CHILHOOD CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 16

“I cant believe Carl did that for her”. I said angrily.

“Calm down, Sapphire”. Evelyn soothed me.

I sat down fuming angrily. “Calm down? I’m furious right now”.

“Do you think he likes Beverly?”. Evelyn asked curious.

I shook my head negatively. “No, Carl just hates me bullying others”.

Evelyn sighed. “Maybe you are right, Carl cant stoop that low to date Beverly”.

“But to think of the fact that he stopped me infuriates me so badly”.

“Does he really think that you would leave Elsa alone after what she did?”.

“I don’t care about what Carl says, i’m taking down Elsa”.

The door opened and Kim came in looking different.

“Kim, is something wrong?”. I asked concerned.

“Everything’s okay”. She replied.

“Good because that Beverly issue still annoys me, why will Carl help her?”.

“Maybe we need to attack Beverly when Carl’s not there”. Evelyn suggested.

“Guys, I’m so sorry but I have to go”. Kim said all of a sudden.

I stood up. “What are you talking about?”.

“Justin was annoyed with what I did to Beverly, blackmailing her with those pictures”. She sighed. “I’m sorry, Sapphire but I don’t want to be among this revenge plan for Elsa”.

“You’ve got to be kidding me”. Evelyn muttered.

I faced her. “Kim, is it because of Justin?”.

She nodded sadly. “I don’t want to lose my relationship just because you want to have a revenge plan on Elsa, I love Justin more”.

“Its okay Kim, I’ll just do it without you”.

She hugged me. “You know I’ll still help you right but not on Elsa case”.

She withdrew from the hug and left.

I fell back on the chair frustrated. “Can you believe Justin?”.

“Kim is gone now”. Evelyn said.

“Thank you for stating the obvious”. I said to her sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes. “So what do we do?”.


She sighed. “What do we do about this Elsa of a girl?”.

“Oh. We do nothing”.

She raised an eyebrow. “Nothing?”.

I nodded. “We do nothing while someone else does the work”.

“Do you have a plan?”.

I smirked evilly. “I sure do have a plan in store for Elsa”.

“The only reason why you are going to be caught up in all this trouble its because Bryan is in love with you”.

Elsa scoffed. “Bryan? In love with me? You have got to be joking because there is no way Bryan can like me. He said we are just friends”.

I sighed frustratingly. “I’m telling the truth and that truth is that Bryan loves you”.

She crossed her arms. “Bryan loves me?, sure we are friends but love? Too extreme”.

“Then why do you think Kyle is trying to separate you guys?”.

She gasped. “Wait!! How do you know that?”.

“He has asked you on a date, hasn’t he?”.

She nodded. “Yep during lunch break but I said no to him. How did you know?”.

I paused. “You said no? To him?”.

All of Bryan’s girlfriends eventually give in to Kyle but I think Elsa Reyes is gonna be different.

“Yeah I said no, is anything wrong?”.

I shook my head. “Nothing, I’m just surprised”.

“I rejected Kyle because he doesn’t deserve to go on a date with me, he’s too full of himself and he thinks everyone revolves around him”. She explained.

“I thought you have a crush on him”.

“Apparently my eyes are open now and I can see clearly that Kyle is just a player”.

“Or you don’t have a crush on him again because you like someone else”. I added.

She rolled her eyes. “Who could I possibly like?”.

“Bryan”. I answered.

Her cheeks flushed red. “You are saying nonsense”.

“Am I? Its you thats blushing right now because I mentioned Bryan”. I teased her.

She sighed. “Even if maybe I like Bryan, he likes Gabriella”.

“What makes you think that?”.

“That were hugging, i saw them, she was crying while he comforting holding her close”.

I shrugged. “He probably did that out of pity and besides no likes to see someone crying”.

“Maybe you are correct but she said he walked her to class”. She told me.

“Elsa, she lied, okay. I know Bryan, he doesn’t do that and you may think he likes Gabriella but instead what he feels for her is the opposite after all she left him”. I explained to her.

“But why did she lie to me?”. She asked curious.

“To get you jealous”. I replied.

She was taken aback. “Are you sure?”.

“Gabriella is a smart person, she must have figured out that Bryan likes you so she decided to lie to you so you would stay away from Bryan. That way, she will be the one close to him”.

She frowned. “That bitch and to think I actually felt sorry for her in the first place”.

“All Gabriella needed was attention and now she has got it. She’s back to her real self”.

“But wait. How do you all these things?”. She asked curious.

“Lets just say, I’m everyone’s aide”.

“Thank you for clearing my thoughts out”.

“Whenever you need someone to talk to, just meet me”. I said with a smile. “And hey, I never got your number”.

She laughed. “I think I have something sweeter, a hug”.

I paused. “I don’t think Bryan will like me hugging you”.

“Its just a short hug”.

I shook my head negatively. “No cant do”.

The door opened and Bryan came in.

The door opened and Bryan came in.

He looked at me. “Hey, i’ve been searching around for you after you ran away”.

Carl stated at me weirdly. “Ran away?”.

“Its kinda complicated”. I replied.

“Carl, can we talk?”. Bryan asked.

I looked at both of them confused, talk about what? And there’s something odd because Carl is more closer to Bryan than Kyle.

“Uh, you need to talk to Elsa first”. He patted Bryan’s back. “We’ll talk on the phone”. Carl said and left.

“Do you want to say something to me?”.

His gray eyes are so different, different as in cool, makes him look …

“Elsa?”. He snapped me out of my thoughts.

Okay!! I need to stop thinking about Bryan.

“Umm, i just wanted, uh, nothing”. I stuttered.

He came closer. “Are you okay?”.

“Yeah, I’m fine”. I replied nervously.

He walked towards me.

“Stop just there, don’t come closer”.

He stared at me weirdly. “What?”.

“Just stay right there”.

Knowing Bryan likes me is kinda awkward and if he stands close to me, there’s this funny feeling I’m getting.

“Okay”. He said. “So where is Kyle?”.

I shrugged. “I don’t know”.

“I thought you would know since you guys are going on a date”.

“I rejected his offer. I only told you I said yes so as to piss you off”. I told him truthfully.

He heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness”.

“Well I gotta get to class”.

I got down from the table heading to the door when Bryan drew me back close to him.

“Did I do something wrong?”. He asked softly.

Gosh!! He was close to him and his face was just inches away as he stared at me.

“Come on, Elsa”.

“I have to get to class, Bryan”.

He hugged me tightly to himself. “Just stay with me for a while”.

I paused for a moment before hugging him as well. I sniffed in his sweet cologne as we hugged, i also touched his silky hair.

“Elsa, did Kyle say anything about me?”.

I was stunned, why would Kyle say something about him? Whats wrong?

“No he didn’t”. I replied.

“In case he says something bad about me, will you still stay with me or leave me like the others?”. He whispered.

I sighed. Did he do something bad? Why does his girlfriends keep leaving him?

I rested in his hug as I ignored his question thinking about what he said.

I heard the door open.

“Oh sorry, am I interrupting you guys?”. I recognized the hint of mockery in that voice, Sapphire.

I pulled away from Bryan.

“Oh, Elsa, its you”. She mocked.

I saw another girl close to her, the one who captured that video. Evelyn.

“First Kyle, then Carl and now Bryan”. Evelyn said. “You are a demented slut”.

Bryan held my hand as he led me out ignoring them on purpose.

“Just ignore them, it annoys them to see you don’t care about anything they say”. He advised.

I nodded. “Bryan, I really need to get to class”.

He let go of my hand. “Yeah sure I’ll see you later”.

I smiled and watched as he walked away.

“Is Elsa crushing hard?”.

I turned to see Beverly and I immediately hugged her. She pulled away after some seconds.

“Did you miss me that much?”. She teased.

I looked at her, her usual shiny blond straight hair was kinda tousled and her hazel eyes were dull, probably from the crying.

“Beverly, are you okay?”. I asked concerned.

She smiled tightly. “Yeah I’m good, lets get to class”.

I chuckled as she slanged her arm around me casually.

“So tell me about prince-charming back there?”. She asked.

I blushed. “Bryan is not prince-charming”.

“He’s what? Elsa charming”.

I hit her playfully. “Stop it”.

“Blush all you want, Elsa. Blush it all out”.

“You are crazy, Beverly, nothing is going on between Bryan and I”.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t like him”. She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“Okay maybe I do like Bryan”. I admitted.

She squealed excitedly. “My Elsa finally got a new crush and he’s hot as hell”.

We went to the class and entered, I noticed Beverly paused seeing Kimberly.

I held Beverly’s arm and took her to an empty seat as we sat down, but Beverly kept glancing at Kimberly who in turn glared at her. Okay, I’m confused.

“Beverly, is everything okay?”. I asked concerned.

She nodded facing her books but I could still see that she felt uneasy but why?

After a while, the teacher came in and started his topic. We wrote notes as he talked.

I looked over at Beverly and saw that she wasn’t even taking notes at all, she was designing a name and it boldly showed as Carl.

I nudged her. “What are you doing?”.

She quickly closed her books. “Nothing”.

I gave her a look. “You are fantasizing about Carl in class?”.

She blushed. “I just thought of him and_”.

“And decided to draw his name since you like him”. I completed her sentence.

Her cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment as she smiled. “I’ll tell you all about it after class”.

“Okay sure”. I agreed.

After class, the bell rang signaling end of class. Beverly and I stood up after the teacher went as students rushed out of class.

Kimberly came to us. “Beverly”


“Just so you know, Carl might have helped you today but he wont always be there”. She said and left.

I turned to Beverly. “What is she talking about?”.

“Its okay, Elsa, i’ll tell you at home”.

She held my arm as we walked out of class going through the school hallways then we went out of the school buildings. I walked to where my car was parked and noticed it was covered in flowers.

As soon as the bell rang signaling end of school. The 10th graders rushed out.

Tristan went over to Victoria and met her still packing her books.

“Can I help?”. He asked.

She shook her head. “No, i’ll have it all figured out”.

She finally zipped her backpack close wearing it.

“So how was today like?”. Tristan asked as they walked out of class.

“It was the same as everyday, boring”.

“I didn’t see you at the cafeteria or didn’t you take lunch?”.

“I don’t have any friends to sit with so I always eat my lunch in the class”. She replied.

Tristan paused. “You have no friends?”.

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m not like you who suddenly becomes popular on his first week”.

“But didn’t you have friends in 9th grade?”.

She shook her head. “Nope most girls only want to be my friends because of Bryan”.

“Oh but you seem friendly, why won’t anyone not want to be friends with you?”.

“Probably because I’m a weirdo”.

Tristan was taken aback. “Weirdo? You are the most fun person i’ve ever been with apart from my sister actually”.

She laughed. “Really? Or are you just saying that because I k!ssed you”.

Tristan smiled sheepishly. “That is also one of the reasons”.

Victoria smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. “And is that why you also searched my backpack on the first day?”.

Tristan chuckled. “You just can’t forget that. Can you?”.

“Nope, i actually you were looking for a homework to copy”. Victoria said.

Tristan smiled. “Well I just wanted to know more about you. Thats all”.

Nicole immediately ran over and pushed Victoria away from Tristan.

“Hey Tristan, I was thinking maybe you could come over to my place, i’m having a pool party”. Nicole said rubbing arms with Tristan.

“Uh, Tristan, isn’t that Elsa’s car?”. Victoria asked.

Tristan moved away from Nicole and saw he was actually his sister’s car that was covered in flowers.

I walked to where my car was parked and noticed it was covered in flowers.

Beverly looked at me weirdly. “Was it like that this morning?”.

“No it wasn’t”. I said surprised.

I went over to my car removing the flowers and throwing them on the ground one by one.

“Come on, sweetheart, i gave you a beautiful gift and you are throwing them way?”.

I faced Kyle. “You did this?”.

“Yep and I’m sure you love it”.

I scoffed. “Love it? More like disgusts me”.

A light gasp came up and I noticed most students staring.

“You are really picky, Elsa”.

I crossed my arms. “I don’t want you near me or my car ever again”.

He smiled. “And what if I come close to you? What will you do?”.

Beverly nudged me. “Elsa, its okay, lets go”.

“Elsie, is something wrong?”. Tristan came beside me.

“Nothing, Tristan, lets go”.

I turned to go when Kyle held me back then he went on his knees. I noticed students taking pictures and whispering. I tried to remove my hand but he held me still.

“Elsa Reyes. Will you go on a date with me?”. He shouted and students gasped.

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