AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 41-50

Afraid to Love

Episode 43

“Do you want this engagement party or not?” Jeremy asked his father.

He had been arguing with his father for over twenty minutes. He wanted the party while his father did not.

Edwin Broderick might have brought them together, but the decision was his to make. It was him engaged and getting married, not his father.

“You’ve given her the ring, what more do you want?” Edwin asked, he was getting tired.

Jeremy whooshed in a breath and scratched his head. “I have already answered that question.”

“I think I forgot the reply you have given me.”

Jeremy was beginning to get impatient. This man was playing games with him. “I don’t want to keep this engagement a secret.

I want the virtually the whole world to know. Want them to know the unique angel that had captured my heart and making me her prisoner for life.” He was smiling.

Edwin smiled too. “Fine. Do it.” He was really glad his son agreed to wed Purity. She too had accepted. What more could he have asked for?

Emily’s last wish was now getting done. He just had to wait till they take the wedding vows. They couldn’t disappoint him. He was gonna die a happy man.

“Thank you, father.” Jeremy couldn’t hide his joy. He embraced his father. “I’d see you when I get back.”

“Your cousin is in town. Invite him.”

“What cousin? I have a cousin?” Jeremy was surprised at that. He had another relative he never knew of? How was that possible? Jeremy shot his father a questioning look.

“Alright, alright.” Edwin understood his look. “My sister’s son. I didn’t to you to him and her family for they were out of town. Now, they are back. You’ll get to meet them soon.”

A family reunion? How was he gonna accept them? His father had never mentioned it. However, his engagement party to Purity mattered to him. To think about an unknown cousin, aunt and the rest wasn’t what he was going to do. But he had to know them.
“Give me a name.” he demanded.


His cell phone rang. It was his P.A calling.
“Yes, Adam.”

“Something’s not right, please come over.”

What could go wrong? “I’ll be right there.” He threw the phone into his pocket and faced his father who was having a hard time remembering the name of his cousin.

Jeremy felt pity for the old man. “Father, its okay. You can remember it later. Please get some rest and take your medication.

The servants will watch over you. I need to get to the office, will come back for you when I’m done.”

His son was understanding. For a minute, he thought he was going to go crazy trying to remember his sister’s name and that of her son. Was he that old? It wasn’t his fault.

They hadn’t contacted eachother for years till she had rung him three days ago, she wanted their children to meet. He had no idea why.
“Now, I feel like a baby.”

Jeremy laughed. “An old baby. See ya, later.”
“Mummy, I’m so happy!” Purity shrieked in excitement, throwing her hands round her mother.

Prudence tried very hard not to stumble, she held her daughter firmly. “Honey, I’m happy for you too.” Prudence was full of smiles. But her daughter was pushing her.

She couldn’t carry her up, she had put on weight and was not a little baby anymore. “If you continue like this, I’d fall to the ground and I won’t take it easy on you.” Prudence cautioned, feigning anger.

Purity laughed. “I’m sorry, mama. I won’t let you fall.”

Aaron Theodore stood at the doorway, watching his wife and daughter. His joy knew no bounds. He couldn’t believe it! His purity was giggling and having fun with the mother. What was making her so happy?

Its been ages since he last saw his daughter that way. He was glad he lived to see this moment. All the praise goes to God that he didn’t give up on his daughter. Their complete happiness had just begin.
He cleared his throat loudly.

Both mother and daughter turned simultaneously to the direction the sound came from. Prudence grinned on seeing her husband, while Purity turned away from his piercing eyes, shyly.

“What are you two celebrating?” Aaron enquired, marching to join them.

They didn’t answer, they giggled.

Aaron got to the sofa and sat with them. “You’re not telling me?” he frowned.

“Purity, tell your father,” Prudence whispered.


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