By Melody

Chapter 41.

Xan stared at her legs. He found his breath getting stiff, though, dry. His world was swallowing up into a big..big ugly pit.


Amy was bI.eeding right before his very own eyes. His eyes refused to stop bulging. This was much h®rrific than a klling scene. How come she was bI.eeding?. What did she take into her body??

She was holding her belly still sobbing and twirling her head around, up and down. She was even unaware of the bI.ood stains on her legs. She didn’t know what was happening to her.

All she knew was that her stomach was hurting her badly and that she wanted to be okay.

” Xan. Xan..” She hiccup. ” Please take me to the hospital. Take me now, please!. I’m dying. My baby!” She yelled.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

Xan eyes flashed through her face. He was back on earth again. He quickly faced the driving wheel.

” Just hold on baby.” He said, turning on his car. He stared at her again and saw the lines of bI.ood.

They were getting much that the car would almost flood with bI.ood. That was his baby there flowing out.

He couldn’t understand what was happening again. He was almost running sane.

” Amy. Amy. J..ust Hold on to yourself. I’ll drive to the hospital as quick as i can.” He said heaving fast. His legs stooped on the driving pad and like that, he drove out of control speed.



Xan was leaning himself on the office wall as he stared at the roof. He was in his own world. The rest of his surroundings were just like sad..sad music.

Amy and his unborn baby health were the only thing on his head. He heaved a sigh, tugging his hair tightly.

” Amy.” His voice uttered as he rubbed his cold, pale face.

He heard a racking noise coming by and he found Amy on an hospital bed with the nurses pushing her along.

He came towards her bed stand and held her palm as he ran along with them. she was supported through an oxygen.

” Amy. Can you hear me, Amy?” He called out even tho he knew she was in her unconsciousness state. She couldn’t hear him. He felt like she was half dead, already away from his life.

The nurses dragged her bed away into the urgency room, leaving him standing by the doorside. He looked out, his brows bending sadly.

He was supposed to suprise her with a ring today. He didn’t like the way his day was going.

He h!t the door hard, groaning loudly. His Amy, who could have done this to her.

He rested his head on the door and held his palm on it firm. He was a man. He would try to keep himself together.

He walked over to a spare chair and went to sit and feel sober there, just then the doctor walked out of the room. He hastily jumped to his feet and caught him before he could leave.

” Doc. Please tell me she didn’t lost the baby. Please tell me!” Xan held his sleeves, gulping down his dry throat.

” We are still working to save the foetus, young man. Her body is very fragile, Why did she take an ab.ortion pills in the first place?” The doctor asked.

” Abo.rtion pills?” Xan eyesballs swelled.

He looked away, quite speechless and disturbed. Did Amy take an abo.rtion without his consent?. No!. She wouldn’t try to abort her own baby would she?. The doctor tried to move away but xan quickly held him back again.

” Doctor. She never took abo.rtion pills. I…i..was.”

” She did. The abortion pills started to erupt in her stomach early this noon that means she took it this morning.” He said.

Xan found his hands falling off the doctor’s coat. He was completely taken aback. If the ab.ortion pills was taken this morning, the fact was clear already. He stepped back, shaking his head in disbelief.

” I knew it!. I knew. I had a bad feeling coming to mrs qin home. I knew she had other plans. Fk…Why!!” He yelled. He tugged his hair, biting his lower lip. He didn’t want to leave the hospital but he would be forced to.

He turned around in a swift and began to head out of the hospital with full speed.

He tripped out of the hospital stairs like a d’vil who was ready to burn down the entire planet. He got to his car and rubbed the blurry vision off his car glass.

” Mrs qin. I knew you were a devil all along. I guess you should wait to see the real devil come by.” He sneered and stepped into his car quickly.



Vixen was lazily resting on his chair, tipping his fingers into a pack to take chips.

Just then, Katrina walked into the kitchen wearing a brown bathing robe. She tiptoed and came from behind him covering his eyes.

Vixen sat up.

” Katrina?” He mused. Katrina laughed and went to sit next to him.

” Do you know you are so greedy. You left me upstairs and came here to eat chips, huh?”

” Strong Chips are not meant for girls like you. Go lick icecream!” He said. Katrina chuckled and picked some from the packs and sge crunched.

” Mmm. This chips tastes really awesome.” She said, licking her finger making a clacking noise.

Vixen shut his eyes. She was making him feel horny just by clacking her tongue that way. He opened his eyes and picked the pack.

” Ha!. This is the last piece.” He laughed and stretched it to his lips.

” No!. Hey!. Don’t eat that!” She yelled and grabbed vixen’s face quickly.

Slowly, she brought her lips closer and nibbled the chips off his lips. She chewed inbetween his lips.

Their lips brushed against eachother and vixen found his breath getting stiff as he shut his eyes.

He grabbed her chin closer, kssing her in the process. He captured her lips fully, scking her lips harder.

He found himself getting up from the chair, pulling her waist on top of the table.

He trailed his lip on her neck, finding his palm fraze inside her robe, on her thghs till he got to her waist.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear. He stopped kssing her and looked at her face questioning.

” I was just about to have my bath.” She said, speaking nervously. Even her voice had gotten se.ductive in vixen ears.

He gr.abbed her thghs and pulled her closer.



Mrs qin was in the kitchen just in the process of washing the dishes when she heard the loud thug of the door.

She kept the sponge on the table and strided towards the livingroom only to find the d’vil-like xan on her doorpost.

The view of him, standing there like a vicious but gorgeous devil almost wanted to make her poor heart escape. She knew what she had done to have made him come.

She had been expecting him. She couldn’t hide the fact that she had put pills into her daughters food.

” Xan…” She smiled in nervousness as she stepped back. He was looking dangerous than she had imagined.

Xan stepped into her room like he was being controlled by a remote. He brought out a sharper da.gger and she screamed running to one of the sofa.

” W..what’s for the da.gger?. What happened to you, xan?” She asked, her frail bones shaking infrared.

” The fact that you are ask me what wrong makes me want to kll you right here.”

” Please don’t kll me!. Please!” She begged, shaking her hands.

” I won’t ask you why you poisoned Amy’s food. But if the baby dies, then you are done for.” He said.

” The baby will never survive.” She muttered to herself as she looked away from him.

” Did you say something?” Xan walked closer, leaning into her as he palmed the wall.

” Nothing. I never said anything.” She said, looking up at him.

” F.ool!” He muttered. He picked her arms and turned around. He pulled up her neck roughly and began to take her to the car.

He threw her to fall into the booth of the car and before he closed up, he leaned in on her.

” I’ll make this easier for us, mrs qin. If my baby dies, I’ll kll you three times. But if he doesnt, then I’ll make your life miserable.” He said and jammed the door close.

Mrs qin covered her face as she sobbed. She knew everyone was going to think she is a bad person.

She was only paying her revenge on xan as to what he made her feel when Amy almost died.

She wanted to make him feel how it’s hurt to loose a child. She didn’t want to care if he’s changed or not as far as taking the revenge will make her happy and fulfilled.

Afterall, she warned Amy to stay away from him so that she can have her hands on him. But even her daughter have decided to pass through her pains as well.

She sniffed and fell her body helplessly. Was she even making sense to anyone at all?.

Life was unfair, people abandon the past just because of the good future.


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