Subtitled : Marriage war
By Author Joy

Episode 21

When Gift and Charles left the hospital to stroll out, Charles was worried about Annabel, he decided to give her a call taking excuse from Gift.

“Hello baby” he began, she was scared thinking it was a set up…
“how was it? ” she managed to ask…
“it’s okay I think, when I arrived at the hospital mum confirmed she woke up but she was asleep when I arrived ” he said
“alright dear, I’ve missed you. What about our discussion? I’m seriously horny and you can’t forsake me like this. Can you please come over tonight? ” she asked not even ashamed of the disappointment she encountered earlier…
“babe I’m in an open place for now but I will see you later okay? ” he said
She was so excited, her plans will work.

She has planned having unprotected sex with Charles in order to get pregnant for him. If he tries to deny they would go for DNA test and confirmed he’s responsible then he will get married to her.

“I think we should go back to the hospital, I have to go and see my fiancée” he said to Gift
“alright but it’s late already and you want to go and see her? ” she asked
“yes she needs me, I think she had missed me a lot. She so waited for me for a year while I traveled and now that I’m back she is really happy ” he said
She smiled hearing the way he spoke about his fiancee, she wished someone could say such in her absence “Alright! Let’s go ” she said
He turned on his WhatsApp to message Annabel, Gift who glanced at his phone noticed the profile photo and remembered Annabel’s WhatsApp photo. She opened her mouth wide in surprise, Charles who noticed her demand to know why she was surprised.

“You know her? ” Gift asked
“yes of course she is my fiancée ” he said
“Annabel your fiancée? Are you the one who engaged her? ” she asked freezing in shock
“yes I’m the one” he said
“no this can’t be true. Are you for real? The same girl who broke your sister’s home you want to marry? No! No! No this can’t be true ” she said nodding her head.
“Excuse me! Can you tell me what the hell you are saying instead of asking me several questions that I don’t have idea about? ” he asked anxiously .

She could see the seriousness in his eyes that he doesn’t know anything that was going on. She decided to narrate everything to her right from the day Annabel started working with Benson and Son until the day Danny explained everything to her.

Charles was dumbfounded and vexed in his spirit. H understood why his sister fainted and why Annabel was asking for sex. He cried heartily. He never prayed to lose her but he discovered she doesn’t even worth him. “please can you go with me to Annabel? ” he pleaded with Gift

She breathed hard for long knowing how late it was. As if Charles could read her mind “I promise to drive you home, I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t see Anabel I really have something to tell her” he said…

She accepted and they zoomed off to Annabel’s house immediately, when she heard the door bell, she ran to her wardrobe. She removed her clothes and put on a very transparent night dress without any inner wears to entice her darling fiancé….

When she ran downstairs “come in, the door is opened” she said and turned on the living room lights, it reveals everything completely, the gown was just fashion because it could be compared to her nakedness…..

Gift stood surprised when she saw the queen Jezebel standing right in front of her… She couldn’t help but shout….. Annabel was totally surprised but never knew what to say or do…..

“There she goes, dressing totally naked to seduce people. You’re such a shameless girl, upon how you hurt Edith by snatching her husband you still want to snatch her beloved brother. What about the baby in your womb? ” Gift began but it was not enough to Charles as Annabel fired her back without shame.

“You are talking about her brother or husband the both are unserious set of humans and I’ll make life a living hell for them. How would he leave the country for almost a year and be promising me he is coming back? For the husband if he loves his wife why would he get attracted to me? I’m never pregnant and I can never be pregnant for worthless fool like Danny. He’s… ”

“Will you shut your dirty mouth? ” Charles cut her. “you ain’t even ashamed of yourself. Just a year you’ve ruined people’s family. What kind of a lady are you? The woman I cherished and boasted to my family and friends turned out to be a home breaker the same snake that hurt more than viper” he said

“You should be proud you have a viper like me, you are such a fool and nobody disappoint me in my world before you will tell me it’s over take your fucking ring” she removed the ring and threw it at him, she turned to Gift “from the very first day I saw you I know you are a bitch, Charles is now yours, you can take him because I know this is all your handiwork ” she said.

Gift marvelled at the kind of person she is, never ready to admit her wrongs…. She was about to speak when Charles spoke up “yes it’s her handiwork, she’s mine and she will remain mine forever. Nothing will part us because she is a very decent girl and wife material unlike you, you will find it difficult to get a good husband. Foolish girl like you ” he said and drag Gift out.

(Gift’s Pov)

I felt freeze when he said I belonged to him and I will be his forever…. I wished that could be true but I know he was only teasing her…..

He dragged me out of the house unaware, I know he was upset and angry….. “please I’m so sorry over what happened there and how I dragged you out, I was so disappointed when I discovered everything that happened” he said
“No problem! I understand how you feel but don’t take it upon yourself just be grateful you got to know about this on time. What if she had done it to someone else and you knew nothing about it until the course fall on you? ” I said…

I observed the way he looked downcasted…. It’s not really easy but he just have to take heart….. He drove me home with his car because my car was parked at my office, I followed my boss to the hospital…. “thank you for opening my eyes, I don’t know how to reward you but I believe your reward will be from heaven because you’re just a God sent angel.. I’m really grateful, I’ll get in touch with you and please extend my greetings to everyone home because I’ll not be able to go in there” he said….. I smiled “it’s nothing and please don’t overstress yourself in so much thought” I said…..

He opened the door of the car for me, I was a bit happy the way he’s humble…. I kept waving at him until the shadow of the car got lost in the dark…. I breathed a sigh of relief…. I’m done with Annabel’s problems…. I couldn’t wait go and tell my mum about it….


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