Story by Pweety Desola


Story type: story of hatred and love.

Story settings: Canada

Story is written in chapters.

Main characters in the story:

Short Intro
Lucas, an old rvthless, a no nonsense man in his late 70’s is very affluent, powerful, wealthy and way too handsome for his old age.

BLACK HEART : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

To crown it all, he is the father of Jeffrey commonly called Jeff for short.

Jeff is a model. He is very handsome with his moist pink lips and a see and die sided dimples which can flatter the heart of any damsel.

Jeff is 25 years old, he his the CEO in one of his father’s numerous company in Canada. He got an attractive body and his black hazel eye makes him look like an angle (Greek god)

Jeff is a public figure and every girls dream. Though, he is a spoilt brat and he is very rvthless just like his father.

Alvin has always been competing with Jeff in all means and direction like a predator do to its prey. He lu$ted over Sonia who happens to be Jeff’s girlfriend.

Sonia was so daft to have fallen for Alvin stupidity. Though, she met her waterloo. This also made Jeff more cold-hearted and even rvthless more than his father.

Talking about Mariel,
She’s a young girl at 23.
She’s tall, with an attractive body and a toned fair complexion.

Lilian called lily for short was Mariel only trusted friend.

Everything turned sour for Mariel and her father (Lutral) when they both got entangled in the web of the LUCAS?

That is just a short introduction.

It’s very thrilling and full of suspense.

I know y’all gonna love it.




Story by Adesola

The morning was so bright”
I woke up and did my normal house chores.

Dad had already gone for his normal business.
I had my bath and put on a long simple gown. I tied my scarf and rubbed a white powder.
Pardon my manners,
I forgot them.

I’m Mariel.
I lived with my dad. My mum is already so I just had to live in this ¢ruel world with my dad. I prefer calling him by his name which is Lutral”

I would say we are not poor and we aren’t rich neither. We’re just an average. I mean a middle family.

I’m tall, fair in complexion with a gap teeth, my face is oval in shape.
I live my life based on simplicity and my personalities.
Lilian called Lil for short is my Bestie.

I walked to the backyard and packed the well wrapped bunch of rose flower which laid perfectly on the floor”

That’s it”
I have always love keep trying even when am tired.

I sell those flowers near Karen’s mart and save the little i can to help Lutral.

I remember Lutral telling me he lend some money from Lucas which is Jeffrey, the most popular gangster whom Lil is always talking about.
Lucas is his father.

He panicked that day.
Mariel, the money I borrowed from lucas, the business I engaged in was not successful and Lucas is asking for his money.

So, I just had to raise some token to assist him.

I bundled the flower tenderly and head for Karen’s Mart.
I walked shabbily.

A black limo splashed dirty water on my yellow gown, making it look like it’s a rag.

Can’t you see?
Are you blind or what? I cvrsed outwardly.

The tinted glass of the limo was whined down”

The guy was so handsome with his sharpened Jaw and his lips, they are so…….”
I snapped out of my bad thought”

Are you blind or what? I shouted at him

“You’re just a gold digging wtch. So I don’t see any reason why I should see you there”. He replied coldly and drove away but he did not forget to splash another large quantity of dirty water on me.

So rude
With beautiful set of lips”
Brown curly hair”
Black hazel eyes that were enclosed in a dark sun shade.

Such a spoilt brat”



I spread my rose flower neatky on a white sack.

“Buy your sweat flower” I shouted amidst the crowd near Karen’s mart.
Just for $7″ I added

I don’t know what suddenly happened. The rowdy market suddenly became tensed and quiet”

That’s Jeffrey” I heard whispers from the curious mob.
Who’s Jeff?
I moved closer to see for myself”

That arrogant brat!
The spoilt Brat!!!

The one I saw in the black limo, his car just passed through.

None of my business”

I continued shouting”
Just for $7.
Just buy one and give it to your lover”

The sale was pretty bad.
I packed the flower back into the sack and head back for home.

Lil is not in shop today, I think that’s why today looked kinda boring”.


Lutral POV

“My money now” Lucas shouted.
His men had already surrounded me”
Lutral!!! He shouted in a very thick British ascent
My money! His voice was cold bIooded.
One of his men drew me by my collar”

Then the door clipped open.

Mariel came in”
The sack dropped from her hand.

Dad!! She ran to me”
Hey! Lucas shouted…
Guards get her! He shouted.
I watched sobberly as they grabbed Mariel.

When you return my $350,000 you come and get your daughter” he said with his eye bIood shot.

Lucas, I only borrowed $100,000 from you and you are requesting for $350,000″. I said

He only laughed….
Lutral, I give you 48 hours to return my money or else, your daughter is mine forever.

Now sign this!! He shouted giving me a paper.
No I won’t” I retorted.

He removed his gvn from his waist belt and pointed it at my skull”
Shivers ran through my spine…..

Father please sign it, I don’t wanna loose you”. Mariel begged.

No I won’t” I replied shakily.


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