A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 1 – 10




The wedding day finally came and everyone was excited of course Diane was too. Her mom was joyful that Diane was finally settling down to a man of her choice and at this point she felt relaxed that if anything were to happen to her, her daughter was in safe hands.

The wedding was indeed glamorous, Bella attended with some other staffs and they felt so happy. Christabel was confused as she never thought the tables would turn so quickly, she wished Diane a happy marriage and left while Bella stayed back. The bridegroom looked so breathtaking and they were both happy. Though Diane was happier. The day came and went, it all ended in joy.

After the wedding, there was a little party after which everyone retired to their various homes.
Alfred told Diane to pack her bags as they would be leaving for London the next day. Her necessary papers had already be prepared. But Diane was confused, she didn’t know what to do so she confided in her mother-in-law who questioned Alfred.

He told her that their new resorts there was going to be launched in a few days so he needed to be there and he had to take his wife along so that they’ll have time to get closer. Diane was happy to hear this, it was just like a honeymoon and Mrs Peters was glad too. Diane called her mom and told her the good news, she wished her the best.

The next day Andy came over to bid them farewell at the airport and they left.
There were an air hostess who kept flirting with Alfred, she didn’t miss an opportunity to get close to him which irritated Diane but Alfred wasn’t bothered by this he rather gave her a smile which annoyed Diane the more.

As they got down from the airport, a young man in his late twenties came to take their luggages, that was Albert. He was Alfred’s P.A. He opened the car door for them and they went in. Diane tried to strike a conversation about the beauty of London but Alfred seemed to be so busy with his laptop that he snubbed her. She thought to herself that maybe he just didn’t hear her.

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