AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 41-50

Afraid to Love

Episode 44

Purity shook her head. “No, you tell him,” she whispered back.

Aaron was bewildered. “When did this start happening? My wife and daughter keeping a secret?”

“Like you don’t keep secrets from us.” Purity shot at him.

Prudence frowned, she didn’t like that comment.

Aaron raised a brow. “I don’t hide things from you two,” he denied. “What am I missing out on?” he really wanted to know.

Sensing her husband’s inquisitiveness, Prudence shoved Purity’s left had to him forcefully.

Aaron caught a glimpse of the glittering ring on her finger before she drew her hand back. “Oh, my God!” he exclaimed delightedly. “My boy proposed! He finally did it! I’m so proud of him. Congratulations, my daughter.” He stood up, pushed Purity to her feet and gave her a hug.

“Thank you daddy.” She couldn’t remember the last time she was in her father’s arms. She held him tightly and smiled. It felt nice.

“I’m beginning to feel jealous,” Prudence cooed. “I’m left out.” She feigned envy.

Father and daughter laughed.

Aaron used a hand to lift Prudence off the couch. “Come and join us, sweetheart.”

Prudence joined the embrace delightfully.

“Thank you, papa, thank you, mama.” Purity couldn’t help thanking them. They made the right decision for her. The best parents ever!

“You don’t need to thank us, dear.” Prudence remarked.

“Yeah,” Aaron agreed. “Its our duty. I can’t believe this is happening.” He grinned at them. “We’re one happy family.”

Purity disagreed. “We’re not complete, my brothers.”

Prudence laughed. “She’s right.”

“Yeah. I better call them.” He let go of them. “Edwin first, why didn’t he tell me? First things first, lets celebrate.”
“What’s going on?” Jeremy asked Adam as he stepped into his office.

Adam turned to face his boss. “Its an emergency board meeting. I don’t know why its happening.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Jeremy threw at him, sarcastically.

“Sir, I honestly don’t know. Its concerning the new company, JP-”

“Alright, alright. Lets move to the conference room.” Jeremy concluded.

He got to his mohagony desk and grabbed files concerning Theodore’s Enterprise and the Broderick’s, he also took a fountain pen. “Adam, go to your office and take whatever you need. We’ll meet at the door.”

Adam obeyed.

Before stepping out to the meeting, Jeremy made sure he was composed. He wasn’t used to emergency meetings and hated them. He had to be ready. He prayed that things will go well. He took a deep breath. As he opened the door, he saw Tricia in front of his office, she had wanted to knock. Seeing him, she dropped her hand.

“Hi Jeremy,” she showed all her teeth.

What does this woman want? He has a meeting to attend to and trouble just found its way to him. “What do you want?”

“I’m not a vemenous snake, at least answer my greeting.” The big grin was beginning to disappear.

Jeremy wasn’t ready for an argument. He made to leave.

“Don’t go. Well,” she paused.

“Yes?” He was getting impatient.

“I’m here for a job. I want to work for you.” she offered.

Jeremy sighed and rolled his eyes. “If you need a job, you know the whole process. And besides, you can’t work here.

Your dad can get you a job with the forces. Isn’t that what you read at school?” He closed the door behind him. “I’ve got work to do.”

Tricia ran after him. “I don’t want a job with the forces. I want to work with you.” She insisted.

Who put this idea in her head? “I’m sorry, its not going to be possible. Visit other companies, they can offer you a job there, but not here. We don’t even have vacancy.”

“I don’t care about that. I need this job. I really need to surprise my father. Please.” Her big green eyes, pleaded.

Jeremy sighed and thought for a while. “I’m sorry. I am not going to fall for that. If you think working here would make us get back together, you are mistaken.

Its absurd to work with my ex. My private life do not mix with my business. Got that? Please leave.” He turned his back to her and headed to the conference room.

Tricia was filled with anger and bitterness. Just who does he think he is? She had begged him, but he wasn’t coming back. She hated Purity more. Her cell phone rang.

“How did it go?” A voice asked.

She gave a depressed sigh. “Badly. Didn’t work.”
She could hear the breaking of glasses. She dropped the call. “Jeremy Broderick, you’ll regret this. I promise.”

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