(The plan)

GRAND FINALE. #Season_2.
Episode 7

Writer: Faith Lucky.
(Just like I promised)

I walked into Mico’s room and saw him lying on the bed. I scoffed and felt surprised because I had called him and he told me he wasn’t in his room. But, I had felt a little suspicious and decided to check on him myself.

To be sincere, I don’t know why he’s been avoiding me recently.

‘Mico?’ I called as I drew closer to him and his sat up on the bed, backing me.
Then I walked and stood in front of him.
‘I…I thought you said you were…’.
‘I changed my mind.’ He cut me off and touched his head.

‘But… why didn’t you tell me then?’ I asked, depressed and he kept mute.

‘Mico?’ I called and sighed. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked, but he scoffed and left the bed.

‘Nothing!’ he replied as he walked to his wardrobe and took out a shirt.
‘Are…are you sure? Because…’ I paused and sighed.
‘I feel like you’ve changed.’ Briskly, he turned and looked at me. ‘Seriously, I’ve changed?’ he asked with a chuckle.
‘Well, to be sincere, Alyssa, I think it is you who has changed. I don’t understand what your reason is for lying to me.’

My heart skipped a beat.
‘Lying?’ I asked, bewildered.

Just then, he opened the drawer in his room and brought out some photographs. He handed them to me and my eyes glistened the instant I saw them.
They were photos of Jeremy and I in the car together.
Hold on; did Jeremy actually do this?

Oh my God!

‘You told me you were just taking a stroll, whereas, you were with him. Why did you lie to me? What’s going on between both of you?’, Mico said, and I shivered.

Tears were already pouring down my eyes and my heart was pounding very fast.

Oh my God! What mess have I gotten into?

‘Mico, I…’ I paused and ran out of words.
‘I’m sorry, I was just…’
‘Just what, Alyssa?’ he interpolated. ‘Please, talk to me. Ii need answers.’

He was pretty upset and it was obvious he was trying as much as possible to control his temper.
‘It’s not what you think’, I whimpered, and he scoffed.
‘Really? Then, what is it?’

‘I was…I was just spying on him. I… I had overheard him making a call, saying he’d be going home that evening, so, I…I just wanted to know who he was, and… and that’s why I decided to follow him. I …I secretly entered the trunk of his car and he drove out of the building. But, somehow, he knew I was there and… and I was busted. Then, he drove me back here. I swear Mico that was what happened. Please, believe me’, I said tearfully, and he starred at me in surprise.

He kept staring at me for a while and finally turned around leaning on a table. He chuckled hysterically and shook his head.
‘What are you saying, Alyssa?’ he asked lowly.
‘What do you mean you were following Jeremy? Why would hyou be so interested in him?’
Oh goodness!

‘I…’ I stuttered for words and he turned to look at me.
‘Then why did you have to lie to me?’ he asked.

‘I was scared’, I replied immediately and sobbed. ‘I’m sorry, Mico. Please, forgive me. I swear I had no bad intentions’, I whimpered and he turned away from me again.
He was clearly seething with anger.


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