Chapter 45

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Where is she?” I ask angrily when I see Sydney. I’m holding Ryan’s hand as I walk towards him with large steps.

“Your FBI friend Mike has taken her to the FBI.” Sydney informs me and I continue looking at him expectantly and he lets out a breath.

“Where’s Jayden?” I ask suddenly vulnerable.
“He should be in hospital now.

There’s some people who work for us there who’ll deal with him.” He assures me even though I already know.

“I should go to hospital now. I need to check if Ryan and my baby are okay.” I say and Sydney looks confused for a while before the sudden realization dawns on him.

“The fk!” He shouts glaring at me. Sydney wouldn’t want me to join them if he knew that I am pregnant. he almost lost his wife because of that.

“Please. We’ll talk later.” Sydney has been protective of me since he met me and helped me escape the Italians.

“Izzy and I will drive you.” He says after a sigh and we start walking.

I hear sirens from afar and the three of us increase our pace but Sydney picks up Ryan and walks faster as I follow them. I let Ryan get into the backseat of Sydney’s car and I follow and hold him.

He seems so tired and although I had checked for some external injuries earlier, I didn’t see them but I still don’t know what happened.
“It’s okay baby. Jayden will be fine okay?” I try to say to him and he nods silently.

I hold his hands and he flinches making me suddenly alert. I raise his dirty sweater to see different bruises in different shades making my heart beat faster. “Oh Ryan.” I gasp. How had I not seen this?

“Candice?” Isabella calls worriedly making me turn to her. “You remember that liquid tracker? We could give it to Ryan if you want to. All my kids drank it.”

She says and I look at Ryan. He can’t leave me again. The liquid tracker was developed a few years ago for the m afia.

If we drink it, the tracker attaches itself to a body part and takes root hence never getting rid of it unless you remove that part.

“Fine. He’ll take it.” I reply instantly.
“Good, we’ll do it when you’re both better. No pressure.”

She says and I nod as I run my finger through Ryan’s sticky and dirty hair. He’s sleeping.

I look at the bulletproof jacket Jayden gave to him and telling him to run before he was shot. He did promise me to get my son back even if it would cost his life.

Why would he be stupid and promise something like that?

Heaven knows how happy I am to have my son back but I was once told about the power of the tongue.

It was like he sealed his fate, his life for my son’s when he said he would.

That woman that took my son should be the one fighting for her life instead of him though Mike shot at her legs twice after almost ki lling Jayden.

What if he dies? I don’t even know how injured he is but I’m already preparing for the worst. I’ve always known something like this would always happen to anybody who came close to me.

But I still let my guard down with Jayden. With him I got the courage to adopt Ryan and try starting a new life.

I pushed him away but he would still come back like and elastic band.

Funny how I made a vow to myself after Ashton’s death that I wouldn’t sleep with any man but Abby convinced me saying that I should try and live.

She wasn’t a man but Jayden is. A 6’2 tall man with ash white hair and pale blue eyes. A man that we met in a bathroom when I was nked with my black hair but never told anyone about it even after me being introduced as Leo’s nanny. And now I’m pregnant for him.

I thought that I would feel guilty for sleeping with another man let alone being pregnant for him but I’m not.

I’ve been excited before this drama started. As for now, I don’t know what to feel with Jayden fighting for his life.

He has proven to me time and time again how strong he is.

My mind suddenly goes to when he asked me to teach him how to fi ght. He was almost better than me and that shocked me.

“Candice!” I turn to find Isabella and her husband looking at me worriedly. Well, Sydney was looking at me funnily and I let out a sigh.

“We’re here.” Isabella says softly and I nod. The heaviness that I had stopped feeling a few months ago returns.

I feel my heard pump blood at a faster rate the nearer we get to the inquiry desk.

“We’re here for Jayden Williams.” I say holding a sleeping Ryan in my arms. Sydney comes next to me and takes him as the nurse types in something.

“He’s here but we can only allow family to see him.” the nurse says politely.

“I’m his girlfriend. Jada Costa.” I say without any thought but the woman shakes her head.

“It’s the family’s request ma’am” the nurse says in her annoying polite tone making me suddenly angry.

“And where is his mother then!” I snap but Sarah’s voice calls me.

“I’m here Jada Costa. My son is under critical condition and can’t see anyone.” she moves closer to me.

“Especially fake women like you.” She spits making me look at her blankly. her brown eyes look at me with hate and I start wondering what happened to Jayden.

“H…How is he? Is he the one that told you this?” My voice comes out coldly.

Something that it does when I’m not with Jayden or Ryan.

“Um, excuse me ladies, but could you please talk somewhere else.

You’re both obstructing some people.” The nurse warns with a tired voice.

Sarah starts walking towards the elevator without a word and I look around but I don’t see the Kings or Ryan. I take out my phone as I suddenly follow Sarah assuming she wants me to do that.

Took Ryan for checkup. We’ll find you. Isabella texts. I reply with Okay just in time to find the elevator doors shutting. I place my hand to stop them and get in.

“Just making sure my son is okay.” I find myself explaining but Sarah only hums looking ahead. The elevator stops at the fourth floor where the private wings are.

“I hope that this will be the last time I’ll see you. I can’t loose my son because of you.”

Sarah says before we turn a corner to find a crying Linda with her husband consoling her. I walk to the window where I can fully see Jayden and the first thing I can notice is the ICU machines.

“He was shot in the head damaging some of this brain cells.

His chances of survival are yet to be confirmed since he just got from the OR.” Sarah spits but my eyes are still glued to the pale man lying on the hospital bed looking fragile.
“Can I go in?”

I ask suddenly vulnerable.
“I never want to see you near us Jada or whatever your name is.

he’s here because of you.” Sarah says her voice cold and I turn to her to find her giving me an icy glare and I don’t avert my eyes.

“Mum, let her say her goodbyes this one time.” Jayden’s sister, Linda says.

I turn to look at her red eyes and smile in gratitude but she doesn’t smile back. Instead, she turns to her husband and says something.

“Please Mrs Williams.” I surprisingly plead and she lets out a long sigh before a curt nod.

“Two mins maximum.” she says and I thank her before walking into Jayden’s hospital room.

I walk towards him when I shut the door and stop when I’m next to him. He looks even worse. I move to take his cold hand and move it slightly hoping that it might wake him.

“It’s yours.” I start with the one thing I never told him. “I know that you’ve always wondered about it but here I am telling you.

We’re going to have a beautiful baby.” I take a breath and look towards the window where Sarah’s hawk like eyes study me.

“I’m giving you a reason to fi ght Jayden and I hope you know that I can’t loose you too.

What will I tell the baby when it’s born when you don’t fight?” I ask as the urge to cry overwhelms me.

“Maybe we can do that eloping plan?” I say with a sad laugh as I remember how he suddenly suggested it out of the blue.

I hear the window being tapped and I know my time is up. I lean and kss his bandaged head. “Fight for us Jayden Ken Williams.”

With that I wipe away the stray tears and I turn to leave hoping to hear him say something but nothing happens as I leave and go to search for Ryan and go to Isabella’s gynecologist, Dr Greene.


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