Chapter 9

Story by Adesola

The doctors were just moving from one place to another”

Father was so restless…
Lutral!! He called and faced Marie’s dad…

It’s okay”Lutral cut him short…
I believe she will be fine” he said..

I just stood on my track…
I shut my eye closed….
She’s the one…
All i was seeing was her…
Her soft cheek bone,
Those perfectly arched brows….

I’m already missing her….
I don’t miss her,
I only miss her tears…
I know i had always been a thorn in her flesh….

My face is Now really pale..
I just wished i was shot instead of her…

How is she??
I heard dad asking the doctor.
The doctor heaved a sigh of relieve”

I think you should exercise a little patient, we’re trying our best to get rid of the bvllet.

The bvllet had travelled down her intestinal tracts, so we’re just gotta trynna do our best” he said and walked away….

Just go home, I will stay here with her”Sariel suggested…

Okay”he said…
Lutral and the girl he came earlier with also made an attempt to leave..

I ain’t going anywhere” the girl said in a clear America ascent…

I gotta stay right here with Mariel”
I can’t just leave my Bestie here”….She told Lutral….

She’s just strong headed like Mariel…

And why are you looking at me like that hun?? She spouted coming closer to me….

Lilian it’s okay”
Stay with her,if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me”Lutral said to her,preventing her from moving closer to me…

She shot me a glare”…..

Brat!! I mouthed….

I wonder when Lutral and my dad became friends…
Maybe they’ve sort things out”
I shrugged….

Let’s go in and check her”Sariel suggested….

Lilian or what the h’ll did she call herself kept stealing glance on me…as we all walked to the glass door….

Mariel laid perfectly on the bed…
An oxygen mask was immersed in her nose….

Some of her black her fell on her face, while some tiny strands stick to her soft cheek bone….

Sariel and Lil went in.

I just stood in front of the glass door checking her out”….
Lil took her finger and sqeauzed it”

She muttered something i couldn’t hear clearly because i was standing in front of the glass door”….

I stood still staring lustful at Mariel..
She’s still unconscious…

Get a grip on yourself,fool”
A tiny voice said in my mind….

I pinched myself….
I’m such a bad boy,what am I thinking about….”

Suddenly, Lil appeared in my front….

You love her,don’t you!? She asked…
What are you talking about?? I tried feigning innocence…

She Winked and went back….

She’s weird..
Just strange…

Someone tap my shoulder…
Jeff,she will be fine”Sariel said..

She won’t be fine,
Just watch how I will take her away from you”A cold voice echoed somewhere around where Sariel and I stood…

Both Sariel and I jerked…

That’s him…
He’s somewhere around here…
He’s the one with that teribble voice”

He escaped again!!

I brought out my phone and asked for 20 guards… In the hospital. ..

Within a jiffty, they came
They positioned themselves around Marie’s ward. …

Time to carry out the surgical operation” I can hear the doctors asking Sariel and Lil to excuse them….

I’m staying in”
I’m not moving out” I told the doctors

Okay Mr Jeff” one of the doctors said…and they started the surgeon…

That’s it!!!
That’s not it;!!
Two if the doctors argued….

Let’s see,
The sturbon doctor argued and cut out something from Mariel intestine…

He cut it out and showed it to other doctors…

That’s not it….
You’ve just cut out her re¢tum…You’ve detached it away from her large inte$tine…..

That’s not the bvllet” the other doctors shouted at the bald headed doc…

Mariel wriggle on her bed,
She’s in pa!n…

My bIood became hot….
You cut off her re¢tum”
I drew the obstinate doc by his coat…

Just leave him!!!
Let’s find another solution,
Let’s quickly fix the re¢tum before her situation worsen….She’s dying”
The other doctors tried to stop me from be.ating him to a pulp….

But i won’t….
I wanna deal with this dim witted bada$s…..


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