CHILHOOD CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 14

I turned. “You are bluffing, Elsa would never let that happen”.

“Since you still underestimate me, i bet you that in two weeks, i will have Elsa Reyes in my bed screaming my name”.

I clenched my fists. “You wouldn’t dare”.

“Okay then lets make it a bet. First person to get her”.

“I’m not betting on Elsa and you know that”.

He shrugged. “Seems like its you and me, Mason”.

Mason licked his lips. “I do like her”.

I held my anger and went out the door really angry. I walked into another empty class and sat on a seat taking a deep breath.

The door opened immediately and Carl stepped in shutting the door behind me.

“What the hell was that for?”. Carl shouted.

“Why are you angry at me? Kyle is the a$shole here”.

He scoffed. “You are the one who’s being a chicken by not standing up to him”.

I rested back on the seat. “You don’t understand”.

“Help me understand why you would let him do this to you without saying anything”. He said angrily.

I took a deep breath. “Just forget it”.

“Is that what he has been doing? Taking all of them?”. He asked softly.

I nodded sadly. “Yeah thats what he’s good at, depriving me of emotional happiness”.

He sighed. “Bryan, you cant let him go near Elsa”.

“Why do you care?”. I asked.

“I care because I don’t want you sulking around like how you did when Gabriella left you”.

“Sulking around? I’m perfectly fine”.

He rolled his eyes. “I know you like Elsa and if Kyle does something to her, your conscience would hurt you just like what happened to Gabriella”.

“Please don’t remind me of that. I told Gabriella the truth between me and Kyle and she chose to leave me for him”.

“Do you like her?”.

“Why are you asking me that? The feelings I had for Gabriella died when she left me. I begged her to take me back, literally but she left me like some waste”. I said sadly. “She thinks i’m a terrible person but look what Kyle did to her”.

“Well the same thing is going to happen to Elsa if you don’t find a way to stop him”.

“Elsa is not mine”.

“But you love her and I’m sure she can fall in love with someone like you”.

I shook her head negatively. “Elsa has a huge crush on him”.

“Well just make sure that he doesn’t approach her because we all know bad things are gonna happen”.

“I’ll try”. I said.

“Well get up and go find Elsa, stay next to her and try to divert her attention from Kyle”. Carl said.

I stood up. “Wait!! Wont you go off with Kyle?”.

“I need to calm myself down, all of you are a bunch of trouble”. He replied.

I nodded and left heading to cafeteria hoping to see Elsa. I paused when I saw her, the one who caused me pains the most.

Gabriella Philips.

“Beverly nvde pictures”.

Evelyn gasped. “You guys have this?”.

I laughed. “Yep and of course Beverly is going to tell us every single little thing because she wont like the idea of having her nude pictures on the school blog”.

“Fuck!! Kim, when did you get this?”. Evelyn asked surprised.

Kim smirked. “You’ll get the whole scoop when Beverly comes”.

Peggy immediately came inside the hangout with Dawn followed by Beverly.

“Hey Kimberly. What do you need?”. Beverly asked.

Kim crossed her legs. “This is about Elsa so its Sapphire you need to talk to”.

“So Beverly, you know what Elsa did right?”. I asked her angrily.

“I am so sorry about that and I clearly told her not to go near him again”. She pleaded.

I rolled her eyes. “You both are best friends?”.

She nodded. “We’ve been friends since when we were little”.

“So you know everything about her?”. Evelyn asked curious.

“Well Elsa tells me most things but why are you asking?”. Beverly stared at us.

“Kim”. I said.

Kim cleared her throat. “Beverly, what Elsa was so wrong so we decided maybe to, you know, maybe giving her a little warning”.

“But we cant do that without your help”. Evelyn added.

“I don’t understand you guys”.

I sighed. “I hate your best friend and you are going to help me figure out a way to embarrass her to the fullest”.

“No way, I’m not doing that. Elsa is my best friend, more like a sister to me”.

“Are you in or out”. I said bored.

“I cant do it”. She replied.

“Fine then you are out of the cheerleader team”. I told her.

“What?”. She looked at Kim.

Kim sighed. “Sorry Beverly, if Sapphire says you are out then you are out unless you can help us with this Elsa issue”.

I was expecting her to comply by what we wanted but it was the opposite.

“Fine, I’ll send you the cheerleader outfit if you want”. She said.

I scoffed. “Seriously?”.

“I’m not betraying my best friend just for some silly position in the cheer team”. She retorted.

I snapped my fingers. “Evelyn, show her”.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Show me what?”.

Evelyn clicked on the photo and showed Beverly.

“How did you get this?”. Tears were beginning to drop from her eyes.

“At Kyle’s party last summer, you were so drunk”. Kim replied and we laughed.

“But you were the one who said it was okay, you gave me those drinks”. Beverly said tearfully.

I made a fake sad face. “Does little Beverly wanna cry?”.

Evelyn snickered. “Come on, just pick a side”.

“I .. I can .. can not help you”. She stuttered.

Kim sighed. “Beverly, you have 10 seconds to decide or else this pictures will be flying around this school before you know it”.

Beverly bursted in tears. “Kimberly, please you cant do this to me”.

“Watch me”. Kim began counting. “One!!”.

“Beverly all we need you to do is to help us get back on Elsa”. Evelyn said.

“Two!!”. Kim counted.

“Elsa wont even know that it was you who spilled the truth, just help us with finding suggestions and thats all”. Evelyn continued.

“I’m begging you guys”. Beverly cried.

I rolled my eyes watching her, she seemed vulnerable and I really don’t care.

“Three!!”. Kim counted.

I flared up. “Just fucking tell us something about Elsa, there must be something she’s afraid of”.


“I swear if you don’t talk, your pictures will be the talk of this school”. I threatened her.

“I don’t know what makes Elsa afraid”. She said. “I’m seriously telling the truth”.

I scoffed. “Seriously? Still proving stubborn?”.


I took the phone. “I care less about the counting, if you don’t talk now, i’ll upload this picture on the school blog”.


The door immediately opened and the phone fell on my hand when I saw him.

Gabriella shot her head up. “Sorry about that. I just lost myself there for a moment”.

“Gabby?”. I called.

She cleaned her tears. “Yeah?”.

“If you really loved Bryan then why did you leave him for Kyle?”. I asked curious.

Bryan is really nice, i don’t see how any girl will leave him. Although I had a crush on Kyle, i prefer Bryan at least he helped me out when Sapphire bullied me.

“Kyle said things about Bryan, things that made me view him different”.

I raised my eyebrows. “Things like what?”.

“I cant really say because they are horrible things”. She replied.

“Horrible? Are you sure Kyle did not make that up?”.

“I’m really sure because Bryan actually admitted to it and thats why I left him and followed Kyle”.

Bryan? Horrible things? Not possible.

“But my problems began when I was with Kyle”. She continued. “Sapphire wouldn’t stop confronting me and the worst happened when Kyle released a s*x video of me”.

I paused. “A s*x video?”.

“I feel so ashamed telling you this”.

“No its okay but Kyle did that to you?”.

She nodded. “Yeah and he actually__”.

“Elsa”. He called smiling.

Gosh!! I almost melted under his smile. Its really breathtaking.

I smiled. “Bryan”.

He sat down next to me and I saw Gabriella looked uncomfortable.

“Should I order something for you to eat?”.

I knew he was ignoring Gabby on purpose.

“Bryan, meet my new friend that I told you about”. I said.

“Do you like macaroni and cheese?”.


“What?”. He asked.

“My new friend”. I gestured towards Gabby.

He sighed. “Nice to meet you, Gabriella”.

“Ryan”. I could see tears in her eyes.

“My name is Bryan so try calling me that”. He said coldly.

I felt sad for Gabriella but it was her fault anyway. Why did she leave Bryan if she really loved him?

“Umm, Bryan we need to talk”. I told him.

“If its about her then yes, she was my ex girlfriend”.

“Yeah she told me already”. I said lowly.

“Bryan”. She touched his arm.

Why the fvck is she touching him? Gosh!! Elsa, calm down. He is not your boyfriend.

Bryan removed his arm. “Don’t you ever touch me again”. He faced me. “See you later Elsa”. He stood up and left.

Gabriella stared at him, tears rolling down her face. She grabbed her backpack and ran after him.

What is she doing?

I wore my backpack and went after her. I stopped by a locker and watched them.

Bryan seemed adamant but Gabby was crying real tears hugging him tightly. I could see him hesitating before he hugged her back. She rested her head on his chest still crying and he patted her.

I looked away and walked off not wanting to see more. I stopped and rested on a locker recalling it, maybe Bryan still likes her. I guess they both love each other.

I blinked my tears away. No one will ever love me. Not Kyle, not Bryan.

“Hey Sweetheart”.

I stood straight surprised to see Kyle.

He crossed his arms. “Are you okay?”.

I hastily wiped my tears. “Yeah I’m fine”.

He moved closer to me.

“Please don’t k!ss me”.

He paused. “Excuse me?”.

“I said don’t k!ss me, i really don’t want troubles. Because of you, Sapphire had my hair shoved in a toilet”.

“Oh sorry about that”. He apologized. “I’ll talk to her”.

I nodded.

“Were you crying?”. He asked all of a sudden.

“No what do you want?”. I asked.

“Actually I came to apologize for what Sapphire did so to make up for it. Let me treat you something nice”. He offered.

I was taken aback. “What?”.

“A date. Would you like to go on a date with me?”. He asked staring at me keenly.

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