TRUTH AND LIES Episode 27,28,29,30&31

(The contest)
Episode 27
Written by Faith Lucky.

Alexa’s Pov:
I kept waiting patiently for Mico to come to school. I really wanted to see him.
Why didn’t he show up for the date anymore? Could it be possible something had gone wrong?
Well, I really hope something was wrong and he’d have an explanation for it. And I also hope there’d be another reschedule for another date.

I stood by the school garage and not long after, I saw his car driving in. Thank goodness.
I waited for the car to park and immediately he came out with his guards, I ran to him.

“Mico” I called as I scuttled to where he was and he stopped, inserting his two hands in his trouser pocket.
He didn’t say a word but just kept staring at me and I was kind of confused.

“I…I uhm” I paused and coughed a little.
I suddenly became confused of what to say.
” I didn’t hear from you last night. Was…was there .problem?” I asked and he suddenly started walking away.
What…what the hell is that?

“Mi…Mico?” I called gobsmacked and he turned to look at me; his eyes flashing with anger.
“If you ever come close to me again, I’ll skin you alive” he said belligerently to me and continued on his way and I just stood watching him, speechlessly.
What is happening to him? And why is he acting this way?
Oh, God! Please this should be a dream.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I started walking away not knowing exactly where to go. I was so heartbroken.

Why did Mico have to say those hurtful words to me? Why was he suddenly mad at me? What did I do wrong?

I was so lost in thoughts that I didn’t even realise Jeremy coming towards me.
I quickly wiped off the tear on my face when I noticed him and he stopped in front of me.

“Hey” he said and I sniffed before looking up at him.
“I want to have a word with you Alexa” he added and I became curious.
What does he want to say to me?

“Wh…what is it?” I asked and he signalled me to follow him and I did.

He took me to an isolated area and immediately we got there, he pushed me to the wall and pinned my hands
What is he doing?

He kissed my neck and slowly sent his hands to my waist.
“I want you Alexa” he whispered into my ears.
“To be my date to prom” he completed it and my heart skipped for a moment.

He slowly sent his hands from my waist upto my ribs and it made me shiver the little.
Then he kissed my neck again and came upwards until he got to my cheeks.
His nose was now touching mine.

Oh, God; I felt like giving in. Yes; I almost fell for it. But…Mico.
I love Mico and I want to be his date to prom.

“What do you say?” Jeremy asked as he brought his hands down from my rib and sent them under my shirt from behind.
This guy si such a loverboy.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I can’t” I replied and he scoffed and Made his face touch mine.
What a cute fellow.

“is it because of Mico?” He asked and my eyes deemed.
I couldn’t reply him and he smiled and made his hands touch the hook of my bra.

“Don’t worry Alexa, you’re definitely going to be my date to prom
It’s a promise” he whispered softly into my ears and I looked at him.
He was still touching the hook of my bra and just when I feared he was about unhooking it, he smiled and slipped his hand out of the shirt.

I kept looking at him with astonishment.

“Don’t keep me waiting” he said levelly and walked away.

Alyssa’s Pov:
My hands and legs were shaking as I climbed up the stage with the rest of the contestants.
The students were clapping and cheering for us as we did.

We were directed to a place where the eleven of us seated accordingly, facing the students.
The table of the judges were adjacent to us and a standing mic was in front of the stage.

It seemed the entire students in Mico High were present because the big hall was filled to the brim and the large number of students even extended outside.
And as such, there was a big TV screen placed outside for them to also have a view of the programme.

One of the securities around signalled the students to calm down and just immediately, Mico walked in with his guards.
Oh, my Mico!

His guards kept making the students clear the path for him .As he walked up to the stage and took a reserved seat that was close to the table of the judges.
Oh ,so the seat was for him? No wonder it was empty.

I suddenly felt shy and nervous because Mico would be looking at me now.
No; I need to be strong for my Mico. I need to win this for him.
But can I?

“Hello students!” A man walked out with a mic and said all the students cheered for him.
He waited for a short while for the ovation to calm down before going on. .

“Welcome to the first stage of the inter-school young miss beauty contest’ he continued
“First, before we commence, let’s do a brief introduction of the eleven Contestants”.

Then he signalled us to walk up to the front of the stage and we all did.
First, we were instructed to walk up to the standing mic one after the other and introduce our names.
Alexa was the first to go.

“Hi. I’m Alexa Liam” she said unto the mic and the students clapped excitedly.
It seems most of them liked her

The second contestant went until it got to my turn and I also did same.
When we were done, we were directed back to our seats.

“So” the man came up and continued, now holding a piece of paper.
“I’ll be reading out the rules of the contest and I’d want you all to listen carefully.

“First, in this stage, there just one question each for every contestant to answer. And if you fail yours, you’re disqualified.
“Second, we have a total number of fifteen questions and you get to chose your question number out of the fifteen.
“Third, there should be no form of eye contact or communication between yourself and the crowd .if anyone is caught doing such, you’ll be disqualified.

“finally, you have just five seconds to answer a question.”
My eyes beamed immediately. Just five seconds?

“Now I’ll be handing over to the first contestant. The questions will be asked by the judges” he continued and stepped aside and Alexa walked to the standing mic without faltering.
She was so bold.

“Question number six” she spoke into the mic and one of the judges read out question for her:
“What is the most important attribute of money?” They asked.
“General acceptability” she replied smartly.
“That’s correct” the judges replied and she smiled and returned to her seat.
Wow! She passed the first stage. .

The contest continued and before it got to my turn, three students already failed theirs.
Oh, God; help me.

“Contestant 11” the judges called and I took in a deep breath before standing up and going to the mic.

I was so nervous. The whole school was staring at me. Even Mico was staring at me.
Can I really do this?

“Your question number?” One of the judges asked and I cleared my throat before speaking into the mic.
“N…Number 12” I replied and one of the judges read out the question.
Just five seconds Alyssa.

“The shape of a production possibility frontier is determined by what?” They asked and I almost stuttered as I replied:
“The increasing relative cost’.


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