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Chapter 21

Greenview estate, New York..

“Jessica..!” Harold screamed throwing away the pestle in his hands.. they are actually neighbors and attends the same school.. her screams woke both him and Granny Teresa up, but he ran out of the house before the old woman could even move and luckily their backdoor wasn’t locked, so he entered through it


He ran to her shaking her limb body in fear.. he turned to see if her dad was coming for him but luckily he had also slipped into an unconscious state… He’d really ht him hard on the head

Her private part was staring at him and he quickly covered her with her torn skirt… Closing his eyes in disgust

“Harold..?” He turned to see his grandmother whose eyes were widened in shock, seeing the bodies lying lifelessly on the floor

“Jessica..!!” Harold shouted… oblivious of what to do next

“What’s going on here..” his granny mumbled.. her eyes caught the pestle lying not too far away from where they were.. her eyes widened more broadly and she turned back to Harold slowly

“Don’t tell me..You did this to a whole family” she said..staring at him blankly as she curiously waited in fear for his reply

“Of course not grandma..! That’s not even the issue, we need to take her to hospital.. including her mother” he said.. fidgeting

She realized the girl’s clothes were torn and was half nk£d..and there was bI.ood around where she laid, to worsen it all.. the man’s dk was also visible..she closed her eyes immediately

“Holy Mary..”


“Harold.. let’s return home” she said trying to find her way back with her eyes still closed

“She’s dying granny please!!” A tear slipped from the corner of his eyes and she heaved a deep sigh




“My lady, don’t you think…it’s high time we returned to New York, I got a report that Dylan claims to have a bride whom he wants to marry and not his betrothed..” a young lady.., Claire said

She’s one of her girls..

Roxanne only smirked, giving no reply

“They are all meeting at the Langford’s family home this weekend..” she said further

“I’m not called Boss lady for nothing.. I know when to always strike” Roxanne said with a short smile

“The bast@rd at the warehouse murdered Tony yesterday..” Another guard reported

“Can’t we just eliminate her..” Claire said with a scoff

“I can’t..because she’s the only access I have to carry out my plans..” Roxanne said throwing a gum into her mouth

“Access..? We’re enemi£s remember..?and she even knows our secret, planning to reveal us soon” someone said from her left side and she chuckled

“I know..just watch the way things go”


“How far have you gone on the China goods we have to deliver..?” Roxanne asked.. changing the topic

“Well..the goods got…..”



Dylan’s Mansion

“What secret..” Dylan asked and she froze, the call ended immediately.. she managed to maintain a straight face and faked a warm smile

“Boss..You are awake? She smiled and he nodded slightly

“I’m thirsty..”

“I asked you a question..”

“Hmmph.. what and what did you hear from my conversation with the caller?” She asked biting her lower lip

“How am I supposed to know..? You mentioned secret and i heard that as I advanced towards the kitchen” Dylan furrowed his brows and she sighed.. feeling a bit relieved

He took a bottle of cold water and poured it’s content into a glass cup before gulping it down… he breathed

“The caller is my sister from Australia, she knows the secret of some cult members in her school for the past five years now and she is not ready to reveal it yet…

And she’s graduating in a few months” Lady Ann lied smoothly

He believed immediately, Lady Ann is like an elder sister to him ever since Andrea’s mum died.. she’s the closest lady to him asides Deanna and he trusts her..

“Ohh, that’s bad…. But revealing their secret would also endanger her lives” he said and she almost laughed out… She wasn’t expecting him to believe such a cheap lie

“I know right.. but it’s better to die than to do nothing” Lady Ann said and Dylan scoffed

“You mean.. you know she might die anytime soon?” He scrunched up his head

“No one is safe without the secret been revealed and it’s better for one to die out of many than for a whole generation to die just at once…” She said with sincerity in her voice…

Her words had a deeper meaning..



The next day…

“Mummy..” Andrea giggled excitedly as she ran into Claribel’s arms… she just returned from school with Dylan

“Andrea, you haven’t picked up your bag” Dylan said as he highlighted from the car..he glanced at Claribel but looked away quickly

“Okay dad” Andrea said releasing herself from her grip..Claribel turned to Dylan

“Welcome boss” she said with a warm smile that made him wonder

“I guess she’s up to something.. a psycho nanny?..smiling broadly at me..?!”he thought looking at her suspiciously

“I’m greeting you..”Claribel jolted him out of her thoughts and he scoffed silently..

“Thank you” he muttered, they all entered the building

After she had a warm shower, Claribel wore her a pink top and white leggings, slipping her tiny legs into a pair of pink flip flops.. she packed her hair into a right bun and nodded satisfactorily

“You look beautiful.. angel” she smiled warmly and Andrea smiled, feeling glad that her nanny had a good fashion sense

“So now… your assignments”



Wilson’s mansion?

Her sobs could be heard from the passage.. it was unusual for her to cry this way, something was definitely wrong

Chief executive Wilson and his wife left some hours ago for a conference meeting with the board of directors but not without a strict warning to Mrs Wilson not to do something that will attract people knowing her condition

Rihanna, her best friend arrived some minutes ago, requesting for Brinkley but the maids reported that she refused, she ascended the stairs and entered the room, widening her eyes in shock

“Brinkley..?” She called and Brinkley looked up slowly

Her eyes were so red and swollen, her lips were pale and she was burning up badly

“Brinkley.. you are crying” Rihanna’s French accent was obvious as she spoke in worry… She walked to her bed, throwing her bag down

She pulled her into a warm hug and Brinkley cried on her shoulder with hiccups

“It’s okay.. tell me whatever it is” she said patting her back slowly

Brinkley cries grew louder

“I’m not okay… I’ve tried my best to stop taking the drugs but it isn’t working..! I’m so addicted that I don’t feel alright without taking it” she cried

Rihanna heaved a sigh

“To worsen it all, I slept with my brother senselessly”

“What..?!” Rihanna gasped with widened eyes

“You slept with Mavis..?!” Brinkley nodded slowly

“Ohh my..!!”

“I’m feel somehow since then… and yet my betrothed loathes and detests me greatly, he claims to have someone he loves…

My parents wants to take me to the rehab.. my worst nightmare!!…Rihanna, no one wants me!” She cried and her friend heaved a deep sigh

“This is serious..” she mumbled

“Lately I’ve been noticing some signs.. I’m not so sure, maybe the drugs are reacting negatively in my system.. I want to see the doctor”

“Please do..”

“It’s okay..” Rihanna consoled, wiping her tears with her thumb.. Brinkley nodded slowly

“Repeat after me..”she said with a smile

“Dylan is mine..” she continued.. Brinkley hesitated for some seconds.. furrowing her brows

Rihanna gave her a “go ahead” look and she breathed…

“Dylan is mine..”

“Now you’re talking baby.. If you don’t have him, then no one else will.. trust me” Rihanna said


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