TRUTH AND LIES Episode 55 – 58


(The kiss)

Episode 55

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
I climbed the stairs and got to a passage with about six rooms on it.
Now how do I know Mico’s room?

Karen had said I’d know it when I saw it.

I walked to the first door by the left but there was no special inscription on it. So, I moved on to the next and on it was written: ‘a king’.
The letters looked like gold and obviously, it was Mico’s room.

I heaved and knocked lightly on it.

“Who’s it?” He asked from inside.
“It’s um…Alyssa” I replied lowly.
“Come in” he said.

I exhaled and opened the door and stepped in and there I found him standing in front of the mirror, shirtless.
I gasped.

“Oh, my, I’m…I’m sorry. I had no idea you were…” I stuttered and tried walking out and he chuckled.

“Alyssa, come on, it’s just my shirt” he said and I coughed and stepped in again.

I closed the door and stood still.

“I um. ..your sisters asked me to call you downstairs” I said.
“Seriously?” He asked and scoffed.

“Just a minute. You can sit” he added and I nodded and sat down in the long couch in the room.

His room was wow as well and so many of his pictures in frames were pinned on the wall.

He opened his wardrobe and I guess he was looking for something to wear.

I took out time and admired his shirtless chest. He was really so cute and his skin was so spotless and fresh.
I can’t believe I was staying in the same room with him.

He suddenly turned and caught me staring at him and I twitched and quickly took my eyes away.
But I think I heard him laugh.

He brought out a shirt from the wardrobe and wore it on and next, he moved over to a jewellery table.

Wow! How can a guy have so much jewelries?

He took two gold chains – a long and short one – and wore them on his neck.
Then he took an ear ring and fixed it on his right ear.

then finally, he took wristbands and wore them on his wrists.
Hm. How stylish.

He walked up to me and stretched out his hand.

“Shall we?” He asked and I wondered if he really wanted me to hold his hand.

I gulped nervously and placed my hand on his and stood up and we walked out of the room together.

We climbed down the stairs, still holding hands. And when we got to the sitting room, Karen pointed her phone at us and took a picture.

“Karen what was that for?” Angelo asked
“None of your business” she replied as she looked into the phone with her sisters.

Mico didn’t say a word as he took me to a sit and we sat next to each other.

Then, Olivia took up the TV remote and turned off the volume.

“Okay, so what game are we playing?” Octavia asked as she adjusted the pretty pillow on her legs.

“Let’s read the bible” Michael said and Mico chuckled.
“As if he knows anything from the bible aside the fact that Jesus is the son of God” Karen said and I swear, I was forced laugh.

“Well, at least I know the bible doesn’t tell us to crush on every guy we see” Michael replied and she scoffed.

“Okay. Why don’t we play hide and seek?” Olivia said.

“I don’t get you, Alyssa. Do you need a memory booster or something? It seems you’ve forgotten how old we are” Angelo said.

“There’s nothing childish about hide and seek. It’s just…”
“Let’s go with T and D” Octavia cut in and I gasped a little.

No, no, no.
I so hate that game.

“You mean Truth and Dare?” Karen asked.
“No. Timothy and Daniel. What else does T and D stand for?” Michael asked and the others laughed, while Karen glared at him.

“So, who’s in?” Octavia asked.
“I’m in” Olivia said.
“For sure; as long as my girlfriend is not here” Angelo said.
“Same here”.

“it got to my turn add they all looked at me.
“Uh…sure” I replied and they turned to Mico.

“Well, if Alyssa’s in, then I’m in” he replied and Angelo cleared his throat.
I smiled.

“Okay; since Alyssa’s a newbie, why don’t we tutor her on our rules?” Olivia said as she took a book and pen and started writing names on it.
“I’ll do it” Karen said and turned properly to face me.

“Uhm…Alyssa, over here, we make ours a little fun.
We write down our names in different pieces of papers and when the game gets to your turn, you’d chose if it’s a T or D you want and then, you’d make a pick from one of the papers and any name you find in it, that’s the person that’s going to ask you your question” she explained and I scoffed.

Okay; this is so weird.
What kind of a game is that?
It sounds tasky.

Olivia was through with the names and she folded them differently and shuffled them on the table in the centre of the room.

“So who’s going first?” Olivia asked and Octavia rose her hand happily.

“T or D?” Olivia asked and she replied: “T”.

Then she picked a paper from the table and opened it and the name written in it was Mico.

She sighed as she showed it to us and looked happy it was Mico.
Okay. So, Mico gets to ask her the question.

“Uhm…what’s your favourite color?” He asked.
“Pink” she replied sweetly.

“Urgh! That’s a boring truth and dare” Angelo groused and Octavia chuckled.

Then ,Olivia was the next to go.

“Dare” she said and picked a paper from the table and the name written in it was Octavia.
.”slap your cheeks” Octavia told her and we laughed.

“You’re such a heartless twin” she said and patted her cheeks softly.

Then next, it was karen’s turn and she chosed truth and picked a name from the table.
She opened her eyes in disbelieve as she looked into the paper and the name written in it was Angelo.

I guess she was in a serious trouble.

Angelo laughed and nudged his brother.

“Okay miss Karen” he cleared his throat and said.
“How many boys have you dated?”

Olivia and octavia sniggered while Karen maintained a straight face.

“Remember you’re not supposed to lie in the game, Karen. And all liers will go to hell” Michael said and she glowered her eyes at him.

“Four” she replied and they roared with laughter.
“I think you must be missing out some numbers, Karen. How old are you? Your boyfriends should be up to 22 already” Angelo said and laughed again.

Then it got to Michaels turn and he chosed dare and lucky him, the name he picked was his brother’s and his brother just asked him to bark like a dog and he did.

Next, it got to my turn.

Oh God.

I sluggishly chosed truth and picked a name from the table.

God please, help me so I don’t chose any of those crazy brothers.

I opened my paper and…ah!
Thank goodness. It was Karen.
I heaved and showed the paper to them.

“Okay, Alyssa, what’s your favourite song?” She asked and I smiled and replied:
“Enchanted by Taylor Swift”.

Thank God it went easy on me.

Then next, it was Mico’s turn and he chosed truth and picked a name from the table and opened it and…wow! .
It was Michael.

He ran his fingers into his hair and it was obvious he knew he was in trouble.

“Mr Mico Salvatore” Michael called with a smirk.
“Who’s your present crush?”


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