15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 11-20

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 12

Dasha’s POV
Do you really love me?He asked and I couldn’t help but bite my lower lips

Why is he asking me this!

Listen Theo if its about the Truth And Dare it is a fool play cause we did it because of Sasha okay”I replied him rudely trying not to let him see how nervous I was

But you told you friend on phone that you loved me?he asked

Have you been eavesdropping me?I asked hiting my foot on the floor

Am sorry”

Sorry? Like sorry? I thought

Wait! seriously isn’t this the first time Theo is apolizing?

Fine!I love you…does that changes anything?I yelled as he stared at me

I sighed and closed my door leaving him standing as I fall on my bed

Oh God

Do I really love him?

Theodora’s POV
I smiled as I walked back to my room

She said she loves me?

Why do I feel so happy about it?

Maybe….just maybe because I love her too

I hugged my pillow and kssed it…..I can’t believe I will ever love her or better still I can’t believe I will ever love after sparkle left me

Well that are in the past now

I have to move on….move on with my Clumsy Desha

?Next Day?

I wine up and moved to the bathroom……I brushed my teeth and took my bath before putting on my clothes

I dried my hair ….put on my chains and rings and then my shoes

I took my phone and dial a number

Is it ready yet?

Yes sir we are shipping it now it will arrive towards evening”

Make sure its the latest okay?

Okay sir”he replied as I disconnected the call

As I opened my door I bumped into Desha who was carrying a cup of coffee

Uhmmm sorry”I said as she hissed walking out

What’s up with her this early morning?

I smiled

Such pretty face to be seen first in the morning

Maybe I should bribe Sasha to tell her to stay more days”I mumbled smiling as I adjust my cloth

To be continued
Finally they admit it??

I just feel like surprising you guys

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