She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter 2?1????




Everywhere was dark,I couldn’t see anything. I sat up and stretched out my right hand and turn on the light.

I can’t believe I’m back! My room was still the same like before. I stood up and walked toward the mirror. My face look so pale as I stared at my reflection.

“Oh my gosh! Daisy you’re awake.” Madulla exclaimed immediately she stepped inside,she was holding a towel.

“Madulla.” She rushed to me and embraced me.

“I missed you like crazy.” She said and tight her grips around me.

“Madu you’re suffocating me.” I winced and she let go of me.

“Pardon my manners my queen.” She bowed. “Everyone is await for your presence in the court room.”

“Dismiss everyone. I want to see my daughter,I miss her.” I mumbled and tears welled up my eyes. “Odette will be so mad at me.” I said sadly and sighed.

“Nope,I don’t think so. Odette was very happy when she regained her memories. Don’t worry,she’s going to forgive you.” Madulla said and dropped the towel on the bed.

I walked toward the closet, I opened the door and walked inside the small room,I picked a white strapless gown and white sandals.

I undressed and walked into the bathroom and had a quick shower,I washed my hair with shampoos and stepped out with a towel wrapped around my chest.

I used a dryer to drained my hair and packed it in a ponytail style,I tugged the pearl pin in it and it stopped glittering.

I quickly dressed up and opened a drawer,I picked a ruby necklaces from it. It belong to Odette,since she’s Queen flora then it right time I return it to the owner.

“Madu,what about the last three pages? Did any miracle happen when I’m away? I asked.

“Nope but I believe that one day we would be able to find the hidden secrets.”

“I don’t want Odette and kyle to be together but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. I’m very sure with the few days they’ve spent together…

“Odette loves Kyle.” Madulla cut in.

“Uh…huh? She nodded.

“I’ve been spying on them and most important thing is that kyle can hear Odette heartbeat even he can analysis it. Don’t worry nothing is going to happen to them.” Madulla said and walked out.

I sighed “I want her to have a perfect life just like other lady. She deserves to be happy and I will make sure that she’s happy.” I mumbled and disappeared.


She was sleeping peacefully,even though she’s still unconscious,yet she’s still the most beautiful lady I ever see. I sat beside her on the bed and placed my palm on her forehead. A drop of my tear fell on her cheek and she opened her eyes slowly.

“Kendra? She mumbled. I smiled at her,I couldn’t hold back my tears than let it fall freely. My child!

“Odette.” I smiled.

Mother! Oh mother! I heard her whispered in my ear. She couldn’t talk because her voice is gone but I still heard her voice, how?

She sat up while staring at me. I hugged her and cried on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry honey,I’m so sorry for everything. Don’t worry,take a deep breathe and talk to me through your mind.” I said and she lifted her right brow. I nodded.

Can you hear me? She asked using her mind to talk to me.

“Yes. I can hear your whispers in my mind.”

Why are you sorry? It wasn’t your fault mother,what matters now is that you’re alive. I can’t ask for more mother…what a relief.” She sighed and cried out.

“You’ll be fine honey,I promise you I’m going to find a way to get your voice back.”

She contracted her lips into frown and wrapped her hands around her chest.

“What happens baby? Tell me honey? I asked and kssed her forehead.

You lied to me. Why? You should have told me that you’re my mother.”

“I’m sorry,the truth is that I’m scared of losing you. I’m right here now baby. I love baby.”

“Odette you have to…” Kendra couldn’t finish her statement as she widened her eyes in surprise.

“Someone should tell me what’s happening. Odette who’s she? She asked and I forced myself not to laugh.

“Odette I’m talking to you,are you listening? She asked and I stood up.

“I’m Odette’s mother,Daisy.” I said and she startled back.

“Mother? She mumbled and Odette nodded. She rushed toward me and hugged me at once.

“Jeez? Have been waiting for this moment. Odette that’s mean our mother is alive,she’s alive. Oh my god! So Odette what happened? Why ain’t you saying anything?

“She has lost her voice.” She moved away from me and rushed to Odette. She loves Odette very much,I could feel her heartbeat whenever I mentioned Odette’s name.

“Odette tell me she’s lying…I don’t…want what to believe it.” She sniffed back her tears but Odette shook her head and rest her head on the bed.

“Odette talk to me.” She held her hand.
Odette phone beeps,she picked it and read the message.

? how have you been Odette? I hope you’re okay? I’m back now please can you come over?

I didn’t know who sent the message because I was able to read her mind not the message and I didn’t want to trespass.



I alighted from the jet,my bodyguards were waiting at the entrance.

“Davis tell Odette that I’ll be waiting for her tomorrow,I have something important to discuss with her.” Davis said and I could say anything.


“It remains two day before the concert,” He sighed. “Good luck son.” He said and I smiled.

“Welcome master.” Drake said immediately he arrived.

“Hey buddy.” I smiled light, I dipped my hand inside my pocket and drew my phone out. I sent a text message to Odette and hop in the car as the drivers drove out of the private airport.

I waited for like thirty minutes but she didn’t reply. I was about to send another message when my phone beep.

? I’m pleased to hear you arrived home safely. I can’t come over kyle,I lost my voice.

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