TRUTH AND LIES Episode 23,24,25&26

(Trapped with Jeremy)
Episode 23
Written by Faith Lucky.

She was about saying something when a call came into her phone and she received it.
“Hello?” She said on the phone. .
“Yes. I just came to drop my resignation letter
“No, no, I’ll be there.
“Okay bye”
And she hung up and turned to me.

“I don’t think that’s important, Alyssa. The person never meant any harm. The most important thing is just for you to know I never poisoned that drink”.

She sighed and held my hands.
“I’m sorry for all the inconveniences I’ve made you go through. I wish you good luck. Bye” she told me and finally left.

I turned and looked at her as she walked away and kind of felt bad for her.
Could she really be innocent? She seemed sincere and sad
But if she hadn’t poisoned the drink, then who was it?

I heaved and continued on my way to the gate. So many thoughts kept flashing through my mind.
I was becoming scared already staying here in Mico High

The young miss beauty contest was commencing tomorrow. I needed to get ready.

When I got to the main road, I stopped and looked left and right for a cab. I sighted a cab from afar and prayed it doesn’t get filled up before it gets to me.

Almost immediately, a blue flashy car drove to where I was and stopped in front of me.
I watched in amusement as the driver lowered down his glasses and guess whom it was?
It was Jeremy!
Oh, God!
What is he doing here? ?

He opened the front door and I could see him more clearly now.

“Hi” he said in his sweet soft voice and I couldn’t even say a word.
“Step in for a ride” he added and my heart skipped.
What ride?

I looked at him and gulped nervously.
“So…sorry. I’m…I’m waiting for a cab” I stuttered.
Why on earth would he want to give me a ride?

But this car looks really cool. .

“Come on Alyssa; don’t keep me waiting. I’m not going to eat you up” he said in a smile and I couldn’t say a word.
I kept staring at the floor. My heart was beating fast. .

Why does he want to give me a ride?
Please, I really hope he isn’t showing interest in me; not after what I’ve heard about Him.

The cab I was hoping on finally got to where I was but it was filled up already and it just drove by with full speed.

Jeremy hunned the car, trying to get my attention and I looked at him bashfuly.
“Don’t keep me waiting” he said and I swallowed hard and looked around. Should I really be doing this?

“Alyssa” he called again and I took a nervous step forward and walked in. .

Mico’s Pov:
I sat in my car and watched Alyssa from a distance entering into Jeremy’s car.
What the hell?
Where’s he taking her? And why would she even agree to go with him?

I fisted my hand and watched angrily as they drove away. I so much hate that Jeremy with passion.
He’s the only one who has ever defeated me in a competition and after defeating me, I’ve gotten to hate him so much.

After he took the prize from the in the competition, I promised myself id never let him take anything else away from me. He’s never going to defeat me ever again.

And now, he’s with Alyssa. I can’t let him take her away from me too.
Wait; what am I even saying?

I sighed and touched my forehead. I’m clearly over reacting.
Why am I angry over the fact that he’s with Alyssa? Alyssa isn’t mine. We’re just friends, right?
Yes, we’re just friends.

But still ,I can’t explain it. I just feel angry she’s with him.
Hold on; please don’t tell me I’m getting jealous.

Alyssa’s Pov:
A cool music was playing from the car fm as the car drove so smoothly
What a cool car, I thought.

I kept my bags on my legs are just kept staring through the window.
But why had I entered the car in first place? It was as if he had used some kind of magic on me or something.
Well, he just wants to be of help.

“So Alyssa, I’m Jeremy” he finally said after while and I turned and gave him a stare.
Wow! He was really cute.
He was putting on a gold chain and about five different rings on all his fingers.
This is so serious.

I wonder who he is. How come nobody knows anything about him?
Could he be someone dangerous?
Or someone nice?

I shrugged out of my thoughts when the car came to stop and I looked around and discovered it was in a deserted area.
I looked back at the Jeremy and he was staring back at me.
Why did he stop the car?

“There’s something I want to tell you Alyssa” he said as he adjusted on his seat to face me.
“I like you. And I want to get tight with you. So tell me, what’s it going to take? Money? Houses? Cars? Estates? Just name your prize.”

I heard a loud bang in my head as my hands stated shaking.
Oh, God! So this were his intentions after all? How can he say that that to me?

Oh, my! Everything Sandy ever told me were all true. She told me he always wanted to have sex with every lady he came across and that’s exactly what’s happening.
And is he this rich?
Cars, estates, money, houses?

I looked at him and he bit his lips.
How can someone this cute be flirt?

“I…I can’t” I lowered my gaze and said and his eyes flashed with anger immediately.
“What’re you talking about?” He asked and my heart skipped.
I need to get out of here.

I quickly turned to open the door, but…oh, no! The doors were locked.
I tried and tried again but it still wouldn’t open.
God please; this should not happen.

I looked back at the Jeremy and he was still starring at me.

“We’re not done yet” he said and for once, I could see the dangerous look in his eyes.

Oh, God!
What have I gotten myself into?