By Melody.

Chapter 31.

Vixen pulled xan by his wrist and made him collide his back against the opposite wall with a hard thud.

Xan stared at his brother like he had suddenly become tongue-tied.

Vixen held him pinned to the wall by his shoulder, gazing his eyes at him.

” Xan. You shouldn’t raise your arm to h!t katrina. I’m saying this…its for a good reason.”

” What other good reason should i believe. She’s just too rude and she thinks she can control everyone in here?!. She needs to be taught to use some sense!” Xan yelled.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

” I understand that as well, xan. From the face of things, she needs help and concern because her situation is totally out of normal.”

” So what exactly do you mean??….” xan raised his thick brows up.

” I think we should learn to accept katrina. I know she behaves like a freak and i know she’s totally annoying, but…Not everyone you meet comes in with the type of standard you are expecting. Mn?”

Xan heaved a sighed and turned to look at her.

” I wouldn’t want to hit her and end up regretting it just the way i did to Amy.” He said, his haste spirit in dying down.

” Yeah.” Vixen scoffed.

” When you guys are done mummering about me, wake me up! ” Katrina yelled from the other end as she fell back on her chair.

Xan began to step up to her and then, his strong thick arms palmed her table, boring his gaze at her like a falling tree.

” Katrina! Or whatever your name is!. Like i said earlier, i give you just one week to change from this behaviour. If you can’t, I’ll drive you out myself. Do you hear me?”

” fairly well, Boss!!” She said in mimcry, doing like a scout student.

Xan heaved a tiresome sigh as he stepped aback, he stared at her for a while before leaving the office.

She leaned up on her table, cupping her cheeks with her full palm.

” So who do i choose among this two hot brothers of a kind now, mn?. Vixen has a stunning face and xan has a body i crave for.” She mumbled.

Suddenly, Vixen walked up to her holding up a tall mop with him.

He dropped it on her table.

” Take this. Clear up your office.” He told her.

Katrina stood up, having red eyeballs.

” Did you employ me here as a cleaner or a secretary, cus I’m sick and tired of getting confused?”

” The inks. You created the mess, so you will clean it off yourself!” He said to her sternly.

” Fine, fine..” she said sitting back on her chair. ” It seems both the mop and i will do a good job staring at eachother till we leave here.” She said, grinning inwardly.

” Anytime you feel to clean up the whole mess, kate. But I’m sure you can’t leave your office looking like this.

No one will help you clean it, do it yourself.” He said and katrina yawned loudly.

He leaned on her table, coming close to her oval face.

” And one more thing, lady…” He muttered.

” Your jokes are no longer effective on me any more so i don’t know for how long you will continue in this. I just wish you could probably change.” He said.

After a while of silence, he stepped out of her office slamming the door.

Katrina threw back her heads, yawning loudly again. She rested her palm on her cheeks as she stared around her office.

He was right. She couldn’t manage to remain in this office that look like it was sculpted with a dangerous painting.

He even made it clear that her jokes were now off and boring to him. That made her whole active spirit drop to zero instantly.

She bent her backs tiredly as she walked up to the mop stick.

She pulled the mop into the soapy bucket, raking it hard with anger before splashing it out on the floor.

” I hate men. I hate people so much!!. Nothing will make me change!. Absolutely nothing!” she yelled.

She scrubbed the floor, pulling her anger into it. She bit her lips hard as tears fell out.

She hadn’t clean up to a quarter of the mess when she the mop broke apart.

” Stupid mop!. That’s how useless it is, just like me.” she yelled throwing it to the floor.

She ran to bow her head on her table.

” i hate my life. I’m so h®rrible!. No one ever loves me so why should i ever love them too. Fk all the damn people here!. I_i..hate you all!”




Amy was in her toilet. She stared at the pregnancy tube in her hand. Her eyes bulged out immediately.

It was showing….A big positive.

She fell her backs on the wall and threw her heads away as her breath became stiff and hard.

She was pregnant. She was_ for xan. This was suppose to be a goodnews for her but her heart felt heavy and very guilty.

Slow tears began to fall off her eyes and she quickly rubbed her cheeks.

” Alicia!!” She heard her mom’s voice and she quickly hid the test in her closet.

She turned on her tap, filling her palm with water before rubbing her face.

She smiled at the mirror. Nothing was working for her…even her smile.

” Alicia dear!!” Her mom yelled her name for the seventh time.

” I’m coming, mom!” She screamed, slamming her door close as she ran down the stairs.

Her steps retarded the moment she saw who was in her livingroom with her mom.

Some guest, she supposed…

She stepped down the stairs, covering her cloth to hide her body. Her face turned blunt and dispersed.

” Alicia. Come over quickly.” Her mom probbed her with a smile.

She picked a can from the table before approaching her guest in the livingroom.

After sitting next to her mom, she raised her gaze to meet the guest eyes.

” Alicia. This is my best friend, Ummi. She came all the way from mersbug with her son here.” She introduced.

Amy looked at the young man who was sitting next to his mom. He looked Chinese.

” Well, Ummi. This is Alicia. My daughter.” Mrs qin started.

” Woah. She’s grown big and so beautiful.” Ummi said, nudging her son’s arm playfully.

” Yeah. The years passed on like a breeze, Ummi. She just turned 23 recently.” Her mom said and turned to Amy.

” Why are our two couples silent?”

” Two couples?” Amy asked, blinking her eyes at her mom.

” Yes, Alicia. I know my job is not to search for a man for you but I’m sure Ummi son is just a perfect match for you. Mind you, He’s also a CEO.” She said.

Amy heaved a sigh, looking away. She couldn’t her mom was doing this to her.

Xan should come quickly. He should come get her before someome else.

” Why don’t you go over and greet them, Alicia?” Her mom asked.

Amy smiled, shaking her heads.

” Sure” she said and stood up, walking up to the woman and her son.

She approached the son, slowly stretching out her arm for an handshake as the other hand brought out her can.

she quickly brought out her pepper spray Can and curled her lips, fleeting his face.

He screamed grabbing his cheek and she sprayed both of them. Mrs qin stood up and got into the scene as well.

She tried to stop her but Amy stubbornly fought her off. She sprayed every part of their body and made them run out of the house following themselves behind.

She dropped the spray Can and heaved a satisfied sigh.

That was so much better. Never would any one come for her again!. She was for xan. He was her’s.

She turned around to meet her mother who had been waiting for her patiently for her to come back, realising her mistake.

” Mom” Amy said, her eyes getting wide with fear.

Mrs qin slowly walked to her, her whole fragile bones almost felt like it would break down.

” Alicia.” she shaked her heads. Amy stared at her eyes and saw the painful tears trickle down her eyes.

” Who do you think you are, Alicia!. Answer me!!” Her mom yelled.

” I am Xan’s Wife!” She yelled back at her mom.

Her mom eyes got instantly soaked with deep red toxic, filled with anger and detest.

She gr.abbed her Amy’s hair.

” You bstard!!” She screamed. Amy winced as her mom pulled her up the stairs towards her room.

She felt her whole body fall on top of the bed, causing a sharp pain on her belly.

Mrs qin picked her thick pillows.

” I want the best for you, yet you make all my effort like a basket!!” She yelled, hitting her hardly.

” Where was the Alicia i once knew. Where was that daughter that promised to make the future better!” She yelled, htting her constantly.

She got tired and dropped the pillow aside, inhaling heavily.

” I’d prefer you stay single than to marry xan. That foolish kid will never be your husband!” She hissed and walked out of the room, slamming the door hardly.

Amy laid on the bed, arms spread. She shut her eyes close and finally broke into a sob.


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