I still feel bad for Gigi. I don’t want to lie to her about her dad but what should I say?
She’s too young to know that an unknown person raped me.

The Collins family talked about their lives and feeling proud about it. “And that’s how our lives are.”

Everyone applauded as the Collins went back to their seats.

“Next up, Gigi’s parents.” The teacher said.

I gulped as I took my child’s hand and stood up. I noticed some people were laughing at me because of what I’m wearing.

Gigi and I stood in front of the class and I smiled.

“Hi… Uh… Monica…” I can’t use my parents last name,they disowned me.i should use another one “Griffin and this is my daughter Gigi Griffin.” I introduced nervously.

“Griffin?” Gigi frowned confusedly at me.

“Where’s the father?” Mrs Paula asked.

“Her father is really busy at work but I came here dressed in her dad’s clothes to represent him. As you can see I work as a waitress at Big Burger to take care of my daughter.

I know you guys may think that I’m not good enough to be a mom but I’m trying all my best to make her happy and have a good future. And you don’t have to judge a book by its cover.

Because there are a lot of teenage single moms out there who sacrificed their lives just to make their children alive and happy, children are the best gift in the world.” I smiled as I caress her face.

“Awwww.” Everyone awed and applauded loudly with whistles.

Gigi grinned happily and hugged me tightly “I love you mommy.”

I carried my angel “I love you too, Sweetie.” I kssed her nose.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” Sarah stood up angrily and everyone came quiet “Since the father’s busy. What’s he’s occupation?” She asked.

Dazed shocked caught my stomach and I felt extremely nervous.

What type of question is this? I don’t even know the father, talk less of his occupation.

I drop Gigi slowly and scoffed nervously “Well… Um… Gigi’s father is… Uh… Um…” I kept stammering, having no idea of what to say.

“Uh, um, uh…” Mrs Collins mimicked me “Don’t you know the type of work your husband is doing? Don’t tell me he ran away from you.” She laughed and everyone gasped.

“Mommy, is that true?” Gigi asked.

I bent and covered her cheeks with my palms “No, Gigi…”

“Then what’s her father’s job? Runaway dad?” Mrs Collins and everyone laughed.

“No! But a taxi driver.” Teddy shouted as he walked in, dressed like poor cab driver.

Everyone was shocked. Even me.

I whispered “Teddy, what are you doing…?” I trailed off as he put his arms around me and patted Gigi’s head.

He winked at us, signalling to play along. I’m still confused.

“Yay! Daddy!!” Gigi hugged Teddy.

She gets the message quickly. She’s too smart.

“Oh my beautiful Sugar! I’ve missed you.” He carried Gigi and kssed her cheek.

“Daddy, I thought you’re busy that you won’t come.” Gigi pouted.

“I can’t miss my Sugar’s school parents day.” Teddy said.

Everyone begin to whisper and gossip.
🧒She has a daddy?

👩 Teenage parents?

👨 Aren’t they too young to be parents?

👦 They’re so cute.

👩 I can’t believe Gigi has a father.

“That’s a lie. He’s probably someone she paid to act like her father.” Mrs Collins yelled.

“Say anything stupid again and I’ll tell the principal to expel your daughter.” Mrs Paula threatened.

“Introduced yourself, Mr Griffin.” Mrs Paula said.

“How did you know my last name is Griffin?” Teddy asked.

“Your wife… I mean girlfriend… I don’t know. She said that their last name is Griffin, so that means you’re Griffin.” Mrs Paula said.

Teddy smirked secretly at me and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, I’m Mr Griffin.”

“So why are you always busy that you don’t see your daughter?” Mrs Collins asked.

“Well, I’m still in college in New York and I driver cab over there, to make a living for my babe and daughter.” Teddy lied.

Everyone nodded, smiled and believed what he said.

“Thank you Mr and Mrs Griffin. Your daughter must be very proud of you and you should be proud of your daughter because she always get straight A’s in her tests and exams.” Mrs Paula said.

I smiled proudly “That’s my girl.” I pressed her cheek.

I smiled at Teddy who’s smirking at me. “Thank you.” I mouthed silently.

“You’re welcome.” he mouthed back.

At least he saved me and my daughter from hu..miliation.

After the presentation. I dragged Teddy’s hand to the janitor’s closet.

I frowned “Why are you here and how did you know it’s parents day?”

“Bianca…” He trailed off and cat got his tongue.



Dang it! I’m a blurter. I’m not supposed to say why I’m here.

Bianca still wants to help me to win Monica so I sent Bianca to Monica’s home, to give me some information about her so that I can help her (Monica)

She called me on the phone this morning about the school parents day.

How I find Monica, I put a tracking device in her, do I tracked her to her house, so I called Bianca.

“Hey!” Monica snapped me our of my thoughts. “Bianca what…?”
“Bianca is here, did you know that?” I lied.

“Yes, she’s here, at my house because she told me that you sent her.” Monica said.

Urh!! Another blurter.

I scoffed nervously, trying to say something.

“What did you do?” She asked, glaring at me.

I became totally frightened asking me that question. I gulped nervously and bit my lips.

I took a deep breath and held her shoulders “Look Monica, I’m just trying to help you.

I know you’ve been through a lot for 5 years and I wanna make things easy for you. I want to bring back your dreams.” I said truthfully.

Monica became mere “Just forget about the past and let’s focus on the future, okay? I don’t want to go back and ruin my life again.” She said sadly.

“But Monica, you’ve worked so…”

“Enough of this Theodore.” Monica snapped angrily.

I furrowed my eyes “Did you just call me Theodore?”

She rolled her eyes and left the closet angrily.

I must have annoyed her by reminding her if the past. I also hate the past, but someone needs to fix the past in the future, right?

“Monica!” I yelled as I went after her.

I stopped as she’s playing with her daughter.

“Yay! Daddy!” She ran to me and I carried her.

“I’m not really your dad, kid.” I scoffed.

“I know, we’re still in the middle of annoying people, so just play along dvmmy.” She whispered and I chuckled.

Monica’s still starring at me, looking pissed.

“Gigi, time to go home.” Monica said as she collected Gigi from me.

“But mommy…”

“No mommy, let’s go.” Monica said harshly as they walked out of the school.


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