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Genres: Billionaire, Fantasy

Tags: Babysitting, comedy, heartbreak, pregnancy, arrogance, love, feelings, Erotica, dangerous attraction, lies and deceit, secrets, illusion, Betrayal


The compound was filled with a lot of ladies dressed quite well. It’s the day of the interview at the classy mansion of the popular Dylan Langford Martins, one of the youngest Billionaires in New York and the CEO of the Langford conglomerates.


In response to the quest for a babysitter for his only daughter, Alexandrea Langford, who is about six years of age, an interview was fixed to appoint a lady whose personality matches his taste and that of his daughter.

He sat comfortably in the large verandah, dressed in all white and a cup of Orange juice in his hands which he sipped from time to time.

His eyes scanned the ladies on the queue and he sighed. To him, none of them matches his taste and the quality of a babysitter; they were either dressed seductively or had displeasing looks on. He sipped from his cup watching the chief maid and his daughter do the interview.


Claribel ran as fast as she could, and her long brown hair was blown by the cool breeze.
“Gosh, how did I manage to sleep this long?

Now I’m late!” She said frustratedly, increasing her running pace.

She finally got to the large mansion; the interview had surely started. She heaved a deep sigh, panting like someone in a hurry as she knocked gently on the iron gate, afraid it might break if she knocked too hard.

The gate was opened by the security man who smirked on seeing her.

“Here for the interview,” she said quickly and tried entering but was stopped.

“Hey, don’t you know you’re late!” He questioned, she rolled her eyes.

“I woke up late okay, so mind your business. You’re just a security man here,” she said harshly, trying to make her way in but was stopped again.

“You are late ma’am; you should return home,” the yellowed teeth security man said, and they started to argue.

By now, the ladies’ gazes were all fixed on them. Dylan smirked, seeing how crazy she acted with her gestures and expressions.

He beckoned to a guard who rushed to him immediately.
“Tell him to let her in and bring her here,” he whispered, and the guard bowed slightly before leaving.

“Let her in,” he whispered to the security man who was now furious. He nodded.

“Come in,” the security man said, and she rolled her eyes as she made her way in, intentionally hitting her shoulders on his. He staggered.

“Just wait till I start working here, I’ll $trangle you,” she threatened and suddenly noticed everyone was looking at her surprisingly. She bent her head, feeling awkward.

“Follow me,” he said, walking to where Dylan was seated at the interview spot.

The crowd murmured.

“Good day, sir,” she said, sitting without being asked to. Little Andrea watched with keen interest.

“Are you nuts? Get up!” The guard half yelled, pulling her roughly.

“First coming late for the interview, harassing my worker, now sitting without being asked to… Who the h’ll do you think you are?” Dylan scoffed. Claribel picked on her nails nervously.

“I’m sorry.”
“Throw her out,” he said, looking at her irritatingly. She furrowed her brows…
“What… Why letting me in then?” Her mind screamed.
“No dad, I like her…

“I want her to be my nanny,” Andrea suddenly said, everyone gasped, Claribel’s eyes widened on their own.

“Ohh my….!” she exclaimed aloud, without realizing.



“Grinnnn” Claribel’s alarm rang loudly, and she sighed as she turned it off sleepily.

She lay still in bed, waking up slowly like an old computer before finally opening her eyes.

Gosh, I just slept! It’s already morning,” she yawned, rubbing her eyes lazily with her pointer finger.

It’s her first day as a babysitter in the Langford’s mansion, and she needs to be there as early as possible since it’s her first day at work.

Unfortunately, Claribel is the type who tends to procrastinate.

She always has one thing or another to do. She dragged her legs lazily to the bathroom to freshen up and came out exactly thirty minutes later.

“Claribel..!! Be quick, it’s your first day,” her grandmother shouted from the corridor.

“I know, right?” she mumbled, rubbing lotion on her skin before putting on her undergarments.

She picked her best blue gown from her box and put it on. The gown was the last gift she received from her mother three years ago before her death.

She wore her only pair of black boots, combed her long hair, tying it into a high ponytail. She took one last glance at the mirror, picked up her bag, and walked out of the room.

“Good morning, sis,” her younger brother pecked her cheeks, and she smiled, “Morning, Harold.” “I promise you’ll return to school after I receive my first salary,” she rubbed his cheeks, and the fourteen-year-old boy nodded.

“Claribel, come on, be quick. You’re running late, and you need to create a good impression on your first day,” her grandmother said, coming from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in her hand. “Morning, granny.

Do you want to get fired on your first day?” her grandmother questioned.

Claribel rolled her eyes. “It’s not like I was given a specific time to come,” she shrugged, taking a few slices of bread, applying butter before putting it in her mouth.

“You’re something else,” her granny sighed. “Being a babysitter isn’t so stressful, right?” her brother asked.

Claribel almost choked on her bread. “I’ve got an arrogant person as a boss, and most workers in the house are difficult,” she rolled her eyes.

Harold laughed, “I hope your eyes don’t fall out soon with the way you roll them,” Granny said. Claribel checked her watch and gasped, standing up immediately. “See you later, granny,” she said hurriedly, rushing out of the house. “I thought you loved your food more.”


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