15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 11-20

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??
(In love With Mr Grumpy?)

Episode 20

Theodora’s POV
I sat in my office and I recall the look on desha’s face

She look a little scared…is there something she’s hiding away from me?

I couldn’t concentrate on my works as I thought of her

I just hope everything is just alright….I really love her…..

I smiled as I remember the crazy times we hate ourself……it has been one week of our relationship and its amazing

Desha’s POV

My phone ringing woke me up as I stared at the caller it was Vivian

Hey”I said yawning

He’s here”she said and I hanged up immediately and went to time my bath……..I put on a very long silver gown Theo bought for me and grab my car keys walking out


I arrived at the bar and walked in as u sighted him seeing down

Desha”he called smiling as he rushed to hug me

Stop right there Frank”I said dropping my bag

What’s the meaning of all this?

Desha you know I lo…..

Shut up Frank!I won’t warn you to stay away from me again…next time I do, you will have yourself to blame”I yelled

Desha you can’t do this!you know I love you”

Love?what do you know about love?

Give me a chance please”he pleaded and before I could blink he hugged me really tight

So much courage!!

How dare him!

I managed to disengage and landed a slap twice on his cheeks in anger

I wont warn you again frank….am just controlling myself….next time you might not be lucky with me!i yelled as I turned to leave only to see Theo standing from afar staring at me

Oh God!

Desha what have you done!!

No no no!!

I turned to frank who was still holding his cheeks

“So you left me for this rich freak?
You should have me its because I had no money”

Just shut up frank!!i yelled and then turned to Theo was walked into his car

Theo!!I called in tears as his car drove off

Oh God what have I done!

I entered my own car and drove after him

Forgive me Theo”

To be continued

One word for Desha??

Love y’all?



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