When the ¢razy meets the playboy….love clashes ?

(She’s too ¢razy to deal with)




She’s pretty but ¢razy

You could call her rude ?


You could call her sassy

She doesn’t care

She’s a no_nonsense girl

Step on her wrong foot,

You’re in for real trouble

She doesn’t fight

But don’t play pranks on her

You do…then you know the stuff she’s made of.


He’s handsome

He’s hot ?

He’s charming

Not only that, He’s sxy

Girls go ¢razy over him

Boys drool over him

He dates girls as he likes

Then dump them


Beauty ?


Rich background


Body curves

Happy family

Name it all she got it..but she’s a tomboy.

She doesn’t fancy beauty…she hates it

She’s really ¢razy.

Nobody step on her wrong foot and go scott free

Nobody dares piss her off and get away with it

Well…nobody…except JAYDEN HENSHAW!

Her best friend…and at the same time… her worst enemy

But despite her ¢raziness…she got a side of hers she really hates

She’s always shy around that guy

That guy that gives her butterfly…that guy…

Will that guy ever look at her?

Perfect definition of philanderer

One of the best Casanova in town..he’s just 18 but he drives girls ¢razy.

He dates girls and dump them like trash.

He doesn’t care…he doesn’t date a girl twice

He could get any girl he wants with just a wink

Well…any girl except KIMBERLY JONES.

He could play thousand of girls…but he can’t play kim.

And he ain’t giving up until he gets her.

A little secret about him.

He gets love messages every month from an unknown.

Maybe a secret admirer…who knows

He loves it anyway…since it makes him smile…although it gives him creeps sometimes.

He wishes to know the unknown.?

A tale of two best friends…?

The question is…

will they end well??

Or give up on each other midway??

What happens when friendship clashes love…or perhaps

?Love clashes friendship ?

Will sacrifices be made?

Who is the unknown??

Let me clash you with this one?

wait for it?

your love and support keeps me going

Mucho love ??? ??


? ?



When the badass meets the playboy….love clashes ?





9:25 Sun, Feb 13

“I thought about it…”He stalled.

Kimberly gulped down nothing anxiously or rather nervously waiting for what her best friend of eighteen years is about to say to her.

He looked pretty serious which was unlike him. It’s rare for him to be serious. The atmosphere in the room was tensed. She kept playing with her fingers while he kept his head down.

They were both on the bed. For the fact that he kept clenching and unclenching his fists and not maintaining eye contact with her scares her.

It’s seems hard to say as little sweats gathered on his forehead…some dribbling down his face also. He must be nervous also.

“Kim we shou_”

“Stop!!” She halt him suddenly and he snap his head up to her raising a brow in question.

Kimberly leaped down the bed and ran out of the room.

“Darling is everything alright?” Jayden’s mother asked Kimberly who unusually rushed to the fridge.

His family is currently in her house. This has been one of their tradition being family friends. They visit each other and have dinner reminiscing about old times.

“Yes mother…I’m peachy” She smiles after gulping down a glass of water. She poured another in a mug and head back upstairs to her room.

“Want some water?” She asked him but he shakes his head.

“Okay….” She mounted on the bed after dropping the mug on the desk beside the bed.

“Proceed” she said and he looks straight at her. This time he seems to have made up his mind. Kimberly peered at his determined gaze and he dropped the bomb.

“Let’s stop being friends”

“What…?” It came out slowly almost in a whisper.

“Why…?” She asked again.

“I can’t do it anymore Kim…I can’t” He shakes his head like someone who was extremely tired.

She swallowed another lump in her throat series of questions running through her mind. She doesn’t even know how to start acting.she haven’t once imagined her life without her best friend Jay.

She admits their friendship can be quite different from others. She’s always mean to him. Never showed him love. She ain’t like other girls who acts cute and adorable.

She’s always beating him up…she probably annoy him everytime but he’s always too frustrating…it can’t be entirely her fault…now he wants to end it all.

“Kim I wanna stop being your friends now” He jeered her up from her thoughts.

“Jayden listen I…”

“Let’s stop being friends and be bang mates instead” He cuts her off his face lightened up.

Kimberly signalled for him to repeat himself to be sure of what she heard. Her ears seems to have developed a sudden problem…it’s malfunctioning it seems.

“I wanna be banging you Kim you’ve grown so much over the years completely different from what you used to be…I was gonna hold back till college but I don’t think I can hold it that far…

I’m ¢razily lu$ting over you let’s be friends with benefits…it’s high time we upgraded uh?”He suggested holding both her hands grinning with excitement visible in his face.

Her ears wasn’t malfunctioning after all. She was stupid to have expected something reasonable from him. She should have known Jayden is never serious.

He taunts her everytime which explains why she always beat him up. That is who he is…he gets her reeled up everytime only to be played.

The only time her best friend was serious was when he told her about how his crush broke his vrgnity back then in sixth grade.

That shouldn’t be considered serious but it is for her as she knew he wouldn’t be the same boy she knew again and she was right cause he became more than annoying ever since.

“Why aren’t you saying anything Kim? Did it come as a shock? Or you need time to think about it?” He quizzed while she just stare at him saying nothing.

“It’s pretty serious Kim…people are more into this I tell you…even Gary told me how he had banged Ruth several times..who would have known…their friendship is perfect…Kim let’s do it…I wanna bang you like h’ll” he licked his lips se.ductively.

She still couldn’t believe she actually thought he was ending their friendship…she should have known…her best friend is the most unserious being on planet earth.

She looked around the room her eyes scrutinizing for what she can use to end the existence of this human in front of her.

“God…forgive me for this is my limit” She thought within.

Yeah! That’s it! Without thinking twice her hands moves towards the mug placed on the desk but before she could smash it on his head he had already leaped away from the bed. He must have read her movements so fast.

“Just come here Jayden” She said as calmly as she can.

“What are you gonna do?”

“Smash your fking brain with this”

“You’re ¢razy Kim”

“I’ve always been so get over here” She seethe

“Buzz off!” He ran around the room while she ran after him. She aim the mug at him but he dodged it. It hit the wall and smash into pieces but however got a little cut on his neck.

“You wanna kll me!!” He yelled with wide eyes.

“If I could do more than that…I wouldn’t be happier…but right now I need a tool” She looked around and her eyes caught the vacuum cleaner.

Perfect! She smirk going to take it and he used the opportunity to ran out of the room.

Kimberly took the vacuum cleaner and ran after him chasing him around the house.

“Put that thing down Kim!!” He snarled

“After using it on you!” She fired back.

“Mom Kim is trying to kll me! She’s ¢razy!!” She shouted as he continued running for his dear life but none of their parents mind them.

This isn’t the first time anyway. They know he must have done something $illy again and Kimberly isn’t gonna let him off until she unleash her anger on him.

“Dad! You wanna see your first son dead uh!!” He yelled out again but they ignored him and continue with their conversation.

“Sht! ” he took the frying pan..there was no way of escaping for him now. Kimberly trapped him in the kitchen already.

“Don’t dare me Jayden…I’m angry right now” She warned and he dropped the frying pan surrendering.

He went on his knees immediately.

“I was wrong Kim…please don’t be too hard on me…” He pleaded and Kim went over to him to relieve her anger.

“MOM!!!”He shouted.


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