TRUTH AND LIES Episode 49 – 54


(Nigel is Mico)

Episode 49

Written by Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
I staggered and moved backwards and the phone I held in my hand shattered and fell on the floor. But I didn’t even bother to look at it.

My hands and lips were shaking and my heart was weary.

The whole thing looked like a movie to me.
No; even a movie can’t be directed this way.

Everybody in the hall were all shouting and gasping and endless flashes kept reflecting on the stage.

Tears poured from my eyes as I watched traumatically.

He looked troubled and kept running his eyes around, as if searching for someone.

But how is this possible? How can Nigel be Mico?
The same guy I ran around the street with?
The same guy I took to be a commoner?

Could this be the reason he had refused to disclose his family background to me?
And even that day his cousins had seen us running around the street. ..had he been lying to me the whole time?


More tears streamed down my cheeks and I started hyperventilating.

‘Alyssa, are you alright?” Daisy asked surprised, but I didn’t even look at her.

I turned around and started running away.

Mico’s Pov:
Oh, God, this has really happened.
My face was exposed.
Where’s Alyssa?

I scoured my eyes around and saw her running through the exit.

Mum was holding my hand and the press men were already crowding the stage.
But my main focus was on Alyssa. I needed to speak with her.

I Fred my hand from my mum’s and started walking out the state and everybody turned confused.

“Mico? Wh…where are you going?” Mum asked, muddled and I turned to look at her.

“Please mum, I’ll be back. Just a few minutes, please. I beg of you, don’t come after me; I’ll be fine. Please” I pleaded and started running away, signalling my guards to follow me.

The press men tried following me but were stopped by my guards.

I took the exit and started running around the silent passages, hoping to see Alyssa.

‘Alyssa!” I called but the only response I got was my echo.

I continucontinued running restlessly.
My head was sweating profusely.

“Alyssa!!!” I called again but there was still no reply.
Where did she go?

I roughed my hair, already becoming frustrated.
Then I heard the echoes of someone sobbing and I took a turn and found her sitting and weeping on the floor, with her arms and legs huddled up together.

Oh, God!

“Alyssa?” I called and she lifted her head and stood up immediately.
The tears were still pouring down her cheeks and she took some steps backwards.

“Nigel…you…” she paused and sniffled and wept more.
The look in her eyes were killing.

“Alyssa, I’m…I’m sorry” I said helplessly and moved closer to her but she retreated and moved backwards.
“You…you lied to me” she whimpered and my heart melted at those words.
Please Alyssa, don’t get mad at me.

“I mean, you…you were Mico? Mico Salvatore?
“But…you were my best friend. You told me your name was Nigel.
H…How did this happen?
You…you were only in disguise? You were Mico and you didn’t tell me?
Why did you lie to me?”

Her voice was breaking and it increased the agony in my heart.
She was really hurt and I can’t believe it’s all because of me.

“Alyssa, I’m…”
I paused and ran my fingers into my hair.
This is getting more complicated than I thought.

“I’m sorry Alyssa. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I was just…”
I ran out of words.

I tried touching her but she moved backwards again.
Why’s she trying to avoid me now?

She stood and stared at me for a while, as if finding the whole thing hard to believe.
She was doubly shocked.
“Please, Nigel, I’m…” she paused and chuckled tearfully.

“I’m sorry…Sir Mico” and she chuckled again.
“I’m sorry but I…I need to go. I need to be alone right now.
“Please, don’t follow me” she added and turned around and at that moment, I felt my world falling apart.

She walked some steps away but suddenly stopped and took sometime before turning around to look at me.

Her face was pale and her eyes were red and sore as more tears kept steaming down.

“Happy birthday” she said ruefully and finally ran away and all I could do was stare helplessly.

I covered my face with my palm and fell on my knees.

This is all my fault. I created this mess.
Why did I have to lie to her in the first place?

Oh, Alyssa, I only wish you’d understand.
Please, don’t stay mad at me.


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