15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 11-20

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??
(In love with Mr Grumpy?)

Episode 16

Theodora’s POV
Sasha covered her face with her palm as I smiled but Desha stared at me nervously

I walked closely to her and gently placed my l1ps on hers expecting her to do her worst but to my greatest surprise she kssed me back

I can’t explain the time of happiness felt within as I broke the kss and stared at her bit she kept her face down

Obviously shy

Desha”I called kneeling down with one leg

What are you doing?She asked and I smiled

Desha…….you made me realize that love is real even though you pretend not to care but I know deep down you that you are in love with me……I never thought that I can fall in love with you but here I am falling deeply for you..and I thanks to Sasha who made it possible………so Desha from the bottom of my heart will you be my girlfriend?my officially girlfriend?I as I saw her cheeks turn red

Deep down me I pray silently she accepts me

Say yes Desha”Sasha pleaded as I noticed tears ran down her beautiful cheeks

Is okay if you don’t love me…….I will understand”I said sadly but to my greatest surprise she hugged me

Desha’s POV

I will Theo”I whispered slowly in his ears as I collected the flower

Who will ever believe Theo will fall in love me?

I can’t wait to tell Vivian about this

She was right after all I will fall in love with Theo…..I just have to look inside of him

Sasha hugged me giggling

I told you in-law”she said and I smiled

You are right”I replied

About what!…wait is it about me?Theo said as we all laughed

I told her that you fall in love easily”Sasha said

Well who won’t fall in love with this beautiful damsel?Theo said as my cheeks turned red

Am blushing”

Please do take this place as your own….you can go out anytime you want just don’t let this boys touch you”Theo said and I nodded

Can I kss you again?he asked and I smiled as Sasha covered her face again

Come here”I said dragging him closer as I placed my lips on his

I love you Theodora”

To be continued

They have not even started and he’s being jealous?

Love y’all?

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