A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 1 – 10




(The information in this story is in no way connected to any person or organization but the author has broadened her mind to bring fiction into words and will disclaim any liability in connection with the use of this information)


Life was really tough for a young girl who grew up without a father. She had to take on the responsibility of a man being the only child as her mother earned a meager amount of money.
She footed most of the bills and had to raise enough money to graduate from College. She worked as chef in a restaurant from Mondays to Fridays and later as a delivery girl on Saturdays and Sundays, all these to make ends meet which was not quite easy.

Diane Alfred the only child of my parents was 21 years old, average in height and chubby. She was brown skinned with a nice body physique, her beauty wasn’t really revealed in the kind of clothes she puts on as she had not enough to do so.

Diane! Diane! Her mom screamed , will you be staying at home today??

Diane rose up from bed only to discover it was 7’o clock already. She was so stressed yesterday that she forgot to set an alarm, she felt she did and slept off only to be awaken by her mom.

Work on Mondays were really hectic as lots of people came either to have breakfast or have meetings over at lunch, she only had few assistance in the kitchen. Bella was the only friend she had there as others looked down on her because of her shabby dressing atimes viewing her as inappropriate.

Bella saw the Good in her and chose to associate with her as a good soul was everything needed.

She took her bathe and dressed into a nice white gown with black edges, it was a gift from her mom and she so cherished it. She made her hair into a pony as Bella thought her then left for the dining table. She greeted her mom with a peck and hurriedly had breakfast after which she left for work.

She got to work by 8am and the assistant manager was already there before her, he was mad at her for being late on a Monday morning. She apologized sincerely and was forgiven. She went straight to the kitchen to make some dishes,she exchanged pleasantries with Bella who was already busy.

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