UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 11-20

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 11?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“Bro, What’s all this news about you and Mariana dating? They are pictures everywhere” Chase said ashe walked into our special class with Brandon.

“It’s true,We are dating but it’s just all pretend, She’s helping me against Nicole while am helping her against Austin”


“Yeah, Austin is her ex-boyfriend” Brandon and Chase both looked shocked.

“No way”

“Yeah,I also was shocked but she dated that dirtbag and he used her,now she’s trying to punish him”

“By dating you?”

“Austin and i hate each other so it’ll hurt him that she went for me”

“Is this another way of you to try to sleep with her?” Brandon asked as he leaned on the wall.

“No, It’s just a deal between the both of us..Why are you so concerned about her?”

“Believe or not but Mariana is a good person,She deserves the best of everything and you are..

“I am what, Brandon? What am i?”

“Not the type of person she needs”

“Oh,Who is? You? I see the way you stupidly blush when she’s around”

“I don’t have feelings for Mariana,I respect her,She has principles and standards that you can’t reach”

I stood up from the chair to go meet him but Chase stopped me.

“Okay, enough,You two aren’t going to fight about a girl who wouldn’t date either of you for real.
Brandon,Jasper already said it’s a deal between he and Mariana,so don’t try to cause problems”

“Am just looking out for her,I don’t want her to be like the many girls Jasper has messed with” Brandon walks away.

“Let me go to the bathroom,I’ll be right back” Alice said as we got to my locker.

“Okay” She walked away while i proceeded to arranging my books.

“Hey” A girl walked up to me.


“Am Riley,i go to this college”

“Okay? How can I help you?”

“I heard that you and Jasper Hale are currently dating”

“I don’t mean to be a gossip but how is being in a relationship with the hottest boy in school like?”

“Uh.. it’s good”

“And is it true what people say about him?”

“What do people say about him?”

“That’s he is amazing in b.ed,He takes you to the moon and back”

How can she ask this kind of stuff?

Don’t girls have shame anymore?

“Mari,am ready, let’s head to the cafeteria”

“Yeah, let’s go”

“Aren’t you gonna answer my question?”

“No, Why don’t you ask Jasper yourself?” I walked away with Alice.

“Who’s that and what did she want?”

“She was asking stupid questions,pay no attention to her”

We got to the cafeteria and Nicole was questioning Jasper.

“Oh,Here she is.. the latest Fling of Jasper” Nicole said as I walked in.

“Don’t call her that, She’s more than just a fling, Respect her”

“It’s okay,Jasper,Let her think what she wants to think,She has always been used to being used so i guess she’s taking the news in a hard way”

“Mariana, He’s going to use you just like he used me and every other girl, You are no different”

“Nicole,I’ll be the judge of that..Now,get out”

Everyone ate their lunch in slience, I could literally feel the tension, regardless of what people are saying,am not going to let this sham i and Jasper have put up get into my head.
Closing Hours.

I was heading to where Jasper packed his car when Brandon approached me.

“Hey” He smiled at me.


“I didn’t see your car around so i was wondering if you needed a ride home, I could take you”

“Thanks but Jasper’s taking me home”

“I thought you guys were only pretending while you were in college”

“Jasper said we should ride together to make it more believable”

“You know there are other ways of getting back at Austin who i can’t believe you dated”

“Like what way?”

“Hiring thugs to beat the sht out of him” I giggled

“No,i don’t want that.. Emotional pain is hurts more than physical”

“Okay,Just be careful”

“Same thing Alice said”

“Because she knows her brother,Jasper has deceived innocent girls,used them to satisfy himself,then dump them like trash.

I don’t want you to be like them”

“I get it,I’ll be careful”

“Am i interrupting something?” Jasper asked as he walked towards us,He put his hand over my shoulder.


“Then let’s go.. Babe” I waved at Brandon before walking away with Jasper.

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