15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 11-20

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 11

Theodora’s POV
I stared at my phone as the memory of yesterday came to my mind

Believe me Desha’s lip tasted like strawberry and I don’t think I can get enough of it

Ever since the first day I kssed her I wanted more but I couldn’t ask for it….but yesterday Sasha gave me the opportunity which I never misused

Did she really mean it when she says she love me?I asked no one in particular

I decided to asked her…yes I want to know if she really loves me

Taking my shirts I put it on and grab my phone walking out of my room

As I stood at her door I wanted to knock but stopped when I heard her voice

Who is she with?I asked myself as I placed my ear on the door

“Believe me Vivian I don’t know”she said sobbing

“All I know is that am falling for him and I just can’t help it”she said

Wait!? Is she talking about me?

He kssed me twice does that mean he feels the same?she asked the person on the phone

Is not funny Vivian he can’t love me”she said again sighing

I knocked gently on the door when I could u control myself anymore

Hold on Vivian”I heard her said but never disconnected the call

The door opened and I guessed she was shock seeing me cause her phone fall from her grip and her eyes widened

Hey?I greeted

W…wh….what are you doing here”she asked

Did you hear anything?she asked again


You fool how dare you listen to my conversation!! She yelled hiting me as I held her hand
look at me Desha! Do you really love me??

Sparkle’s POV

What did you just say? I asked standing up

Yes ma….he lives with a girl”he replied

Is there anything going on between them?

I think so ma cause he kssed her twice and Sasha seems to like the girl”

What!!he kssed her? I asked in anger

Yes ma”

Keep a close look on them I will be back soon”

But ma what of Sasha?She’s addicted to the girl and you know what that mean?

Don’t worry I will handle her!

OK ma”he replied as I disconnected the call

Theo you are mine alone!!

To be continued

What will Desha’s Answer be?
I never see an intruder coming!!

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