TRUTH AND LIES (Episode 32,33,34&35)

(Preparing for prom)
Episode 32
Written by Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
My hands and lips were shaking as the whole thing seemed like a dream to me.
I looked around and all eyes were on, with flashes from cameras blinding my eyes.

Was this for real?
Was Mico Salvatore really asking me to be his date to prom?
But how’s that possible?

I looked back at him and he was waiting for my reply.

But, no. This isn’t possible.
How can someone like me be his date to prom?

I stuttered and moved some steps back.

“I’m…I’m…I’m sorry” I said twitchily and ran away.
The students gasped and mumbled as I did, but I couldn’t pay attention to them because my heart was too heavy at that moment.

How can Mico ask Me to be his date to prom?
Someone like Alyssa?

With the funny way I was still looking, I ran out of the cab and boarded a cab, heading home.
All the passengers in the cab kept stealing confused glances at me, probably startled at the way I was dressed up – a towel and a jacket.
It really looked funny .
But at that moment, I didn’t care.

I kept thinking about the whole thing which still seemed like a film trick to me.
No, I don’t think I can think of it anymore. My head is becoming too hot for it.

Soon, I got home and immediately I opened the door, i saw Jake and Maja in the sitting room.

“Ka…kapatid?” Maja called, surprised while Jake looked at me like he was going to laugh at any moment.

“Hey, what the hell happened to your clothes? Did you get robbed or something?” He asked but I just shot them a stare and ran up to my room.

I closed the door immediately I got in and relaxed my back on it.
My heart was pounding very fast.

“Kapatid?” I heard Maja’s voice from outside.
“Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m fine” I turned to the door and said and went for my bed.

I sat on the bed, placing my chin in my hand.
My head was still buzzing with the whole memories.

I took out my phone and dialled Nigel’s line but he wasn’t picking up.
I called and called for Uncountable times but he still wasn’t picking up
Oh, God! Where is he?
I really needed someone to talk to

Oh, my Mico!
But are you sure I did the right thing by running away from his proposal?

Oh God! I don’t even know what to think.
What have I done?

I tried calling Nigel again but he still wasn’t picking up
Where has he dumped his phone!!!

Mico’s Pov:
I sat in the car, heading home and looked at my phone which was ringing beside me.
It was Alyssa.

I was kind of angry that she ran away but perhaps, she was only being shy.

But at that moment, I was really angry and didn’t want to talk to her.

I know Alexa doesn’t like her and that was why I wanted to make her jealous by making Alyssa my date to prom.
I can’t believe she had actually tried to strip Alyssa in school today.
That girl is unbelievable.

Anyway, it’s a good thing I got there in time and shattered her plans.
Too bad, Alyssa ruined it.
She better returns and make amends.

Alexa’s Pov:
“Come on Alexa, please. You might fall sick if you continue crying this way” Aj said to me as she stood beside me and Jeenly in the girls hostel.

“How can you tell me to stop crying Aj? How? After everything that just happened out there?
How could Mico ask Alyssa to be his date to prom? He was my hope. How could he do this to me?” I whinged and busted into more tears.
I felt my whole world was shattered.

“But she didn’t accept his proposal, right? Maybe there’s still hope” Jeenly said and I looked at her tearfully.
“What hope, Jeenly? There’s no hope. She’s definitely going to come back for him.

“Mico ruined all my plans; all my expectations.
Do you know what the students will be saying about me now? I’ve always made them feel I was the closest lady to Mico and I made them expect I was going to be his date to prom. But he ruined everything. How could he ask Alyssa out in front of all those students? How???”

More tears came rushing down and everything Jeenly and Aj said to console me couldn’t work out.
My heart was bittered; remembering everything Mico did.

But why was he suddenly acting strange towards me? What have I done to him?
I really do love him.

The Unknown’s Pov:
Yes, it’s me. I’m back again.
I know you must all be wandering where I’ve been for some time now. Well, I’ve been busy, preparing Alyssa’s grave.

Anyway, I know you might also be wandering what happened in my first attempt. It’s all that Sandy’s fault. She was so stupid to drink what wasn’t meant for her.

But I still don’t know why the poison didn’t kill her. I guess she just got lucky.

And yes, Mrs Tamara was innocent.
I was really the one that had advised her to apologise to Alyssa with
the drink.
Then I distracted her and when she wasn’t looking, I poisoned it.
Too bad that stupid sandy ruined my plan.

Anyway, I know my first plan didn’t work out , but trust me; this second and final plan of mine is going to send Alyssa to her grave for sure.
There’s no way she’s going to escape it.

Alyssa needs to die.


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