TRICKERY : Episode 21 – The End



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We all turned around to see the first lady walking towards the judge, the journalists were now taking images and making a live broadcast.

‘Quite!’ the judge yelled as she hit on the table

There was silence in the court room.

‘Madam First Lady?’ the judge said looking at

‘Yes your Lordship.’ She responded

‘You have no right to be in my court room.’ She said

‘I know your honour but I am afraid I have some things to say before judgement is passed.’ She said

‘Go ahead, you have not more than ten minutes.’ She told her

Mevis walked to the stand and she was given the bible to swear, I looked at her and smiled.

‘I am sure most of you are in shock seeing me here knowing that I have no relationship whatsoever to the accused but I guess I have some things to say before she is sentenced. My husband has been parading as president and yet someone else has been behind the brains and the decision making. A certain Mr Zyangeni helped him get into power in exchange that he becomes the brains behind state house, for so many years he listened to him not until the late Vice President learnt about it and told him to go against the deal they had made. Mr Zyangeni was very upset and threatened to kill Wane if she ever interfered in the ongoing deal.’ She said

‘What was the main connection between the President and the Vice President?’ her Lordship asked

‘My husband and the late Vice President had an affair…’

There were murmurs in the courtroom

‘Silence.’ Her Lordship yelled

‘I knew about the affair and I didn’t do anything about it because I knew somehow karma would fight for me, for a long time they drugged Mr Kunda with a drug that reduced his sperm count because they believed a child would weaken him and it was also another way to frustrate their marriage.’ She paused

‘Go on.’ Her lordship said

‘They did everything in their power to destroy them, it was late Mrs Musoni’s idea to bring in a lady from outside to destroy their marriage and knowing how Justin’s mother wanted a child; she fell for it. But Ms Hamoonga later learnt that the Kunda’s were good people so she pulled out of the deal, but knowing the kind of people the state are; she took out Mrs Musoni before they could take her out.’

The journalists were now taking more photos as the first lady paused.

‘My husband was devastated when he learnt about Wane’s death, he never really got over it and I guess that is what drove him into sending one of his men to take out Justin and Chimuka. He led them to go to stay easy hotel and I knew about the plan, he shot Justin twice but I was quick enough to save him. I killed the killer and burnt most of his body because then you would all think it was Justin, I got the ring Mr Kunda was wearing and his wrist watch and placed it on the man as the only evidence to show that it was Justin. I also put his clothes on the floor to make it look like he was having an affair with Chimuka because then it would have been easy to convince everyone that Felicia really killed them and that way the state or rather my husband wouldn’t have come for her. It’s just sad that Chimuka did not make it.’ She said
‘You know you are a great God.’ I said with a smile as I stared at the roof

‘So what exactly are you saying?’ her Lordship asked

‘Justin is safe and will be back to his wife, the man in the morgue is the man that was hired by my husband to kill Justin and Chimuka. Mrs Kunda is innocent. The state is rotten and is being ran by selfish men who just want to fatten their bellies, they steal the innocent citizen’s money and use it for their own benefit, and they make a banquet by making the poor bend over and use their backs as a table as they wine and dine. Be careful on who you put into power, be careful on who you trust with your children’s future.’ She said before stepping down

There was silence in the room, everyone was in shock. I held my belly and just smiled.


‘Hannah please don’t play too far from the pond.’ I yelled

‘Oh she is a black pearl.’ Felicia responded

‘She takes after you.’ I told her rubbing her belly

‘What will we name him?’ She asked

‘Jacob.’ I said before bursting into laughter

‘Eish ba Jacob almost murdered us.’ She told me remembering our life five years ago

‘Justin.’ She told me again

‘What?’ I asked

‘Our boy’s name will be Justin.’ She responded

I kssed her on the cheek.

‘When should we go back to Zambia? Our kids need to know their roots.’ She asked me

‘When they are old enough to distinguish right from wrong.’ I told her

‘I love you babe.’

‘I love you more.’

‘Us against the world.’



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