AWKWARD NURSE : Chapter 21 – 30

Episode 22

Clara’s P. O. V conts.

We ran till we finally stopped.
Omg he is going to kill me, we missed the free bus

What do I do.
I turned to look at him and I slowly let go of his hands.
Then I bowed.

“Sorry sir, actually we missed the bus.

Before I could talk again he dragged my hand and ran away, I ran behind him.

We kept runing non stop and i just looked is his face until we stopped.

There the bus was

I smiled widely.

” let’s go “, he Said.

We both ran into the bus, its surprising the bus is not crowded. I sat beside him but I made sure my body didn’t touch him.

Ryan’s p. O. V

Am doing all sort of crazy things today

At least we won’t miss this meeting, that’s live saving.

Why is such a pretty girl so crazy. she has a killing figure and a very radiant skin but, she is crazy, troublesome and evil.

I looked at her and she is already sleeping. What kind of girl sleeps anytime she is in motion.

She’s still moving her lip I wonder what she’s saying in her dream.

Just as I looked away she tried falling of the chair.

What is this. I caught her and she finally fell to my side.
I can’t believe my enemy is leaning on me.

Right now I have more important things to talk about. I didn’t research on the divissions for medical attention for this health mission.

I have not even chosen my area to concentrate on yet, but how can i do that I have not seen the division and I didn’t research.

I was carried away by my desire to find that fake nuella. I have always had one problem I hate being curious.

She said i am her Angel but she was the one who keeps saving me. I really need to find out who she is so I can help her in any way I can and protect her like a real angel should.

Doctor Steven’s P. O. V

My name is Steve and I am also on this health mission
I was suppose to be the best doctors but no the position was given to Ryan dervantes, why.

Just because his dad sent him To the best schools he thinks he can be better than anyone.

Well it’s time to ruin his reputation, this health mission will be his worst.

I know he will go for the surgery division and his doom is waiting for him.

I left him 20 patients awaiting surgery but 15 was wrote in the file.

Out of this 20 most of them are already dying, most of them will die once their body is cut open, I already played with the their systems am just waiting for them to die in Ryan’s hands.

I already brought myself down by reporting that their cases is too strong for me. That embarrassment is gone, now Ryan will face double of that once he enters the surgery division..

I just hope he won’t do any proir research before accepting that division.

Claras p. O. V ??

Argh why is my sleep so sound
Wait am I resting on someone’s shoulders?
what’s going on.
What did i do.
Omg am resting on Ryan’s shoulders.
Am finished.

I lnstantly raised myself up and backed him.
I scratched my hair in confusion.

Just then the car stopped I rushed out and he walked out.

He just kept walking behind, I can’t believe I was drooling on his shoulders, am so shy and embarrassed.

Soon we arrived at the meeting place.

Everybody was already sitted even that devilish nurse who insulted me.

Ryan sat down and I sat quietly beside him.
This girl keeps looking at me. 4 other doctors are here with their nurses, not bad.

” am really sorry for my delay, I mean we are both sorry. Ryan said.

“we totally understand, the distance is an ocean. The district manager said.

” and the roads are bad, the wicked nurse added.

I don’t like this girl.

” So Ryan i believe you already carried out a research on the divisions before coming., the director asked him.

It seems Ryan didn’t research, the look on his face just changed.

Ryan’s P. O. V

Omg I forgot, moment of truth, but thats the work of a smart assistant mine Is just a she devil.
” actually, I didn’t have enough..

Clara cut in

” actually we didn’t have enough time to complete the research because of our haste. But we collected that there are 15 patients awaiting immediate surgery. (Surgery division )
17 who’s cases has not been Defined yet.

As for the malaria break out, that’s under the drug administration division.

Then those with mental disorders deserve special attention.

The kids division is lacking behind greatly and blood pressure issues as well as sugar and other old age issues fall into the last division.

Under that district.

” wow well collected, so sir Ryan where do u think we should place u for consultation and which side will you place your concentration on.

” he’s already a Surgeon, maybe he should concentrate on his specialty, more expert nurses will be assigned to his team. Samantha you can take care of that right. The personnel manager asked Samantha.

” yes sure, sir Ryan what do you think. Samantha said

I have no choice, surgery is already my specialty but I wish I can carry out my own research before signing the papers.

But anyways I don’t want to enter an argument with them, they will only call mr dervantes, so I just have to agree.

” yes very well then, I will concentrate on the surgery div for now, hand me the file so I can sign”, I said.

Samantha passed me the file but Clara seized it from reaching my hand.
What is this girl doing.

” nurse hand him the file, we no longer have time, the director said.

” mr director, sir Ryan will only chose his area of concentration after he goes through the divisions himself. Clara said.

” what, are you trying to call us liars, the manager asked her.

” 15 persons awaiting surgery y? What has other doctors Been doing, the case got difficult and the left it for the best surgeon to arrive. Y?.

“Sir Ryan is a great doctor but nobody is God. Most of those patients have been tampered with countless times before they were left for Him, . Clara said

” no patient was tampered with, Samantha added

” shhh, let me talk, clara replied Samantha.

Go on Clara, Am proud of you. I just said my mind.

” A surgery division owned by such a big hospital with more than 40 doctors stil has 15 patients awaiting surgery., Clara said

“Isn’t that suicidal, do you guys want to spoil his name after the patients die in his hands.

“Miss Clara David, you are wrong. The district manager said.
Clara slipped the file into her bag. Omg what a girl.

” Mr district manager, I won’t stand corrected by you.
Sir Ryan dervabtes will chose his division of concentration after he has carried out his personal research and that Is final. This file will be with me and when my boss is ready to sign I will give it to him, no rush “, clara said.

” how can a nurse be so rude, I need to call mr dervantes, the manager said.

” oh thank you sir, I have been trying to reach him so I can ask him why, there are 15 or more patients awaiting surgery over a hospital of 40 doctors. “, clara said.

” the girl is right, Ryan deserves his research, the deputy director said.

” shes right, the branch director said.

” the nurse is right dad “, Samantha said.

” then let it be like she said it, the manager said and walked out.

Soon Everywhere cleared but am still looking at this Clara girl with disbelief.

” uhm sir,.. sorry. she instantly covered her lips.

She collected the red book. And wrote

“Before they steal your car, let’s go sir ”

Clara’s P. O. V

15 patients not even 4 over such a big hospital. Even if one doctor flopped what about the others.

This seems like a trap and I won’t let Ryan fall into it.

Finally both of us walked out, it’s getting really late.

They have not sent the car and my tummy is paining, is it hunger.

Ryan’s P. O. V

Whyis she wrapping her hands round her tummy, oh she must be crazy.
Clara spoke up for Me today, like a mother, like someone who cares the same care that never came to me.

Finally today I accept this
she-devil as a person. I won’t call her she- devil anymore she might crazy but she is kind hearted.
Miss Clumsy is her new name.

I looked at her and she bowed to me, she’s always bowing, what a person.

Right now pride is my problem, i want to tell you thank you but I already told you I will never accept you.

I want to tell you to talk to me but i already told you not to.

Today u reminded me of two women who only ever showed me true care, Anna and fake nuella.

Someone will expect me to say mom, but mom was never a mom to me she was more like my future manager, she helped me become what I am today.

Just then the mechanic brought the car.

We sat in and we drove home, I forgot to call Anna , she must be bothered, she is always bothered when I promise to call and I don’t.
Clara is looking at the window, I guess she finally got used to the coldness I presented to her. She got used to not talking to me.

We both arrived home and walked into the house.

She bowed to me and ran into her room.
Arrgh am I now scared to talk to this girl.

I just want to tell her thank you, thank you, but aarrgh, forget it, forget it, such a she devil.

I ran into my room.

Just then iren called, I really hope to hear good news.

” tell me.

” sir the only footage available is the one of the girl leaving the hospital with the mask.

” what about when she entered.

” it’s not available although I will meet someone who might help me recover it.

” ok, I hope to hear good news “.

” ok sir.

Am getting tired of this, fake nuella, just who are you, who are you, cracking my brain is giving me sleepless nights.

Just then the cook called my room.

” tell me”.

” food is ready sir “.

” am not hungry, call that clumsy nurse.
” ok sir, she replied.

I picked my drugs and took it, don’t know why but I already lost my appetite..

I wonder what’s wrong with her Tummy, I looked out my widows and I looked down the stairs. I can only see her room door, its open and she’s sitting there with both hands folded round her kneel, her face is dull, I wonder what’s wrong.

Clara’s P. O. V

All the things that happened today are bothering me. I picked my phone and called Diana on phone.

” Clara your voice is very low, are you ok.
” am fine but, I want to ask you something. I wiped my tears, y am i getting teary.

” ask away bes, I might not be there but am right here.

” what’s wrong when you think about someone all the time, you don’t want that person to get hurt.

You feel like dying if you see that person with another woman, you can’t breath when that person comes close to you. You get butterflies in your Tummy when that person touches you.

I wiped my tears.

You dream of the day that person smiles at you, hugs you, kisses you , you keep imagining wrong things with that person.

What’s wrong bes?

Whats wromg when someone brings u happiness and pain at the same time.

Pls tell me, I never felt like this before.

Diana’s P. O. V

I can’t believe am crying, this is too painful. Finally Clara is in love but why ryan.

He loves her sleeping beauty so much, what kind of love triangle is this.
Clara you saved Anna but now she is going to cause you tears, Ryan belongs to her.

Why Ryan, you are middle class he is above you, even his parents won’t accept you and he can never actually love you too.

Am so sorry bes, but this love is going to cause you too much pain, how do I tell you all this….

” bes, I wiped my tears.

” those signs mean, you are in love, you love that someone, you are falling hard clara.

“but that someone is not urs.

” actually I have been waiting for this kind of call, I have been waiting…

” For you to tell me, “bes I like a guy and he likes me too. ”

“I had my first kiss, am in love, am happy, Am happy with my love.

” but Clara, not Ryan pls, don’t fall for a man that belongs to someone else my love.

“He belongs to Anna!!,Ryan belongs to Anna. stop now Clara , before it gets difficult. you will just hurt yourself.

” stop loving Ryan, don’t fall for Ryan . You can’t fall for Ryan bes.


Clara…. just dropped the call. She’s am emotional person, I wonder how she is doing now.

Clara’s P. O. V

My angel can never be mine, what was I thinking he doesn’t even like me as a human being.

I am in so much pain suddenly, Anna!! I saved you so u can cause me pain. But, am still glad I saved you.

I wiped my tears.

I am your bestie but am falling for ur man, it’s my fault that am falling for that angel.
I just want your ryan to be mine, is that so wrong. Why is that so wrong.
I need to stop now
I need to control this
It’s enough now
God pls, stop me..
It’s enough.

I wiped my tears and smiled but tears still ran out.

Ryan’s P. O. V

What’s wrong with miss clumsy, did someone die?

Why was she crying so much on phone, she wiped so many tears and kept forcing a smile which turned to tears.

Miss clumsy, what is wrong with you. ???

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