A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 1 – 10




‘You do not look yourself’. He says

‘I have a case at hand.’ The president responds

‘You always have a case at hand, why is this one different?’

‘Well we are having Felicia fired.’

‘Justin’s wife?’ The man asks shocked



‘Well Justin has to be in full operation so we want her out.’ The president responds


‘Yes, I and the organization.’

‘Is Wane part of this?’

‘She is the Vice President.’


‘Language, I am the president and I can get anyone into this operation.’

‘You might be the President but I put you into power.’

‘But the people know me as their leader and you cannot take me down.’

‘Do not try my patience young man, I picked you up from nothing and made you who you are. You were just a secretary working for a private company and I saw potential in you, I believed in you and made you head over this nation but do not forget who has all the brains.’

‘I cannot live under you forever, I am the President and can put a stop to your life anytime.’

‘I see you have grown some wings.’


‘I am tired of living under your shadow, I want to rule with the knowledge I have acquired and not by the rules laid down by someone.’


‘It’s funny how after power gets into the minds of primitive people they start to behave like they have everyone tamed.’

‘I will not allow you to insult me’

‘Now listen to me you piece of trash, I put you in that seat so that and I can take you down any time I feel so. You will not go against my words and you will bow down when I say so, you will kiss my palm and do exactly what I trained you for. Are we clear?’ The mystery man says angrily to the president


‘Are we clear?’

‘Yes.’ The president responds with his head bowed down.


‘Yes Sir.’

‘And before I forget, do not try to fire Felicia. Justin will find a way of telling her the truth and if it collides with his work, I will personally take him down and leave no trace of his miserable life.’


‘My word is final.’


I have never been so anxious in my life, the vice president was furious because according to her we were trying to get into the president’s private files.

The drive to his office was the longest I have ever taken, I could feel my heart beat, my palms were sweaty and I couldn’t stop fidgeting. The driver must have noticed this because he kept staring into his mirror. I know I wanted out but not this way, if the president blacklisted my name I would never work in any government organization again and I am pretty sure no private firm would want to hire someone who has a bad record with the president.

‘We are here ma’am.’ The driver told me

‘Oh, I didn’t notice that.’ I responded

‘Ma’am.’ The driver said

‘Yes.’ I responded

‘Whatever happens in there, do not lose yourself, do not forget who you are or what you are made of. The president is just a person like any other who
worked his way up to the top.’ He told me

‘Thank you.’ I responded honestly

I really needed that because I was beginning to worship the ground his Excellency was walking on. I was scared out of my wits and I needed someone to remind me that I was still a strong person and not even the government could tear me down.
I had changed into pumps afraid I might trip and fall because of anxiety but I decided to put back my heels, I did a retouch of my makeup and carried my handbag with some files out of the vehicle like I owned the world.

I walked into the offices majestically, leaving a trail of my scent behind me.

‘You shall leave a mark everywhere you go.’ My inner goddess reminded me

I smiled to myself as I approached his Excellency’s office.

‘Good afternoon miss.’ I greeted the lady at the entrance of the office which saved as a reception

‘Good afternoon, do you have an appointment?’ she asked her fingers on her keyboard, her eyes not leaving the PC

‘I am not quite sure, but…’

I paused when she stopped typing and glared at me through her cat like eyes

‘You are not sure?’ she asked in one of those voices you are trained to use when you serve in hospitality facilities.

‘Her excellency, the vice president told me that his Excellency the president wanted to see me.’ I told her putting myself together

She glared at me one more time then picked up her land line whilst standing up.

‘Your Excellency.’

‘Are you expecting a miss…’

‘Mrs. Kunda.’ I responded when she looked at me

‘Mrs. Kunda.’

‘Okay Sir.’

She put her phone down and asked me to go in using an ID that was just on the left side of her table and that two officers would walk with me

‘Do you have to stand up even when talking to him on the phone?’ I asked her

She stared at me, this time her eyes piercing right through me

‘You don’t have to answer that.’ I said rolling my eyes

I put the ID in the security panel on the door and waited for it to turn green, it asked for my thumb print, eye lens scan and voice recognition. I did all that and the button turned green.

The door opened and I was welcomed with an environment of command, the couches were on the right side of the office and on the walls were pictures of all the republican presidents since we obtained our independence.

The office was way much bigger and better than I had ever imagined it and his Excellency’s table was just on the center with two chairs opposite it.
I stood still as he was on the phone and facing the other side, I had a chance of turning back but I told myself I wouldn’t chicken out. I looked at the officers that were on each of my side and both of them were in salutation.

After a few seconds he turned around, and lo and behold I was face to face with the President of the Republic of Zambia, the Chief in Command, his Excellency Nathan Kakoma Snr.

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