STORY BY PATRICK DOMINIC I sat down inside the keke, thinking about what my kids were going to eat when they returned from school. After their mum died, the sole responsibility of taking care of the kids was on me and it didn’t bother me. I was doing relatively well until I was sacked from … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 23 & 24)

This intresting story is written by Queen Episode 23 Another love story begins AYNA’S POV I took my bath and went to the dressing room. “I’ll just wear something casual” I told myself and picked a jeans short and red hoodie. I sighed and sat on the chair in front of my mirror. I picked … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 21 & 22)

This interesting story is written by Queen . Episode 21 Rayna’s Pov “Wake up sleeping beauty” I heard Daxton’s voice said. I opened my eyes a little and closed it back immediately. Damn! I was so tired. “C’mon princess wake up, I made breakfast for you” Daxton continued. I sighed and used the pillow to … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 19 & 20)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 19 RAYNA’S POV Everywhere was blank and empty. I was lonely. I stood up from where I was lying. I walked in the direction of where the light took me. I came out and closed my eyes immediately because the sun shone brightly on it. The scene … Read more


Written by: Adexshowking Adeniji Bimbo didn’t want me to take up that job initially. She said something about her heart not being comfortable with it but what was a man like me to do when I have been living on my wife’s meager income for the past four months. So I took up the job … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 17 & 18)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 17 Daxton’s Pov I woke up that morning, trying to let all the pains I felt wash away. How did I get here? I looked up and saw I was in a hospital. I barely remembered what happened. The only thing that I could remember … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 15 & 16)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 15 Selene’s Pov I screamed fury, my eyes widened and heart broken, I was hating Rayna more and more everyday. “How dare she, how DARE SHE” I yelled and threw the bottle of wine on the floor breaking it to many pieces. “Selene!!” My sister … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 13 & 14)

This interesting story is written by Queen . Episode 13 Rayna’s Pov Debbie and Selene kept on glaring at me, their eyes were so killing and I couldn’t help but look away. The environment was tensed and the perfectly working air conditioner was doing nothing from stopping the sweat in my body. Debbie was the … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 11 & 12)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 11 Daxton’s Pov Yesterday’s evening I called one of my men to help me do a check up on Rayna and where she stayed. I was missing my daughter so much and needed to go and visit her. For three years I have been away from my … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 9 & 10)

This intereating story is written by Queen Episode 9 ~~Daxton’s Pov~~ Whatever I am doing right now is not exactly what I planned for Rayna but here I am hurt because she’s hurt. The cut in my hand didn’t compare to the cut in my heart seeing her bleed. I wasn’t strong after all, I … Read more