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Chapter 41

“Did Marcus find anything?” I hear Jayden ask someone on the phone who I assume it’s Sydney.

My phone rings and I pick it up without checking the name. “Costa.”

“Jada, I can’t trace any Ivy Armstrong. Every information has been erased from the database.” Cole says making me puzzled.

“You said earlier on that she didn’t exist until six years ago.” I say recalling the information as I try to piece everything. Cole hums as I can hear keyboard keys being pressed frantically.
“Dmn.” Cole says.

WORKING AS A NANNY : CHAPTER 41 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

“What?” I ask suddenly alert. I feel Jayden move closer to me until his arm encircles my waist. I shrug him off and move. I need to have a clear head.

“There’s someone blocking me and he seems good. Mike and his team want to help. I’ve sent him everything they’ll need. Sorry.” Cole says and I nod not caring that he can’t see me.
“Just find the bch and report to me.” I say frustrated before ending the call.

“Sydney’s men have Julia.” Jayden says making me turn towards him. “Why are you shaking?” He asks suddenly alarmed and he moves to me.

“I should have known this would have happened.” I say as he hugs me. He ksses my forehead.

“This is not your fault. I should have been faster after I was told.” He says and I suddenly feel anger rise inside of me.

“This isn’t the first time. Why did I think everything would be the okay?” I snap pushing Jayden away who looks at me in confusion.
“What are you talking about?” He asks cautiously and I let out a frustrated breath.

“When I was pregnant with Ryan.” I start as I shut my eyes thinking about that time. “I lost everyone. It’s like I have this bad luck when pregnant.” I want to say more but words stick to my throat.

Jayden moves closer to me and cups my cheeks and looks into my eyes. “I’ll find him Jada. I’ll find your son.” He says but my tears don’t stop. I want my son back.

He brings me closer and carries me bridal style to my room where he places me on the bed and sits beside me.
“You look so pale. You should rest.” Jayden says but I shake my head no. I just found my son and now he’s…

“… I’m pregnant.” I say and Jayden stills. My body is used to so many vigorous exercises and the doctor said I might take some time before showing. Jayden’s hand moves to my stomach.

“Ho.. How long are you?” Jayden asks hesitantly and I already know what he’s thinking.

His phone rings from the living room just before I answer and I hear him let out a breath. He stands and gets out of my room. He doesn’t look back but I can see the tension in his body.

I look at my phone and think of anything that could help. I’ve let Ryan down and I can’t just sit and wait here. I stand at once but a wave of dizziness hits me.

I sit again and wait for a few minutes before getting up slowly. I don’t have the morning sickness as most women do but I have so many dizziness spells.

“What are you doing?” Jayden asks from the door when he notices me changing into my comfortable leather pants.

I don’t answer him but I walk to my walk in closet and open a drawer that I had stacked in my weapons.
“Do you have any lead?” Jayden asks as he too takes a gvn and starts loading it.

“No. But I can’t just sit here while my son is out there suffering. I just found him Jay.” I say suddenly emotional. I wipe the stray tear as fast as I can.

“I knew there was something different about you. Should have guessed.” Jayden mutters as I shut the drawers. “I know I can’t stop you so I’ll be there with you.” Jayden promises and I nod at him.

“We’ll start with Julia then. With both of us she’ll talk in minutes.” I state. I walk past Ryan’s room and I hesitate. I get into his messy room and look around. I miss Ryan. I walk to his bed and I remember how he jumped on it when I first let him see his dream room.

“Jada.” Jayden calls from the door and I turn to him. He looks at me for a few seconds. “We have to go.”

I nod and follow him outside. I lock the house and climb on my motorbike as Jayden gets into his rented car.

I motion for him to hop on behind me and he gets out of the car with a smile. I almost smile as well but I don’t have the right to smile anymore if my son is out there going through something I don’t even know.

Is he even blaming me for not being there with him? Or for not finding him soon?
“I can drive.” Jayden suggests but I don’t move. He takes a helmet and hops on.

“Sydney’s men are in the airport waiting for us.” Jayden shouts as we start moving. I increase the speed dodging the cars and ten minutes later we arrive at the Seattle Airport.

I drive straight to the private planes station where I find Joey, one of the American Mafia’s trusted men, waiting for me.

He calls another man who I hand my keys over to as Jayden and I follow Joey to the waiting plane. I notice the C and S corp logo. Isabella’s company.
We get settled. Jayden sits next to me as Joey sits in front of me. We take off fifteen minutes later.

Joey shows me a file on Ivy Armstrong and Julia’s.
“This is where we found the hideout.” Jayden shows us an address and I look at it. It’s one of the houses I was to choose from when I first moved.

“We need to call Dan Hart. He’s the retailer that sold me the house. This was one of them.” I say looking for any other clues that I could have missed.

“I’ll send some men to him. Just give me his cell number and other information you know about him.” Joey instructs and I nod. I write down the office address and name then hand it over to him. He takes it and places the paper next to the folder.

I look at other information on Ivy. “You said she was pregnant?” I ask without looking up.
“Yeah.” Jayden grunts and my eyes move to him waiting for him to explain more but he says nothing.

“There’s no information like that here.”
“When we first questioned her at the club, I knew we couldn’t trust her and so since I had so much free time I followed her at times. Mostly after her shifts in the club.”

“She still danced?”
“Yeah.” Jayden answers shrugging.
“What Jayden says is true but we also found some information a some hours ago.” Joey says making me shift my gaze to him.

“She visited the clinic under the name Cassy Waters and had an abortion but never told Julian about it. We believe that Julian committed su!cide after he found out. Guilt ki lled him.”

Joey says and my heart aches. I can imagine what Julian must have felt before ki lling himself.
“Tragic.” I mutter.

What made you come to that conclusion?” Jayden asks in disbelief.

“He was jailed for life and forever crippled. Then betrayed by a woman carrying his child. Maybe other causes. Or maybe he was guilty of his sins.” Joey answers and Jayden scoffs.

“Think of me however you want but that ba$tard deserved every single thing that happened to him. I’d do it over and over to him. He didn’t deserve de..ath.

Too bad the fker couldn’t handle some little pain.” Jayden says with so much bitterness making us shut up.

I see him clench his jaw and my hand involuntarily moves to his stiff ones. I look at Joey who looks at us and I shrug.


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