🥀 Chapter 1🥀

Yeah, that was me and the sweet person yelling my name was Ciara, my big sister.

The aftermath of her voice was still in my head.

“Chloe, come on, we’re gonna be late.”
Ciara shouted from downstairs. She sounded frustrated. I didn’t blame her, I’d feel worse if I were in her place.

We were going to a big wedding, I meant a grand wedding. It was her best friend’s wedding and I wanted to tag along.

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I didn’t know much about her best friend but I knew they were super close and Ciara was going to be the maid of honor.

I never wanted to go for the wedding, I had plenty of homework from school due on Wednesday but when Ciara kept talking about the wedding and how spectacular it was going to be, I became intrigued.

Now she was waiting for me while I struggled with the chignon I decided to do.

I had everything planned for today’s event but everything was falling apart. My brown hair was long, making it hard to style my hair the way I wanted.

I already had my dress on, it was kind of white and stopped above my knees. It was flay from the waist down and had lace at the sleeves that covered my arms.
I loved the dress because it made my blue eyes stand out and I felt like an angel but I was not even close to being an angel.

I kept my eyes on the mirror as I used each pin to hold my hair in place but it was a complete disaster.

I was in this situation because I forgot the time for the wedding and now I was a mess.

“Coming, I just need to put the last pin.”
I lied, I had two pins in between my lips as I struggled with the one in my hand on my hair.

I had spent almost thirty minutes on my hair, who knew chignon was this hard.

I won’t be surprised if my big sister decided to ditch me, it was her best friend’s wedding anyway but I won’t miss the cake for the world.

“Oh my God Chloe, what the hell are you doing up there?!”
Ciara shouted.

She was my ride to the wedding and my invitation card as well.

“Chloe!” my mom screamed.

“Honey, hurry up”
I heard my dad’s voice next.

“Almost done!”
I screamed after I succeeded in putting the last pin, next time I would use YouTube.
I smiled at myself in the mirror, impressed with my handwork.

I grabbed my make up kit and went to work, I was about using the dark eyeliner when Ciara yelled again making me smudge my makeup.

“Great,” I growled, grabbing a Neutrogena wipe.

“I give up, I’m leaving. Sofie will kill me if I show up five minutes late.”
I heard her say. It was what my parents wanted, they refused to allow her to stay the night at Sofia’s house and she couldn’t attend the bachelorette party because my parents believed it was a lame party for ill-mannered women.

“Wait, give me five seconds!”
I screamed, I grabbed my rockstudded clutch and packed my lipstick, eyeliner, and jewellery inside.

I picked up my heels and perfume and rushed out of the room.

“Sorry, I was styling my hair.”
I said running down the stairs barefoot, and just when I was about to get off the last step the worse happened.

Everything in my clutch handbag fell out and when I tried to pick them up, my hair loosed and the pins fell out.

I stood upright and stared at my sister who looked like she was about to murder someone.

My parents looked frustrated too, did I forget to mention that my parents were the type that expected you to never do anything wrong? They love perfection and right now I was the opposite.

All my life I had tried to look like the perfect daughter though I was far from it. My parents had no idea who was living with them, they might die from a heart attack when they discover the truth about their perfect daughter.

“Sorry, I will just pick them up and….”

“You know what? I can’t wait anymore not even for you to breath. Call your boyfriend I’m sure he won’t mind giving you a ride.”
I hated Ciara when she was angry, there was this look she always gave me like I was the worse person on planet earth.

Her dark eyes blazed in anger as she stared at me, she took my father’s eyes while I took after my mom.
I envied her perfect height and oval face, she could be mistaken for a model. I, on the other hand, could be mistaken for a fifteen-year-old.

“But I don’t have an invitation.”
I grumbled.
She groaned and searched her purse then threw it at me.

“Happy now? Thanks a lot, Chloe, for making me late for my best friend’s wedding. Remind me not to pick you as my maid of honour not even one of the bridesmaid.”


“Ciara,” My mom stepped forward.

“Sorry mom, sorry dad. I have to be on my way.”
She gave me a hard look and headed for the door. I knew I had to face my parents next.

I turned to look at them and gave them a nervous smile.

“Chloe,” my mom started.

“You owe your sister an apology and this should be the last time you try something like this, we didn’t raise you to be so tardy.”

“I get it, Mom, it won’t happen again.”
I grunted.

“Good, give Grey a call now. If you’re twenty minutes late then forget about attending the wedding.”

“Mom,” I grumbled.

“Twenty minutes Chloe,” She repeated.

“Dad,” I gave him the puppy eyes.

“You heard your mom.”
He always sided with his wife, how could I forget that?

“I didn’t mean for any of these to happen.”

“Remember this family has a reputation, it will be best if you don’t ruin that.”

It was always about the family’s reputation, every freaking mistake I made ruins the family’s reputation. Even if I broke my leg, it ruins the family’s reputation.

“I won’t,” I faked a smile.
I tried my best not to raise my voice, I stomped up the stairs.

Luckily for me, Grey was close by. I finished my makeup and wore my jewelry and heels.

My mom screamed my name when Grey arrived. I hurried down the stairs with a wide smile.

There he was in a black Armani suit looking so handsome as always. His curly hair looked perfect from here, he gave me a soft smile.

My parents stared at us as we approached each other. I smiled at him and moved to hug him but my mom’s voice interrupted us.

“You’re running late.”
My mom believed only married couples should show affection outside. She told me it was a waste of time since we were not gonna end up together in the future.

Grey always freak out when I invite him to my house cause my mom warned me to always leave the door to my room open when Grey was around.

The first time he called me sexy in front of my mom, she made a fuss out of it; since that day he stopped complimenting me in front of my parents.

We had rules in my family, rules that were passed from generation to generation.
Like we weren’t allowed to date till we were eighteen.
We could move out of our parent’s house to leave on our own when we were done with college and had a decent job.

My mom told us she was brought up that way and that was the reason for her success and reputation. I doubted that. My Dad once told me she had a strict father that left a scar on her arm. That explained why she always wore long-sleeved clothes.

Well, I had broken the first rule, I started dating at fourteen, in fact; I dated six guys before I turned eighteen and I wasn’t planning on staying with my parents till I was done with college.
And there was no way I was passing the stupid rule to my kids, for crying out loud it was the 21st century.

I hooked my arm with Grey’s and stared at my parents.

“Be on good manners, Cassandra.”
I hated my middle name and my mom only used it when she wanted to express how serious she was.


I always saw my mom as a disciplinarian, she was the type that wanted you to do the right thing and never do wrong.

“I will mom, bye dad, bye mom.”

“Bye Mr. and Mrs. Simpson”
Grey said with a firm smile.

“Make sure you return home with your sister!”
She yelled after us.

“I have goosebumps when I’m around your parents.”
Grey told me when we were out of earshot.

I giggled and faced him, he looked so sexy. I ran my fingers through his curls and smiled at him.

“You look hot.”
I said hoarsely.

“You look ravishing,” He said putting his arms around my waist, sliding it slowly to my hips.

We could never compliment each other like that in front of my parents. Who would even say that in front of their parents?

He leaned closer to my face to kiss me, I slightly parted my lips to welcome his.

“Cassandra,” I heard my mom’s voice, we both looked at the direction of the voice and found my mom staring at us from the door.

“We were about leaving.”
We rushed to where his white Tesla was packed and got in.

“Wow,” He laughed.

“You should be used to my mom by now.”

“Trust me I’m still trying.”
We left for the wedding laughing.

I guess it would’ve been worse going with Ciara while she was fuming in rage.


We got to the wedding early enough, we snuck in and sat at the back.
It was a big church decorated with white and yellow roses, it was beautiful and looked like paradise.

The groom was already at the altar, his tux fitted his 6,2 height and just looking at him from the back I could tell he was good-looking,
His best man was a black guy who had the most beautiful smile I had ever come across in my life, I wished my teeth were that white.

The church was full, white and peach dominated the other colours.

“We are just in time.”
Grey whispered when the violinists started playing. I felt excited all of a sudden, the last time I attended a wedding was when I was six.

Everyone looked back when the doors opened, I admired the wedding dress first, it was gorgeous and went with the big crown on her head, her lace veil was long and her bridesmaids were trying not to step on her fishtail wedding dress.

She smiled as she took slow steps with an old man which I assumed was her dad.
My sister trailed behind, she looked beautiful in her peach Huate Couture dress and neat bun. I wished she could see me, I still felt awful about what happened this morning.

“Ciara is killing it in that dress,” Grey whispered with a whistle.

“Hey, she is my sister.”
I glared at him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean anything….”

“Shhh,” the lady behind us cut him off.

“Sorry,” I apologized to the lady but she pretended not to hear me.

We sat in silence for the remaining procession, the bride joined her groom at the altar.

He didn’t even turn to look at her face, not even a glance.

“That’s cold,” I whispered to Grey.


“The groom didn’t spare his bride a look.”

“He is going to be seeing more of her.”

“Have you noticed how still he is?”
I whispered softly, staring at the groom who hadn’t moved since his bride joined him.

“He is probably nervous, I will be too if it was me. He is tying his soul to one woman.”

“Is anything wrong with that?”
I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“No, of course not,” He sealed his words with a smile.

I studied his expression for a while before returning my gaze to the altar.
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The ceremony started and it was going smoothly. Grey and I would whisper to each other when we noticed anything.

Like the old man who almost hit his head on the seat while sleeping.

And the lady who kept touching her makeup and blowing kisses to her mirror, why was she even here?

It was time for the vow, Grey was already bored and kept himself busy with his phone.

Sofia was pretty, she was from a wealthy family and she was a part-time model. Her stylist did a good job with her hair, her makeup was a bit heavy, I could see the fake blush from here.

She said her vow with so much joy but the groom kept looking at her like she was boring him.

He looked like he wanted this to be over, was this an arranged marriage? I brushed my thoughts away and focused on the altar.

When it got to his turn to say his vows he went silent. I nudged Grey and pointed at the altar with my chin.

“He is tongue-tied,” I whispered.

“Now this is getting interesting.”
He said putting his phone away.

Sofia looked scared, she called his name but he looked void. The priest repeated the vow but he didn’t answer.

Sofia gave the congregation a smile like she wanted to tell us everything was okay, no need to panic.

She looked back at him and spoke to him in a low tone but with clenched teeth.

A lady stood up and walked to the altar, I assumed it was his mother from the resemblance.
She whispered a few things to him and returned to her seat with shaky hands.

The priest repeated the vow but he was still mute, that was when people began to murmur.

“Should I record this? It’s going to hit a million views on YouTube.”

“Don’t even think about it, she is Ciara’s best friend,” I warned him.

Sofia was trying to get him to say something, but he gave her an impassive look.

“I’m sorry, Sofia, I can’t do this,” he said out loud, making everyone go quiet.

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t wanna hurt you, we can’t carry on with the wedding.”
Everyone gasped, I didn’t though but Grey was laughing.

“You find this funny?”

“Yes, it’s like a comedy show. I should have brought some popcorn.”
I shook my head and looked at the couple.

“Why?” She asked already crying.

“Why?!!! What did I do Tristan?”
She screamed.

“Do you think this is all part of the wedding? It could be an act.”

“Naa, I don’t think so. The bridesmaids look shocked and the dude looks darn serious.”
Grey pointed out.

“You didn’t do anything, I’m sorry….. I just can’t.”
He stepped back, removing the ring she just gave him. The congregation started murmuring again, this time louder.

“Tristan, what are you doing?!”
His mother shouted standing up, she was a beauty. The girl beside her that looked sixteen tried to calm her, blonde hair must really run in the family.

“I’m in love with someone else and we have been seeing each other for six months now.”
Another gasp from the congregation.


Sofia crumpled on the marble floor, Ciara tried to help her up but she won’t let her.

“While you were dating my daughter?”
Sofia’s mom stood up with tears in her eyes, she looked so fragile. Her husband held her back when she wanted to go to the altar.

I wish he’d let her go so she could $lap the dev.il out of him for ruining her daughter’s life, what a je.rk.

“I’m sorry but I can’t leave her not when she is carrying my baby.”
The church was in an uproar.

Sofia was crying her eyes out that it smudged her mascara and eyeliner. She reminded me of a horror movie, I felt so sorry for her.

“Wow,” I mumbled staring at the arsehole who still looked relaxed like he didn’t just cause havoc in front of God, at least he was confessing right?

“Who is she? Is she prettier than me? What does she have that I don’t?!!!”
Sofia screamed hitting his feet with the bouquet of flowers in her hand, poor flowers.

“She is everything I ever wanted, she is here.”
He smiled immediately he finished his sentence, he must really love her.

There was a sudden silence in the building, Sofia stopped and looked at the whole congregation.

Everyone started looking around even me, I was curious too. I mean, how could his lover attend the wedding, did they plan this?

“I’m so glad you invited me to this wedding,” Grey said amused.

“Ciara must be going through a lot.”
I mumbled looking at my sister, she looked confused and shocked as she stared at her best friend.

“Stand up you slut! Show your ugly and shameless face!!!”

“How dare you show up at my wedding?!!!”
To be honest, Sofia looked crazy. I knew she was somewhat spoilt and she hated people who were more beautiful than her. I was still wondering why she was with my sister, you get what I mean?

“Where is she?!” she screamed at his face.
Tristan looked at the congregation and everyone followed the movement of his eyes, I did too.

He left the altar and took steady steps down the aisle. The silence in the church made his footsteps loud.

“She is really here.”
Grey said close to my ear almost freaking me out.

He kept walking to the back and I was starting to think he wanted to run out of the church.

Our eyes met and he didn’t look away, I looked away quickly before people would think I was the one.

“He is coming here and he is looking at you.”
Grey whispered and I looked at Tristan, he smiled at me as he got closer to where we were sitting.

“What is he doing?”
I turned to Grey but he was giving me a weird look.
I hope he wasn’t suspecting, how was that even possible, I didn’t know him and I was very much a virgin.

I looked behind to check for any young person but only saw three old women who were also staring at me but with disgust.

I looked back at Tristan and he was standing next to me with a charming smile I wanted to scratch off his beautiful face.

It couldn’t possibly be me, I was just seeing him for the first time.

“Hi, my love,” He said with his hand outstretched for me to take.

“What the he.ll?”


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