AWKWARD NURSE : Chapter 21 – 30

Episode 30

Clara’s p.o.v conts

” let’s run away “, i said.
He smiled and whispered
” what about your bag, we can’t take it. He said.
” arrrgh what do we do? .”, i said.
” hold still, let’s confuse them.he said

I wonder what confusion is .

He gently placed his hands under my jaw and moved closer I expected a kiss on my lip but instead he kissed my cheek .

Actually very close to my lips. The crowd clapped as they thought we were kissing since he backed them.and the stage was kinda dim.

I couldn’t control myself anymore I didn’t know when or how but I shifted my face and kissed him…

Omg what am i doing? Anyways it feels good. I am so dead. Although surprisingly he didn’t withdraw from the kiss he let me have it. Until I opened my eyes wide and realised the crime I committed I slowly withdrew my lips. He smiled seductively and I looked down. I wonder what that kind of smile means . I just kept looking down. How do i explain this one? I might get caught.before I knew it he dragged me by the hand and we walked out of the club.

It was really getting late I’m suddenly dumb I can’t even talk anymore.. Soon we walked into the hotel. He made reservations for two rooms but only one room remained.

We both entered the room and he locked the door.
I am going crazy .

” what happened to your tongue? “, he asked me.
” well actually. About the kiss, the thing Is.
” I understand everybody makes mistakes. We are both guilty of that mistake .”,he said.

” oh ok .I replied.

He opened the bathroom door.

” shower “, he said.
I nodded.
” do you feel fine? You have been stressed today.
” I feel fine just a little headache.
” it was the running exercise, sorry.

I bowed and rushed into the shower. I am in the second place i wanted to be. Relaxing a hotel.feels good. I enjoyed the water falling on me . The kiss was a mistake but why do I feel bad? What do I want to hear?

Anna is my sleeping beauty but I’m jealous of her .I need her boyfriend to love me. I’m so selfish.I wish my fairy godmother will show up and ask me Clara what can I do for you? I will gladly say ‘ make Ryan mine in a way Anna will be happy too”. That kind of wish, is it possible . I know it isn’t?

soon I was done bathing . I picked the towel jacket and wore it .why is it exposing my cleavage a little . It’s sexy. I drew it up to cover well.then I tied the rope.I flipped my wet hair back as I remembered that kiss. Clara cut it out .it’s ok. I consoled myself and stepped out. Sir Ryan looked at me from my toe to my face.I instantly used my hands to cover my chest . He can’t see anything. He chuckled…

” you tied it wrongly “, he said
” what?” I asked
” the jacket you tied it wrongly, Tie it rightly you can’t place your hands there all night he said .

” ok sir “, i said and rushed into the shower.

I untied it and tied it well. Wonderful .

I ran out and he smiled at me.

He stood up and removed his jacket. I looked at him I can stand the sight of that just then he started unbuttoning his shirt.
Ok I can’t stand that.I started remembering the kiss I used my hands to cover my eyes

I heard him chuckle.

” are you going to pretend like you have not seen a man’s body before?”, he asked .

I shook my head in disagreement.

He smiled and walked into the shower. I opened my eyes omg what temptation. I almost went crazy.just then I felt headache again I took water from the fridge.I feel better now.what an outing.I looked at myself in the mirror . I am really pretty .but I can’t be compared to Anna she’s a goddess .arrrgh what’s going on with me .I need to stop . Am suddenly so hungry.
I lay on the couch quietly. Minutes later he walked out I opened my eyes he wore the white jacket.he moved his wet hair I closed my eyes tight again he sat on the bed..

” are you hungry “, he asked

I instantly sat up .

” yes very much.”, i said
He smiled and ordered food .

Just then his phone rang.I hope It’s not Anna am tired of getting jealous.

He picked the phone and dropped it back on the bed .it was his mother .why won’t he pick her call..

She called back again he dropped the phone in the cupboard.

Sir Ryan are you ok.I wonder what his mother did.

Just then the food arrived both of us sat facing the table . He ate a little seems he’s not hungry .

He hasnt taken his drugs for long lately .

” sir are you ok?.
“Yes thank you “,he replied .
“Ahh ok. I replied .

I too got filled up. He lay back on the bed and I lay on the chair .

I closed my eyes for a while but this chair is uncomfortable . Just then he spoke.

” if you sleep there how will I check on your health “, he said

” what ? .

He tapped the bed

” come over here “,he said.

I looked at the bed and looked at myself . I started coughing.

” well..
” arrrgh you keep acting like a virgin.we are both adults for crying out loud and the bed Is wide . Miss clumsy control your thoughts.

I smiled and gently bowed.

The bed is wide enough so I sat quietly.

He finally closed his eyes. I lay quietly looking at him. Minutes later I think he slept off. That was the perfect opportunity to look at him.

I quietly sat up and just looked at his face smiling .so cute. I can’t believe I kissed those lips.I smiled shyly. I tried touching his hair just then he spoke up .

” if you keep looking at me how will you sleep, i thought you had headache .”, he said .

I instantly withdrew my hands . he gently opened his eyes .

Aarrgh what do I say now.

” miss clumsy , you scare me nowadays “, he said

” argh sir I wasn’t looking at you , i woke up to do my midnight prayer “, i replied .

Ryan’s p.o.v

This girl is a heavy character . I wonder what she’s doing up .I felt she was looking at me.

” what’s the topic of your prayer?.
” uhmmm love , God’s love , i just finished praying .hahaha powerful Christian like me”.

” do put me in your prayer next time “, i said
” oh I will , what’s your problem.?

” death , i don’t want to bury any patient until the health mission ends .”

” oh , i will pray. She said.

I smiled .

She quietly lay down. I chuckled.

she’s slowly slipping herself into my thoughts .what a friend…

Clara’s p.o.v

Arrrgh can’t he just sleep? I quietly lay beside him and he wrapped the white bedcover around me.

I smiled I hope he didn’t see my face.

” are you strong to resume work “,he asked .

Work ,who did work help I’ve not gone to all the places I want to visit .no no work .

” no I still feel sick “, i said.He chuckled
” was waiting for that, good night.”
” oh goodnight sir.
” Ryan “.
” oh good night bestie”, i said. He chuckled so cute .

Awesome I can’t believe I am lying by his side. Though the distance is much. just then I felt him move my hair and touch my neck with the back of his hands.

Someone please hold me am melting .

” if you feel sick , tell me “, he said .

I started coughing again. He laughed.
After a while I turned to face him he was already sleeping.

I rather die of sickness than wake you. You look tired .

I looked at him for a while and closed my eye

Louisa’s p.o.v ? 11:10pm

Why didn’t sir Ryan come to work today? Now we can’t even sleep well .
Why did i do this night shift?
Miss Genevieve is dying.everybody is running helter skelter and I have been texting sir Ryan because he hates being called out of pressure.

Now Samantha has arrived but she is sacred to do anything sir Ryan’s left with the health record .

The doctors sedated her. to keep her asleep. The effect will wear off in 6 hours and if surgery does not follow instantly she will die .

This is the only way to make sure she doesn’t die now . We have less than 7 hours what is this?

.I texted him again before sleep overpowered me I hope they don’t catch me sleeping I also texted Clara too to tell sir Ryan to check his phone I wonder who will read the text first. We have until 4 am.

Early morning 3am.
Clara’s p.o.v

Arrrgh what a sweet sleep! No work today we might sleep all day.I picked my mum’s call.

She likes calling early in the morning.

” mom , are you okay.
” yes what about you .
” am fine .i replied
” How is work she asked .
” good how is dad?.
” very good, remember don’t take sugary stuff your period should come out this week.

” did you know.
” your calendar is in your room don’t take sugary things you know you have bad cramps no one will take care of you.she said .

” mom its fine I won’t .I will only take the bitter tea you bought. I said deceptively

” that’s better.okay bye
” bye mom.

I dropped the call then I saw Louisa’s text .?

” tell sir Ryan to check his phone”

Argh its too early how can you tell sir Ryan to check his phone this early.

I looked at him and he’s still asleep in fact he wrapped the pillow round his face.

So childish.
I wonder why Louisa texted. Is it important? Well if it is, she should have called me .

I dropped my phone and gently lay back I hit my hand on sir Ryan’s pillow which he used to cover his face and laughed at him .

So funny.

Samantha’s p.o.v

Ok we are running out of time what’s going on.

” Louisa did you text Ryan?.
” yes maybe he is on his way.
“Ryan better arrive he can’t afford to lose a patient just like this in less then one hour the effect of this drug will wear off and if there is no surgery Mrs Genevieve will surely die.

Ryan’s p.o.v

Arrrgh what a bad dream I had .in my dream I lost a patient and dad was really mad at me. I opened my eyes and this miss clumsy is still sleeping she looks pretty even when she sleeps I have not even called Anna. what’s going on with me recently?

In fact, why am i waking up early! No work today I better sleep off
I lay well in the pillow and closed my eyes tight ..

Clara’s p.o.v

Ok I can’t even sleep now I keep remembering Louisa’s text.. What’s going on?

May be it’s important i decided to wake sir Ryan .

I touched him and he opened his eyes

” sir it seems an important text got into your phone “, i said.

“Later “, he said and covered his face with the bedcover …..

I removed the bedcover from his face .

” hey !!!!!!”, he yanked

” shhhhhh phone “, i said .

He opened hIs cupboard and brought his phone .

Wait! His countenance changed

” we have less than 30minutes to arrive at the hospital or else we will lose a patient”, he said .

” no sir you cannot lose a patient my prayer and fasting will never be in vain. “I added

” Clara we are dead “, he added .

I grabbed his hands and held it tight.

” hold a sister tight in prayer “, i said with my eyes close .

“Hey !!! ,

” cool down sir Ryan prayer conquers all”, i added .

He forcefully collected his hands back and scratched his hair.

Aaarrrrgghhhh!!!! I am going crazy”, he shouted.

“Ryan if you go crazy who will treat the patient “, i added.

He used the bedcover to cover my face.

” let’s go, we no longer have time. He said

Wait oh and we have no car omg we are really dead. .

Both of us rushed out of the bed..I picked my shoes and slipped them into my legs

He started laughing . You won’t believe am wearing a white towel jacket with a black canvas

I look like mickey mouse no problem he is my cousin.

I hung my bag across my chest like superman.

Sir Ryan almost fell to the floor while laughing.

He finally slipped his slippers into his legs .

Both of us ran out of the hotel wearing towel jackets .

We looked like a crazy couple. I tied my towel jacket tight..

Sir Ryan tied his towel jacket tight also. We ran for our lives.

We ran through the streets. People that we’re already kept laughing at us. Thank God no one recognized him
No sign of our car. No sign of public transport. We are dead.

” my life is getting out of hands. Ever since I met you my life became a comedy “, he said.

” there’s the free bus !!!”,I shouted

” no no not again”, he said .

He placed his hands on his waist he looks really funny but I look funnier

I can’t beleive a 7 year old kid is rolling on the floor while laughing at me .

To be continued

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