Episode 1

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

With the chilling weather that fateful Saturday morning, Christiania hurriedly ran out to throw up outside. Her mother slowly walked behind her and stood looking at her shaking her head..

“What’s wrong with you Christy? She heard her mom voice and turned to see her behind.
“Ermmm mommy malaria I think, she replied cleaning her mouth with the back of her dress.

“Malaria? Her mom asked turning her face side by side and felt her neck.
“But I bought you drugs few days ago, why is it still pending? Her mom asked.


“I don’t know but its giving me high fever and body pains, Christy replied.
“And making you throw up yesterday and today? Her mom added looking at her while she stood shaking.

“Yes, yesterday and today, probably one of the signs of the fever, Christy confirmed surprised her mom knew she threw up the previous day.
“I see, her mom said folding her hands to look at her.

“I’ll cover it up, Christy said and attempted to go in but her mom pulled her back,
“Are you going to tell me who got you pregnant or not! Her mom shouted.

“Pregnant? No mommy is not possible, Christy said but a slap landed on her cheeks.
“Do you think I’m stupid? Who got you pregnant now! She shouted.

“Its…its… My teacher, she replied with her face down.
“Ohhh your teacher? I sent you to school and went there to sleep with your teacher Christiania? Her mom asked.

“He said he will marry me, Christy said.
“Ohhh he will even marry you? That’s very good of him and I am not aware yet as your mother right? Her mom asked.

“He doesn’t know about it, Christy said.
“I love that part, now take me to him now! Her mom shouted pushing her violently.

Minutes later they walked in and met Mukasa just about going out, his eyes lighten up with surprise when he saw the way Christiania walked in with her mother.

Right there he wished he never came out in the first place, and he had to wait for them to approach knowing all is not well..

“Is he the one? Her mom asked and Christiania nodded.
“Young man, you were sent to teach and not to open the legs of young girls in the school. Are you aware what you always do with my daughter in school is…….. “I don’t understand what are you talking about? Christiana what’s the meaning of this? He sternly asked interrupting her mom..

“You are very stupid! You dare ask what’s the meaning of this when you got a 15 year old girl pregnant eh! Her mom shouted.
“Pregnant? Pregnant how? Mukasa asked.

“Good question, Christy answer that now, her mom said facing her daughter but she only stood crying not able to lift her face.
“We used protection didn’t we? Mukasa asked.

“Ohhh so there was even protection? In fact why am I even wasting my time on two shameless idiots. She told me you said you are going to marry her, Go ahead and marry her then, she is yours. And you, if I see you close to my house, I will break your teeth for you, rubbish! her mom sternly said and walked away.

“Mommy please, Christy cried and attempted to run after her.
“Come take your daughter with you, what’s the meaning of this! Mukasa shouted but she didn’t look back.

“What are we going to do now? Christy asked him.
“Stupid question! How could you be so foolish to get yourself pregnant?

If you saw the signs why didn’t you let me know before meeting your mom! He shouted.

“I didn’t know myself, and beside you were avoiding me in school for days now, Christy replied.

“Rubbish! He angrily said and went in and Christy slowly got in fiddling her clothes.

“Look here, we have to find a way to solve this mess. This is one big mistake, I am 33 and you are barely 15, whatever happened between us was just fun and nothing more than fun, he said.

“Fun? It didn’t look like fun to me beside you said age doesn’t matter and you’ll marry me. Isn’t that what you said? Christy asked.

“And you must be so stupid to believe the words of a high libido man, he replied and sat down shaking his legs.
“You must abort that baby, he slowly said.

“Abort? But that’s a sin, she said.
“What difference does it make? Sleeping with me when am not your husband was a sin too, still you committed it, so? He asked.

“Not murder, she said.
“Stupid girl, what you’re carrying right now is not yet a human being. You can’t call that murder, that is just a pack of cells, he said.

“Pack of genetic living cells from you and I leaning on my survival, I won’t deny my child that right to live no matter what, I won’t accept this! Christiania shouted.

“Then your stupidness continues! How will you take care of a child when you’re not done taking care of yourself, isn’t that foolishness? You need to do the right thing no matter how hard it is, there is time for everything and trust me that time will soon come so you won’t bring a child to this world to suffer, Mukasa said and Christy looked at him angrily.

“You’re right, I am stupid and it began when i fell for your filthy lies but I won’t let my child to be punished. I’ll get you arrested for this! Christy shouted and he burst out laughing.

“Seriously? Why would i be arrested? Did i rape you? We had fun together and it is expected of us to come to a conclusion and agreement as adults.

The police won’t have any say in this, I don’t want this baby and that is final, he said and someone was approaching.

He got up and checked to see his fiancee with a traveling bag,
“Hello baby, she said giving him a peck while he stood confused.
“I don’t understand, you said you’ll be traveling today what happened? He asked.

“Canceled, she replied and went in to see Christiana.
“Who is she? She asked and he slowly faced her.

“You need to rest, I’ll take care of her, he replied.
“Indeed he got me pregnant and he wants me to abort it, Christiana came in.

“You idiot shut up! Mukasa shouted and attempted to hold her.
“What was that? His fiancee asked him and he stood weak looking at her………..


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