CHILHOOD CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 11

“Aargh”. I yelled pacing around angrily.

“Sapphire, you need to calm down”. Kimberly soothed me.

“I can’t believe Carl helped that … that disgusting thing who k!ssed my boyfriend”.

“Its a good thing Justin doesn’t talk to girls”. Kim said.

I rolled my eyes. “Just help me think of what to do to this Elsa”.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. What you did to her today is probably enough”.

“I don’t think she’ll stay away from Kyle”. I said worried. “I mean what if Kyle eventually likes her?”.

“That will never happen”. Kim assured me. “Kyle can never like that b!tch, Elsa”.

“But I have to make sure of that”.

“Well just do to her what you did to that girl in 11th grade”.

I paused. “You mean that b!tch that Kyle dated?”.

“Yeah I mean she’s a shadow of herself now. No one even remembers her, not even Kyle”.

“Carl must have done it for a reason”. One of my crew, Peggy said all of a sudden.

“Huh?”. Kim and I said at the same time.

“You know, Carl helping Elsa. He must have done it for a reason”. She repeated.

I sighed. “I know that but I don’t know why”.

“Do you think Carl likes this Elsa girl?”. Kim asked me.

I sat on a table. “Thats not possible, Carl doesn’t go after girls like that”.

“Well yeah but for him to help the newbie means a lot of things”. Addison said.

“And you know she and Carl were talking during Biology Class before that happened yesterday”. Kim added.

“Its none of my business if Carl likes her. I’m going to show this Elsa hell in this school”.

Kim crossed her arms. “And how do you intend to do that?”.

“I have a plan in mind but we just have to use someone close to her”. I replied evilly.

She raised an eyebrow. “Beverly?”.

I smirked. “Beverly Smith”.

“Carl is right, maybe you should stop playing around with the girls he like after all Bryan was our friend”. Justin said softly.

I scoffed inwardly. Seriously? Why are they all on Bryan’s side?

Sean laughed watching the video on his phone. “Sapphire is really creative, did you watch the way she dunked that girl’s hair into the toilet?”.

“Now is not the time, Sean”. Justin told him off. “Kyle, you need to stop Sapphire before she hurts this girl even more”.

“Well I’m not gonna stop Sapphire”. I said harshly. “I’m going to make life miserable for Elsa in this school and if anything happens to her, it will be Bryan’s fault after all he fell in love with her”.

Carl groaned. “Dude!! Stop being stubborn”.

“I’m out”. I stood up annoyed.

“Where are you going?”. Sean asked.

“I wanna pay a visit to an old friend. Are you guys coming?”.

They all agreed and stood up following me.

I’m Kyle Vegas, school’s president and every girls dream. And what you witnessed earlier between me and Elsa is called pure acting, i only k!ssed her for a reason known to me only and of course Bryan.

I’m a player not because I’m handsome with good looks and all that or because I’m popular and no girl can resist me. The only reason I’m a player is because of Bryan. He caused all this so I’m gonna end it.

I stared at her as she laughed, she’s really beautiful with her brown hair and caramel brown eyes. I liked her from the first day we met but sadly she’s interested in Kyle.

I really don’t want to repeat the same mistake I’ve been making since. All the girls I’ve ever dated always went to Kyle.

But now Elsa, she’s going to do the same thing also, go straight to Kyle. Gosh!! I have to stop this feeling and push it away. No, no, I can not fall in love with Elsa Reyes.

“Bryan”. She called jerking me out of my thoughts.


“My hair still smells”. She whined.

“Why didn’t you retaliate when Sapphire attacked you”. I asked curious.

She sat back on the bench with me. “I guess I couldn’t stand up for myself”.


“I was really scared of what she was gonna do”. She continued.

I held her palm. “I’m sorry, i wasn’t there to help”.

“Its okay. I’m used to this after all, beating, bullying and all this stuff”.

Beating? Bullying?
Has she been bullied before?
Maybe In her former school?

“You were being bullied before?”. I asked surprised.

“Umm, gosh i need to wash my hair”. She stood up abruptly changing the subject.

“There are bathrooms in the locker room”. I told her.

She sighed. “What if Sapphire is there?”.

“Carl helped you so I don’t think she will trouble you again at least for today”.

“I’ll go wash up my hair in the girls locker room if you teach me how to paint”.

“You know that either way you are still gonna wash your hair because it smells like toilet water”.

She groaned. “Don’t remind me”.

I chuckled seeing her face expression. “You better go now before its lunch time”.

“I actually don’t know the way”. She said truthfully.

I described the direction and she nodded running off but she stopped and turned back.

She crossed her arms. “Where are you going to be? You still need to teach me how to paint”.

“Any empty classrooms”.

“Here’s my backpack incase I don’t find you so you have to find me”. She said placing it on my legs.

She went off.

I held her backpack sitting down for a while before I walked out of the school garden strolling through the school hallway.

My phone immediately beeped signaling a text. I took my phone out from my side pocket and glanced at it.

A text from Carl.
***They are coming over***

I slide my phone back into my pocket and went into an empty classroom. I sat on one of the tables dropping my backpack sighing.

Kyle was looking for me, i knew why. This was what he did before which made me heartbroken but I’m not gonna let him do it again. I clenched my fists as what he did to her, my ex-girlfriend flashed through my mind.

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