???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 1 – 10

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 1 – 10

?? ?? ?????.


Zane Adler, a 25 year old CEO. The richest and the most successful young man in Los Angeles. He is known to be the cold and aloof Greek god

Rumor has it that he might be a M.afia but no one knows, no one!!, Who would anyway? He has a way of doing his things

The most handsome according to people, the guy whose gaze could melt a girl’s heart and make their legs feel like jello. He doesn’t see himself as a Playboy but as a fkboy

???'? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 1 - 10

Who gives a dmn about love when ladies fall at his feet, he doesn’t believe in love, he has never been in love and he doesn’t intend to, infact he has no interest in actual dating or even marriage.

At least that was what he thought until that day, that faithful day his mom had come with her, she was short with big cute eyes, she had this innocent gaze that would make a man waver but that was exactly what had irritated him the most

“Who is she?” He asked

“This is Annalise Ford, your fiancee you’ll be getting married to her” his mom replied

Zane’s eyes darkened as he stared at the small figure who hid behind the butler

Zane scoffed angrily, not only was she small but she was also weak

“Why do I have to carry a burden?” He asked again

“She not a burden, she’ll be yours to protect” his mom snapped

Annalise Ford, a 23 year old in her last year of college, she was cute and short with big cute eyes, some people call her Anna or even Lisa

The day her dad had told her she would be getting married to the coldest and youngest millionaire, every other person would be happy but she was sacred for she knew the h’ll she was getting into

What would be her fate? She was getting married to a stone hearted handsome mouth watering man, there were rules but will she abide to those rules, can she??


???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 1 – 10

?? ?? ?????


?????????? ?????????? ??? ???????

Annalise walked through the hallway, her eyes on her phone she didn’t know when she bumped into someone

“I’m sorry, sorry” she immediately apologized and made to continue walking but she was dragged back by her hair

“Ouch” she winced in pain turning around, her heart immediately went to her throat as she stared at them, the college most popular girls

The CEO’s of California University Los Angeles, Charlotte, Emma and Olivia, the richest female students, the hottest, the sxiest with long legs and big boobs

“You didn’t just bump into me you also have the nerve to stare at me without apologizing you short witch” Charlotte glared tightening her grip on Annaliese hair

“I said I’m sorry” Annalise winced more in pains as tears sting her eyes

Someone suddenly held Charlotte’s hands, Charlotte looked up

“That’s enough” the person said and Charlotte laughed mockingly

“Layla no”Annalise whispered

“What do you think you’re doing to her?” Layla asked, Layla’s Anna’s (that’s what I’ll be calling her) bestie

“Wow the guts” Emma laughed grabbing Layla’s hair too

“She spoke there’s no need for violence” Layla said

“Violence is our world” Olivia responded

“But peace is the best, peace and violence are two different words and two different worlds like life and death, uhh wisdom and foolishness”

Pin drop silence

“Are you saying we’re foolish?” Charlotte asked

“Something like that” Layla replied with an innocent face

“You…” Charlotte made to grab Layla but the electric bell rang

“Hey what are you girls still doing out here, hurry and get to class” it was a professor

“Yes sir!!” Layla and Anna chorused running to class immediately to escape Charlotte and her cohorts

They stopped beside their class

“That was a close one” Layla said breathing hard

“I know right, why did you even come? It’s not like you’re strong or something” Anna said laughing hard

“I can’t just watch them bully you” Layla replied

“You’re Β’razy”

“Only when it comes to protecting you my bestie” Layla smiled ruffling Anna’s hair, she was a big taller

“Don’t mock me” Anna pouted

“Let’s go to class, we’ll go get ice cream after class”

Annalise smiled immediately

“Deal?” She brought out her hand

“Deal” Layla took her hand “only if you hook me up with that hot cousin of yours”

Annalise groaned

“Get over him already, it’s been years”

“Never, he occupies a special place in my heart”

“You’re hopeless”

“I know that already”.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 1 – 10

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