Long life hospitals…

“Her what…?” He asked to confirm

“Her mother should definitely have similar blood with her daughter since you don’t… It’s urgent, Mr Langford” The doctor said and Dylan ruffled his hair in frustration

“Her mum is dead..” he mumbled

Ann heaved a deep sigh in pity.. while Claribel kept picking on her nails


“Well, we’ll need a donor then, she has shortage of blood and water in her system so it’s really urgent”

“But she was fine even till last night before retiring into her room” hw mumbled slowly

.folding his fists

“What’s her blood type…?” Ann suddenly asked…Claribel looked up immediately watching keenly as the doctor muttered

“Ohh.. i can’t donate”Ann bit her lip with a sigh

“I’ll donate my blood.. we have the same blood type” Claribel said determinedly… Dylan diverted his gaze to her immediately staring at her.. he was dumbfounded

“Claribel..?” Lady Ann furrowed her brows in surprise

Claribel gave her a “I’ll be fine look”and feigned a smile

“Ohh. To the laboratory please, we need to run some tests” the doctor said and they both left immediately

Dylan swallowed hard

“Is she really doing this..?”



Somewhere in New York

“I’ve told you to always be patient” her voice sounded obviously frustrated

“And that’s what you keep saying but everything still remains the same way… there’s no way I’m believing that again” another voice sounded… A male one this



“I’m pissed sincerely.. I have to stay here all alone when my property is with another man… the son of my greatest enemy!!”

“Each time I remember that you are with him, I feel like blowing off his brains and strangle him to death… make things faster and leave that house as soon as possible” he added

She sighed

“It’s not something we can just rush.. we need to be patient okay..?” She bit her lip pulling him to herself

He breathed

“I’m tired of being in this state and to worsen it all seeing you with another man drives me crazy… he’s enjoying my property!! what rightfully belongs to me!” He raised his voice a bit and she chuckled

“Never knew you are this jealous” he rolled his eyes

“Com’on babe.. we’ve succeeded in making him trust me.. we almost at the peak of accomplishing our mission and then we ruin him completely, just be patient” She kisssed his nose tip

“I’ve heard you babe.. just make sure he never for once suspects you cuz it will definitely ruin our plans” he said

“Com’on, I’m still your pickle, the dangerous green snake under the green grass…no matter how smart he tries to play.. I’m smarter and I’m more swift in swinging into action” she said and winked

He smiled

“yunno I love you snowdrop”

“I love you more mi amor” she blushed and he pulled her closer to him and smashed his lips on hers without hesitation

“I’ve missed your lips” he said breaking the ksss.. she bit her lower lip seductively

“Me too”

“can’t believe that bast@rd also kisssed what belongs to me” he scoffed and she attached her lips back to his impatiently

“Ksss his taste away”



Chairman Langford’s Mansion…

Chairman James ended the call and sighed diverting his gaze back to the news paper

“Here sir” a maid came in with a glass of juice bowing repeatedly before finally leaving

“What happened” his wife said coming from upstairs as she descended the stairs carefully


“I heard you raising your voice on someone and besides you look pissed” she said walking right to the couch opposite him

“Dylan’s daughter.. Andrea is in the hospital and he won’t be coming home with the girl he claims to love this weekend as we planned.. he even cancelled his meeting with the board of directors” she said simply and she gasped

“Andrea is in the hospital..? and you not bothered?” Sophia eyes widened and he shot her a glare

“What do you expect me to do..? run to the hospital like a maniac because my grand daughter is in there.. sick?!” He snapped diverting his gaze back to what he’s reading”

Sophia scoffed

“James..?! James the wa…” she was saying

“Shut up woman!!.. if you know you love your son and his daughter ensure he marries someone very soon so that the poor girl would experience motherly love and stop getting sick almost every time!” He seethed with gritted teeth

Sophia flinched


“Hold it..!! your words sounds like thorns to my hearing and I don’t wanna hear it again!” He said standing up immediately as he adjusted his glasses and shot daggers at his wife before leaving with his newspaper

“Marrying you was my worst nightmare!!” she folded her white fists breathing heavily as she set to visit the hospital

“It’s definitely our family hospital” he thought gulping down the whole content in the juice her husband refused to take dropping the transparent glass cup

“Take it away” she said to a maid as she walked towards the kitchen who bowed in greetings



A day later…

Wilson’s mansion?

“Mum… I said I’m not interested in going for the modelling shoot..I’ll hang out with my friends instead” Mavis said and his mum gasped

“Armed robbers visited when I was away and kept shooting..!! Ohhhw my God”

Mavis hit his forehead frustratingly

“Mum!!!!!” He yelled revealing the veins in his neck.. his collar bones were obvious that way

“I’ve been saying the same thing for the umpteenth time and you keep imagining wrong statements, its frustrating!” He breathed and Mrs Wilson nodded slowly

“Tell her to see me when she’s busy” she replied

Mavis hit his hand hard on the glass table and she flinched slightly

“Please return back to the hospital… you’re getting worse!” He shouted… she heard him right this time

“I’ve been receiving treatments for over a decade and yet there’s no difference” she sighed

“I’m leaving” he said and left immediately

Brinkley sighed from where she was standing and watching…upstairs

“I really hope I’m wrong… it can be” her heart raced as she thought of something that crossed her mind


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