???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 41 – 50

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 41 – 50


? ?? ?????.

Kai and Gary kept staring at Layla who had dozed off, the butler joined them shortly

“Master Zane asked me to prepare a room for Miss Layla and I’ll need either of your help in taking her up please” the butler said, Kai and Gary stared at themselves again

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 41 – 50

After moments of silence, Kai made to say something but Gary beat him to it

“I’ll do it” Gary said

“Let me” Kai said I’m his calm voice

“I volunteered first”

“I wanted to say it first” Kai argued back

Gary suddenly laughed and Kai raised his brows at him

“Oh you look so stupid arguing with me because of a woman” Gary said and Kai pinched him

“Don’t call me stupid” Kai said coldly

“Oi oi oi” Layla said sitting up sleepily (hey hey hey in Japanese)

“Let Mr butler do it, come Mr” Layla stretched her arms open, the butler sighed turning his back and squatting

Layla got on it and the butler stood up

“I’m too old for this” the butler muttered carrying her upstairs

“Can’t believe you punch me because of a woman” Gary said laughing again, his lips were bursted

“I punched you because you called me stupid” Kai responded

“Just wait while I take her away from you right under your nose” Gary smirked before walking out

Kai groaned and roughed his hair angrily, Gary is making things a lot more complicated.

The butler opened the door to the guest room and immediately Layla jumped down from his back, he was shocked

Wasn’t she asleep few minutes ago?

“Are they gone yet?”she asked and the butler slowly nodded still staring at her weirdly

“Thank you Mr butler” she said and walked to the huge bed slumping on it

Wait!, She had made him carry her all the way up here only to come down and walk soberly to the bed?

“Goodnight Miss Layla” the butler said going out, he closed the door slowly behind him

“Gawd, that felt so awkward” Layla whined and spread her arms and legs on the bed

“And this…. This feels good” she hummed and closed her eyes finally.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 41 – 50


Immediately Zane placed Annalise gently on the bed, she sat up

“Layla’s down there” she said and Zane who was shocked to see her sit up that quickly creased his brows


“And she’s with Kai and Gary?”


“Sht!!” Annalise cursed

“What?” Zane asked while Annalise bit her nails

“A fight might break out, I dunno I just feel like it, where’s she going to sleep?” Annalise asked turning to Zane worriedly

“I made the butler prepare a room for her” Zane replied and there was a knock on the door, the butler came in

“She’s asleep in the room sir” he said and Zane nodded turning to Annalise

“She’s fine” he said and Annalise finally breathed out in relief

“You can go” Zane dismissed and the butler went out

“Oh what would I do without you” Annalise sniffed hugging him

“Okay” Zane said slowly with raised brows

“You’re still drunk” he muttered but Annalise heard him

“Yes and I want to sleep” she said and tapped on the bed beside her

“Lie here” she said and Zane obeyed without a word, she immediately placed her head on his chest

“Feels nice” she said

“Do you like my chest that much?” He asked with a naughty grin

“Hmm” she nodded “makes it easier to hear your heartbeats”

He scoffed amusingly, she really was something else

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 41 – 50

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