AWKWARD NURSE : Chapter 21 – 30

Episode 26
Ryan’s P. O. V cont.

Looking at her face suddenly jolted me out of this craziness.

I instantly left the bra I wanted to unhook.

How could I get trapped by this miss clumsy? I guess her nakedness was what attracted me. I guess a man will hardly stop being a man

I can’t believe this after so many women who tried to seduce me. I can’t believe miss clumsy could get my attention like this.
But that’s enough. This can’t happen again. I tried standing up but she dragged me down to herself again.

Okay this is out of being drunk. Could this girl be attracted to me for real.

” but why did you stop? I liked it, she smiled and touchd her hair ” I felt warm ” she said.

” hey, clumsy, the real you will beat me up if we continue like this. “, i Said.

She wrapped her hands round her body.
“. Cold, I feel really cold, why?

I stood up from the bed and picked my phone Anna was calling. I wanted to walk out with the phone but Clara was still acting cold.
I dropped my phone

She lay on the bed and started rolling about until the bedsheet wrapped her over.

I jacked her up from the bed as I picked her night gown.

I packed her hair up and slipped it in the gown. It was white gong and pretty gown. The singlet hand made it more attractive.

She looks more comfortable now as she lay back and folded her arms together.
I covered her well.
That’s over time to face my girlfriend.
I got close to the door when I heard a fall.
I turned and it turns out she rolled out of the bed. Omg that sound was much. I actually got emotional by this fall. I felt really bad.

I lifted her and her leg was already bleeding.
” ouch, my head is paining me, why is my head paining me? She said.
I dragged her up and she spread her hands wide and just hugged me. I smiled as I pushed her away and carried her into my room.

Why drinking if you can’t handle it Clara? You are really a crazy woman I wonder how old you are.

I dropped her on my white bed she lay upward, and wrapped her hands round her body. She’s already showing symptoms of cold. Oh God please she can’t fall sick on me.

I picked the white warmer and covered her She threw it out.

” hey!!! ”

” don’t cover me, I’m not dead “, She yanked and used her hands to cover her body again.

” clumsy this is not a hospital, your cold, this is a warmer.

” please I don’t want to die. “, She said and wrapped her hands round her body again.

I covered her and she removed it.
I covered her again she still dropped it.

I lay beside her and covered her again, she tried removing it so I wrapped my hands around her and held the bedcover tight. She turned to back me and stopped trying to pull it off.

” I won’t die if you are with me, my angel” She said and smiled.

soon she fell asleep I unwrapped my arms from her. It turned out Anna has called like ten times.

Oh no Anna Is easily bothered I’m sure she won’t sleep.

I sat up and called her back.

” Ryan,.. What happened, i called you for a while…. it’s been. It’s been quite a while, you didn’t pick.. you didn’t…. y didn’t you pick huh… I have been worried, i was so worried that my heartbeat stopped,… you have not done this before, are you okay… did your heart start again, What happened..Huh.. talk already.

I can’t believe her voice is already breaking, I feel teary already, Anna is a very emotional person.

” Anna I’m sorry, I’m so sorry in fact all I can say right now is that I’m really sorry . Sorry huh, i don’t know, I’m just sorry. It won’t happen again. I said.

” it’s ok, apology accepted, are you ok, did something Happen.

” no nothing am just tired from work that’s all.

” am really missing you I called to tell you that I love you.

” but aren’t you tried, let’s talk tomorrow.
“No please, don’t hang up already, even if you don’t talk, I just want to know that you are ok..

I smiled.

Just then this clumsy girl removed her cover again. Is she asleep.

I covered her back but she held my hand tight to her chest. Arrrgh what’s this, if I drag my hand out she might shout so I left it for her.

” so how was today, are you getting better “, I asked

” today was fine, I am getting stronger, everything is fine.

Clara’s grip weakened so I took my hand back. Just then she started coughing.

I instantly covered her mouth woth my hands.

” Ryan are you okay, are you cold.
” me no, why will you ask that. I said
” are you with someone? She asked

” me, that’s crazy, I was the one.
I started coughing , I was the one coughing.

” I wonder how you are doing, I wanna see you.

” video call? I asked
” yes”.

I instantly ran out of my room to the living room I sat facing the books in the study thank God I was fast. She finally called.

” Ryan you are reading by this time.
” well life of a doctor.

” but uhhmmm your nurse where is she?
” which nurse oh the nurse, the nurse, well she is sleeping.

” can i see her “.

” I can’t just go to her room. She might be sleeping naked just like you do.

” oh nice, let’s go to your room then.
” I don’t have a room, i mean my room is being furnished I sleep in the parlour for now.

” oh is it, that’s nice. You seem tired, I will just let you sleep, good night”, She said and dropped the call.

I know Anna won’t sleep, it’s obvious I lied, What do I do.

Anna’s P. O. V

Ryan is a weak liar, he never lied to me before. Is there a woman in his room?

He knows I trust him, why didn’t he just tell the truth? What’s going on anyway. I feel really bad, I am trapped here, I can’t be with him right now. It’s all my fault.
Just then he called me back.
” hey, did you forget something “, i asked.
” yes, i forgot that I promised not to lie to you. He said.
” oh.
” I will show you my room, actually a woman is there.

He walked into his room and there she lay sleeping , she’s pretty I wonder who she is but am sure she’s nothing to him if something was going on he won’t tell me the truth.

” she’s my nurse, She got drunk and kept rolling off her bed, She got hurt. ”

He showed me her leg.

“So I brought her in here, sorry.

I smiled, I feel much better now.

” what’s her name “, I asked
” oh it’s Clara, Clara David. He said

Just then I remembered Clara’s words.

My name is Clara and you are my sleeping beauty, my friend who doesn’t talk.

Don’t worry I will always protect you. I won’t let anybody hurt you.
I smiled so widely that tears streamed out my eyes i couldn’t believe it. It’s my Clara, I have been looking for her.

” Anna do you know her “, He asked.
” yes, I wiped my tears. I have been dreaming of meeting her, that Clara.

Please show me her face more, I really want to see her well I wish I could touch her, she’s really pretty just like she said.

Ryan smiled at me

“Anna you are getting me jealous do you like her more than me. “, he asked.

” you don’t understand but I will do anything for that Angel over there, I really love her so much, take care of her huh , She can’t fall again, don’t let her fall.

” ok I won’t “.

” hey cover her well, she’s looking cold. I said.

” I will Anna, good night, I love you.
” love you too.

He dropped the call. I’m suddenly so happy two important persons in my life are together, finally I found Clara.

My savior, She made me live again, she’s really my heartbeat. What will I do for Clara? How do i pay her back?

Ryan’s P. O. V

Miss clumsy you are really mysterious. Anna who is suppose to get jealous ended up caring for you.
You are so unpredictable, I wonder if you are the girl under Anna’s hospital bed, no that should be fake Nuella. So how did Anna meet you.
Ok you must have been one of her nurses.
Goodnight, please don’t kill me tomorrow.
I lay facing upward and forced myself to sleep off.

Next morning
Clara’s P. O. V

I feel so sweet and this bed Is so comfy
My bed is more awesome today. I opened my eyes and a white bedsheets is wrapped round my chest and my hair was packed behind me.
When did i start taking good care of my body like this?
I know i always kick off my bedsheets at night what’s going on?
I looked around and omg I am in Ryan’s room. Omg what’s going?
I remember getting drunk yesterday but what happened to my clothes?
I opened the bedcover, What!!! who dressed me up?
I wrapped my hands round my body. I can’t believe bra less

omg what did I do with Ryan? Could I have done what I was imagining all this while? Did I kiss him? Hug him? No no no I used my hands to cover my face

I finally did it, we finally did it, What did Ryan do to me, even my black pant is missing.

But where is the blood stain. I was suppose to be a virgin. If I had slept with sir Ryan that’s not bad. I smiled, but where is my blood stain.

I stood up and looked round my white gown, then I started looking round his bed.

i lifted the bedsheets and tried lifting the bed when Ryan walked out of the shower.

He wrapped a white towel round his waist, his body dripped wet, his hair looked more attractive his flat tUmmy got me. What am I doing I can’t even speak again. Why is he so handsome. He looked at me with shock.

” what.. are you doing to my bed, are you trying to lift my bed, he asked.

“Oh Me?

I instantly left the bed. I started arranging it well.

I am really sorry sir. I said

” but what are you searching for”, He asked while applying his face cream, facing his mirror.

” uhhmm yesterday, What happened.

” you were drunk and you fell into the pool, So I changed you and dropped you on your bed but you kept rolling out so I brought you here “, He said.

I instantly wrapped my hands around my chest.
Did he really really change me that means he saw my pant and my bra. Arrrgh did I also confess my love for him.

” oh but sir, did i say anything, anything unusual “, I asked.

He moved from the mirror and walked over to me.

” you said a lot of crazy things and did a lot of crazy things too, ouch I can’t think of them “, He said.

Omg I’m really crazy, i must have tried seducing him, Did I tell him I loved him, how will he look at me now.

I instantly bowed.

” sir, I will be going to my room, see you there, no no no not in my room see you at work no that’s not what I meant, see you in the car. “, i ran away. .

Ryan’s P. O. V

I wonder what she was searching for I am sure I removed her earrings.
I dressed up, am already late.
And the incident of last night i hope she doesn’t remember it.
I took all my files, its time to face today.

Clara’s P. O. V

I am bathing right now I can’t delay sir Ryan he is gonna be mad at me for the health records so I cant add lateness to it.

I saw my undies In the shower it was inside the hand wash with soapy water, I instantly washed them. I ran out and instantly started changing. I feel somehow, am getting a flash of dirty memories like I was in a deep romance somewhere, somehow. i thought I overgrew my habit of creating that imagination or was I dreaming.

I walked to my drawers I better look nice today. Dress lady like, I scratched my hair .

Finally I picked my top and black jeans then I wore my sweater I picked my purse.

I carefully packed my hair behind and applied a little powder and lipstick.

I cleaned my sandals and wore it then I rushed into the living room where I met Ryan who was already waiting

“You look pretty “, he said.

I smiled.
We got to the car, the truth is I don’t want to remember last night, am getting nervous over it.
But those imaginations, could they be true, did i kiss him, did he touch my bra, aarrgh!!!!
I looked in his face, He drove quietly. I hope I didn’t throw out all the emotions I have been hiding inside at you.
“sir whatever I said last night or did, I didn’t mean it “, I said.
” that’s nice, . He said.
” But did I say something “I asked
“Something like what? “,he asked.
Something like i love you, something like i think about you everyday and every night, something like you are driving me crazy, making me imagine crazy things. Something like that. Those were my thoughts anyway

” oh, don’t worry sir “, I said and bowed my face down.
” ok he replied.
” But anything I did also forgive me sir. I said
He looked at me and chuckled. Soon we arrived at the hospital that’s when I remembered the health record.
Samantha that she-devil rushed after Ryan
” sir I shifted your surgery, that woman I don’t think she has up to 3 hours to live, 11 is still far so better start the surgery now so we can have enough time to think and work “, She said.
” oh that’s smart “, Ryan replied.
Ryan turned to me
” Clara pls get me the health record of that woman, please right now, I need her entire health history, What she’s suffering from and when she had her last surgery, good?.
” oh sure sir, I will, just give me time “, I said.

He walked out with Samantha and I scratched my hair, i instantly fell on the car.

Why can’t I ever tell sir Ryan about this myself, what will I do now.
I have a strong feeling that something is inside that sir Stevens office.
I ran over to his office and pushed

The door open suddenly Steve tapped me from behind, I turned and looked at him.

Steven’s P. O. V

She looks so fearless. Who is she? I hid all those records in my office, is that what she is looking for.
” who are you, how dare you.
” I am looking for those health records, I have searched everywhere So let me search this place too. “, She said.
” are you not the girl who came with Ryan, this place has been searched nothing is here.
I pushed her and locked the door I slipped my key into my pocket while walking out but she dragged me back instantly.
” you, I suspect you and I am going to meet the MD trust me. He will open this place and search it himself.

She ran off.

I walked further, no they can’t search my office, what do i do. If the find those files am dead for life.
I have no other option, thank God my office is separated from the clinic, I better set this office on fire before the MD arrives.
I ran to my car and placed a call.
” let’s follow your first idea, I said. Set the office on fire.
” ok sir, count it as done.
I dropped the call.

Louisa’s P. O. V

Sir Ryan looks really worried and the patient is running out of estimated time.

” where on earth is Clara, where is the health records. He asked

” but sir, those records have been missing for months, no one knows where they are I thought Clara told you.

He instantly dropped his phone on the floor out of shock and looked at the woman.

He hit his hands on the wall.
” Why didn’t Clara tell me, She watched me schedule surgery, What is this!!! “, He shouted.

” sir, What do we do. I asked
” what’s the need, she’s dying, she’s dying on me, where the fuck is Clara.

Clara’s P O. V

I ran back and picked the key I made Steven drop when I pushed him back.
I ran into his office, I’m so sorry sir Ryan am really frustrating you right now. I just didn’t want you to worry, don’t worry, I will surely find them
Just them I saw a black cupboard, I instantly opened it and there they are. Like 50 files. Why is Steven so heartless, it was all his plan.
I need to separate the health records from the files.
I don’t know why but I feel hot in here, I started coughing , I feel smoke.
I sorted the files quickly and carried them to my lap. I feel so hot, I pushed the door open and omg fire, am surrounded by fire. What’s going on. Just then the cupboards fell on each other and caught fire, the Windows caught fire, where do I run too, where do I keep these files. I am losing consciousness. Am so scared. Sir Ryan!!!! I shouted. Then I fell on the floor, I felt the burning cupboard fall on me.

Ryan’s P. O. V

I felt my heartbeat, did someone just call me, is someone in need of me.
Louisa came to me shouting

” sir Ryan, Sir Steven’s office is on fire, the fire is just too much, everyone Is outside.

” is anyone in there, i asked.

“No they called him, he said he locked his door well and all his important files are in his house.

” oh that’s a relief, call the fire extinguishers , i said

She ran out, and I still looked at the patient.
I wonder what’s keeping Clara, where is she, we have just 2 hours left before this woman dies.

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