CHILHOOD CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20

?Written by Authoress Kamara
Episode 20
“Is she okay?”. I asked her.

“Yeah, she will be fine”.

I went by Tori side as I sat on the bed.

“What happened this time?”. Mia asked.

“He’s the cause as always”.

She sighed. “Have you tried talking to him?”.

“I tried everything, Mia but he’s still bent on making sure that I can never be happy”.

“Well just ignore him”.

“I’ve tried that”. I shouted. “I tried doing that countless times”.

“Hey!! Don’t yell at me, I’m your big sister”.

“Sorry”. I apologized.

She c@ressed Tori’s hair. “At least she’s fine and thats good to know”.


“Bryan, is anyone else affected?”.

I cracked my knuckles nervously. “There’s the new girl at school__”.

“Bryan!!”. She shouted.

“I couldn’t help it, the feelings just came and then .. “. I trailed off.

“Gosh!! Bryan, does Kyle know?”.

I nodded. “Yeah and she kinda has a crush on him which makes it easier for him but I’m not gonna let that happen”.

“I’ve had enough of this, why is he acting that way?”. Mia said angrily.

“Calm down”.

“I’m not calming down, he brought Victoria into this matter so I will not calm down”.


“Why is he acting like he’s the only one who lost someone, Mum died too but are we taking revenge?”. She continued.

“We cant take revenge because I’m the cause of everything”. I told her lowly.

She hugged me. “Everything is in the past, don’t think about it”.

I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in my towel and shower cap on my hair.

I opened the wardrobe and picked my clothes one by one. I opened my drawer and selected my undies before closing it.

I dropped everything on the bed and sat down remembering all that happened yesterday.

Bryan asked to k!ss me, i can never forget that also sadly Victoria had a panic attack.

Then I told Beverly the worst thing that has ever happened to me, ever well at least she told me hers.

Sapphire and Kimberly are so … Gosh!! I don’t even know what to call them. I cant believe they almost tarnished Beverly’s reputation just because of a stupid revenge.

Thank goodness, Carl was there to save her from them and he also deleted those nvde pictures which is a relief.

I dried my body with the towel, i picked my body lotion and started applying it.

After then, i wore my undies then put on my clothes. Red crop-top, black skater skirt, red and white nike rosh sneakers.

I removed the shower cap from my hair and my hair came flowing down. I rubbed the hair lotion in my palms and smoothed my hair.

“Someone wants to look nice this morning”.

I turned to see Beverly at the door staring at me amusedly.

I shook my head. “Whats wrong about that?”.

“You are dressing up for Bryan and that’s so sweet”. She teased me.

“Just let me be, Beverly”.

She raised her hands in surrender. “If you say so but trust me, Bryan is definitely gonna fall for you this time around”.

I ignored her as I brushed my hair.

“Maybe even Kyle might also fall for you”. She added and went out the door.

I paused at what she said. Kyle falling for me, i had always dreamed of that happening since I met Kyle Vegas when I was nine years old.

That was one of the reason why I agreed to come back to SpringCity High and thats all because of Kyle. He had been my main focus and my aim was to get him to fall in love with me but well thats never gonna happen.

He can’t even notice me, all he wants is just to embarrass me like Gabriella but I’m not gonna let that happen because I wont let him treat me like trash.

I smiled as I remembered his light hair, gray eyes, breath-taking smile and his pink lips. Bryan Stark, the only person who can make me forget all about Kyle in a second.

I never thought I would fall in love so easily and in just few days. I just want to go to school to see him. Bryan Stark.

But first, I need to find out answers to the secrets. Why does Kyle hate him so much? What could he have done?

I packed my brown hair into a curly ponytail as I took my backpack and went downstairs happily.

I walked to the dining table and them seated already.

“Good morning”. I sang cheerfully as I took a seat.

“Someone looks happy this morning”. Mary said smiling at me.

“She got a new boyfriend”. Beverly teased.

I frowned playfully at her. “Seriously?”.

“Elsa, thats nice”. Mary said. “At least you got a boyfriend before Beverly”.

Beverly huffed angrily. “I can get myself a boyfriend if I want but I don’t want to”.

“Or because Carl hasn’t asked you out yet”. I made fun of her.

She threw a table napkin at me playfully as I caught it laughing.

“Why isn’t Tristan down yet?”.

I stood up. “I’ll go get him”.

“And he didn’t even come for dinner last night also”. I heard Beverly’s Dad say as I left.

I ran up the wooden stairs and went to Tristan’s room. I pushed open the door and walked in. He sat on his bed fastening his shoelace.

“Come down for breakfast”. I said.

“I’m not hungry”. He replied.

“I don’t care if you are hungry, just come eat something”.

“I said I don’t wanna eat, Elsa”.

He said as he stood up and went to the mirror brushing his hair.

I paused for a while, Tristan has never called me Elsa not even for once.

“Tristan, you need to stop this stupid annoyance, why the heck are you angry anyways?”. I asked him.

He didn’t respond, he took his backpack and slanged it over his arm. He passed me walking towards the door.

I dragged him back. “We haven’t finished this conversation”.

He stopped. “I just wanna go to school”.

I held his arm. “If its about Victoria then don’t worry she’s gonna be okay”.

He yanked his arm away. “I’ll be waiting by the car”.

He walked out the door. I sighed and went after him, i met Beverly by the door holding my backpack.

I took it from her. “He’s really pissing me off”.

“Just let him be”.

“He needs to take something for breakfast at least maybe just bacon and eggs”. I said worriedly.

“Tristan is gonna be fine, he can take care if himself”. Beverly soothed me.

I sighed. “Yeah maybe you are right”.

“Come on, lets go to school”.

We went to where I had parked my car and Tristan was leaning on it pressing his phone.

I gave Beverly my keys. “You drive, i need to talk to Tristan”.

“Promise you will go easy on him”.

“I just want to know whats wrong with him”. I told her.

Beverly unlocked the car doors and we got in, i sat at the back with Tristan while only Beverly was at the front on the driver’s seat. She started the car and drove off.

I faced Tristan. “Seriously? Whats wrong?”.

He didn’t respond, he kept pressing his phone.

I poked him. “Tristan? Did I do something wrong?”.

“Just leave me alone”.

“You can tell me”. I said. “You always share everything with me”.

“Thats it, i share everything with you but you cant tell me anything even the truth”.

I raised an eyebrow. “The truth? What are you talking about?”.

“Its nothing”.

“Tristan, just tell me what the fuck are you up about?”. I yelled.

“About Dad, okay?”. He yelled.

I paused. “Tristan”.

“I always ask you why Mum wants Dad in jail but you always reply with ‘he did bad things’ but I wanna really know what he did”. He said.

“When Mum calls, you ask her”.

I didn’t know what to say to him. That the person we call father is a monster. Tristan doesn’t need to know what happen.

“So you cant tell me but you can narrate all that to Beverly”.

I was dumbfounded by what he just said, that means he was eavesdropping when Beverly and I were talking.

“We are here”. Beverly announced.

Tristan opened the door, took his backpack and went out the door shutting it close.

I got out of the car as Beverly locked the car doors. I watched him as he went over to some group of people and they smiled seeing him.

“He didn’t know?”. Beverly asked.

“He shouldn’t know”. I replied as we walked to the school buildings.

“Come on, Elsa. He’s your only sibling and you are the only one he’s close to which_”.

I cut her off. “I’m not telling him anything and thats final. He can get angry for all I care”.

“I hate it when you both bicker”. Beverly said.

I stopped. “Beverly, promise me you will never tell anyone what I told you yesternight”.

“I pinky promise”.

“Thank you”. I whispered.

“Come on, lets go to school”. She dragged me along with her as we walked through the school hallways.

We stopped by her locker and she placed some books in it while taking few books also.

“Where’s your locker?”. She asked.

“Where Carl’s locker is”. I replied casually.

She stopped walking. “Carl?”.

“Yeah Carl why?”.

“Elsa, i don’t want to see him”.

I sighed. “Beverly, he helped with that stuff with Kimberly and Sapphire, don’t be like that”.

“But he has seen my nude pictures like literally”. She whined like a baby.

I held her hand as we went to my locker and Carl was there as usual talking to Justin.

“Hey Carl”. I said cheerfully.

“Elsa”. He looked at me. “You look hot”.

“I’m Justin”.

I smiled at him. “Elsa Reyes”.

“Bryan’s girlfriend”.

“Dude!!”. Carl warned.

I nudged Beverly to say something.

“Hey Carl, bye Carl”. She said and made to go but I held her back.

“Babe”. Kimberly came glaring at us and by us, i mean Beverly and I.

Justin pecked her. “See you guys later”.

They went off or rather Kimberly dragged him away.

“Can we talk?”. Carl asked Beverly.

“Yeah she has the time”. I said and left both of them.

I walked through the school hallways hoping I would see Bryan but he wasn’t anywhere. Weird.

Maybe he will soon show up at school, its not even first period yet. There’s still time.

I felt someone behind so I immediately turned back and came face to face with Kyle.

I moved away from him and he followed me. I stopped and turned to face him.

“What do you want from me?”. I asked.

“You look beautiful today”.

“Thanks for the compliment but I have to go, bye”.

I made to leave but he held me back.

“Not so fast, sweetheart. Not even a good morning k!ss”.

I scoffed. “Really? Don’t you know what you did to Victoria yesterday?”.

His face changed. “What are you talking about?”.

“So you don’t know that you caused her a panic attack, i get the fact that you do not like Bryan but going after his sister is too extreme”. I told him off.

“She had a panic attack?”. He asked softly.

“Yes because of you”. I replied.

“Trust me, i didn’t do anything to her”.

He sounded sincere but I really don’t care.

“You are such a liar, you a$shole”. I told him and made to go.

He gripped my arm. “Don’t you dare call me that”.

I tried to remove my hand. “Let me go”.

He held me forcefully and that reminded me of someone.

“Stop it Kyle, you are hurting me”. I cried.

He let go of me immediately. “Elsa, I’m so sorry”.

I sniffed as I held my arm.

He suddenly hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry for hurting you”. He whispered.


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