coming” i whispered to him.
“This early?” He replied, trying to reach for the light switch.
We got up slowly and prepared to leave. I took off the cloths Ehis had given, and wore the cloths i left home with.
Ehis grabbed his keys and we made our way outside towards the car.
The compound was much quieter now, everyone was asleep. Most of the lights were switched off, making the entire compound dark. I sort of prepared it this way.
We entered the car and Ehis drove of, towards Hannah’s house.

Much like the hostel, the city was very quiet and devoid of human activities too, but the street lights kept the roads and surroundings bright.
A few meters away, we could see a group of people, clothed in black carrying torchlight.
It was a police checkpoint. As soon as the officers caught sight of the car, they planted themselves in the middle of the road and ordered Ehis to pull over.
He parked conveniently at the side of the road, awaiting the policemen. The sight of the policemen brought some chills.
I became scared as i recognized one of the men approaching. A rather short, funny looking man, He was a friend of my father.
I slumped on the seat instantly, staring down with my chin almost touching my chest.
“where are you coming from and were are you going to at this time of the night” one of the officers barked.
I paid no attention to their conversation, i was busy trying to hide my face from one of the officers.
As they ended their conversation, one of the officers pointed his touch at my face.
I faced the opposite direction, and put my hands across my face to protect my eyes from the blinding rays of the light.
“hey let me see your face” the officer ordered.
I turned around slowly, without removing my hand from my face.
I was putting on a loose singlet, I was slightly embarrassed, and feared being recognized at the same time.
“so na ashawo u carry” the officer commented, before ordering us to proceed.
“why was that man looking at you”? Ehis asked.
That very question sent cold shivers down my spine. I could only hope he did not recognise me.

Few minutes later, we arrived at Hannah’s house. The compound was quite, and well lighted, and surrounded by a low fence that made it visible.
I called Hannah to let her know that we were outside. Ehis and i sat patiently inside the car, just in front of the gate, anticipating her arrival.
About three minutes later, Hannah emerged from the side of the building, and hurried straight to the car.
She opened the door to my seat, pulling me slightly out of the car.
“Ehis bye bye,” she said, waving hurriedly at Ehis.
He started the engines and drove away. I took a careful look at Hannah. She did not look like had slept at all.
She was putting on a pair of trousers and a t-shirt, with a small bag tied around her hips.
The perfume from her cloths and the make up on her face clearly painted the picture of someone who had been outdoors, probably partying.
“lets go, be quiet” she said, as we tiptoed towards the side of the fence.
She stood on her toes and stretched across to observe the compound.
“follow me” she ordered, as she climbed over the fence into the compound.
I followed her lead, and we were both inside the compound. The house was fairly big, probably a four bedroom flat. It had the design of a church, with several doors at the side.
We tiptoed to a door at the side of the house. Hannah searched through her bag and brought out a key to open the door.

As soon as we were in, she closed the door gently, and put the key back into her bag.
She flicked a switch, and a light bulb came on. We tip toed into a bedroom close to the entrance and made our way in.
Hannah collapsed on the bed instantly. She must have been exhausted. It was almost 5 a.m.
I crawled up beside her on the bed and laid still. There was no way i could sleep, i had no idea what i was doing here.
The six o’clock alarm buzzed, and Hannah sprang up from her bed. She tapped me lightly probably to wake me up.
“If anybody asks, we both slept in this room” she said, pulling her ear with her hands.
I nodded sheepishly, like the naive little girl i was. The plan had gradually began to make sense to me.
“wait I’m coming”, she said as she walked gently out of her room.
I laid back on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. It would be much easier for my parents to swallow if i told them i slept in Hannah’s house. It made more sense to me.
Elsewhere, i could hear slight argument between two people. One voice was Hannah’s, i couldn’t quite figure out whose voice the other was.
I sat up to and tried to listen to their conversation, but i got nothing.
Moments later the door to the room flew open. Hannah entered, followed closely by her elder sister.
“good morning ma” i stood up immediately to greet.
“morning, hope you slept well” she responded
I simply nodded my head in answer.
“Sorry for what happened, it’s not easy to have such parents, i hope you can talk things over with them if they let you in” she said in a friendly tone, parting my back slightly.

I had no idea what Hannah had told her, but what ever it was glad she bought it.
Hannah motioned me to the bathroom, i took a shower hurriedly and dressed up. I put on Hannah’s cloths. I couldn’t walk in day light with the cloths i came with.
She offered me some money, and saw me off to the gate. I waited patiently for about fifteen minutes, before flagging down a taxi heading towards my house.
I could almost hear my heart beat as we approached my house. I kept wondering what the reception will be like. I had no idea what had happened the previous night after my “prison break”.

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